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‘Doctor Meow’ Bow Ties are for the Coolest Cats on the Block

Doctor Meow

The bow tie is part of Doctor Who’s signature outfit. He always dresses so sharply and his dapper look isn’t complete without that distinct bow tie. Now your cat can share that same look, thanks to the advent of Doctor Meow.

These are tiny, elastic bow ties in various colors featuring a variety of patterns that fit most felines. They were created by print designer Crystal Dennis from the Real Art creative studio. Crystal explained that she got the inspiration for the bow ties from the hit show.

Question for artist: Does your product have a fun story behind it? If so, what is it?

Answer: The 11th Doctor Who is a bowtie-wearing Time Lord from Gallifrey. If he’s getting flack on his style choices he’s like, “What? Bowties are cool!” (…or a Stetson, or a fez).

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2 Guys, Some Wood, 1 Tie (It’s Not What You Think!)

Wooden Bow Tie

It comes naturally to some guys while others considerably find it a whole lot harder. I’m talking about tying ties and knotting bows. I’m a girl, so I can’t relate, but I’ve seen friends, cousins, and co-workers struggling with the seemingly simple task of putting on a tie and making sure that it wasn’t on backwards or sideways.

The solution? These wooden bow ties by the Two Guys Bow Tie Company which looks surprisingly, well, normal, despite the fact that they’re made out of wood. This isn’t the first time people have come up with clothing made from wood, but it is the first wooden bow tie that we’ve seen so far on the interwebs.

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