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Mind Games That Won’t Require Years Of Therapy Afterwards

By Jonathan Kimak

If you’re in Chicago over the next few weeks you may want to check out Wired NextFest going on now until October 12. While there you should check out the game Brainball.

Brainball is played by you and an opponent sitting at the gaming table that vaguely resembles the table version of shuffleboard. You place a band around your head with metal contacts that will monitor your brainwaves. The headband allows you and your opponent to move a little ball using nothing, literally. The headband checks your alpha and theta brainwaves and moves the ball based on how low they are, the less active they are the faster the ball moves.

Lowered brain activity occurs when you are relaxed and not thinking too hard. So the best way to win the game is to not think about it or anything else.

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