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Now You Can Have Your Burger–And Eat the Wrapper, Too

Edible Burger Wrapper

For years, burger wrappers have been a necessary evil. They’re great for packing up burgers so you can eat them on the go and not get any mayo on your hands, but they’re not very good for the environment. Did you know that consumers in the US threw away 75 million tons of packaging waste in 2011? That includes burger wrappers among a host of other packaging stuff–but 75 million tons? That’s a lot.

So what would you think if I told you that we could take burger wrappers out of the bin and actually eat them with the burger?

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Brazil To Get 3D TV, Plays On TV That Requires No Special Glasses

By Jonathan Kimak

Telefónica will begin testing 3D IPTV service in São Paulo, Brazil, later this year. The TV that will be used to view the 3D programming is a 1080p 52-inch Philips 3D HDTV. The TV is auto-stereoscopic which means that watching a show in 3D doesn’t require any 3D glasses.

The major snag in this type of broadcasting is that the Philips TV is the only one that can currently display the 3D shows, and it costs the price of a new car. The current price is 18,000 Euros, roughly $26,000 US. Philips expects the TV to be used in corporate settings for now and that it will be 3-4 years before the price drops and the TV will be commercially viable for the average consumer.

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