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Golchi Modular Bottle Lets You Carry Drinks Of Different Temperatures


Insulated bottles are great for when you want to keep a cold drink cold or a hot drink hot. But you do have to choose. With The Golchi Bottle however, you can have it both ways, since it features detachable modules that are independently insulated. In this way you can carry one cold drink (which stays cold for up to 24 hours) and one hot drink (which stays hot for 12 hours), as well as powders, nuts, medicines or other small items in the middle compartment. The modularity of the bottle even allows for more configurations, like splitting it into two smaller bottles, or connecting the top and bottom sections and making one large bottle. The spouts are adjustable so that you can get a slow flow for hot drinks and a bigger flow for cold ones. Everything is dishwasher safe. And the features go on and on. The Golchi bottle has clearly had plenty of thought put into it, and at a $35 pledge to get yours, its a steal.


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The Aquabook Is A Water Bottle That Fits In With Your School Books


Most water bottles are sold to sports enthusiasts who like to stay hydrated during their workouts. Or to regular people who simply want to have some H2O handy. But the Aquabook is a little different. Shaped a little bit like a book, flat and rectangular and the size on an A5 sheet, it is meant to fit perfectly in a backpack or carrying case already full of books and papers. Cylindrical bottles will obviously take up a whole bunch of room and leave empty, inefficient spaces in your bag. The Aquabook carries 25 ounces of water, is made of BPA-free plastic, comes in 5 colors, and ships with cleaning tabs and brushes to ward off bacteria. It’s a €20 ($22USD) pledge to get your own, and you’ll have to wait until February 2016 to get yours.


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Collapsible Water Bottle Fits Everywhere


Paying for bottled water is not only financially wasteful, it’s a bit of a dick move for the environment. The Hydaway is a collapsible, reusable silicone bottle with a plastic framing that expands into a 21oz. or 12oz. container in a couple of seconds. When collapsed it’s only 1 1/4 inch thick, and has a convenient carry handle that can be clipped to a bag. It’s watertight, BPA-free, and fully dishwasher safe. If you want your own, it’ll only cost you a $20 pledge on their fully-funded Kickstarter, and you can expect to get it in August of this year.


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Get’Em Hooked Early: Beer Bottle-Shaped Baby Bottle


Just imagine the horrified looks you’ll get when people see your toddler chugging from his ‘Chill, Baby – Lil’Lager Baby Bottle’. It’s not an actual beer bottle, in case you’re not getting it. It’s just a BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic bottle with a food-grade silicone nipple that you fill with baby formula. It’s funny, but you better hope that the people that see your child drinking from it share your sense of humour, or you might be getting a surprise visit from Child Services. If you’re confident you can get away with it, you can pre-order the thing for $12.

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BluFit Connected Water Bottle: A Solution For A Problem That Doesn’t Exist?


You’re thirsty, you drink. It’s simple, right? Well, that’s how we see it anyway. But it turns out that staying properly hydrated can be a little more complex. For one, once you’re thirsty, it’s a sign you’ve probably already waited a bit too long and your body has fallen to suboptimal hydration levels. The BluFit bottle aims to help you stay full of water at all times, even if you’re too distracted to notice you’ve turned into human jerky. A sensor in the cap keeps track of how much water is dispensed, and an app informs you of your drinking habits. If the time comes for you to have a swig (based on your previously entered age, gender and other details), lights on the outside of the bottle will go off, as well as send notifications to your phone.

There are lots of other things the bottle does, like provide you with metrics of your drinking habits. We’re not entirely convinced this is a necessary product, but we suppose that some people could be a little lackadaisical in their hydration routines. If you want your own BluFit, you’re going to have to pledge $49 towards its Indiegogo campaign.

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Kangaroo Bottle Carries Your Essentials For You

Whether it’s cycling, jogging, pumping iron at the gym or even going on a hike, there’s always the issue of what to do with your personal effects. Sure, you can leave them in the car, but what if you need them on the road? Put them in a pocket and have them rattle around during your activity? Sure, there are plenty of ways of dealing with this, but the Kangaroo bottle is one of the more elegant ones in our opinion. It’s a 24 oz. water bottle with a flip-up compartment for storing your cards, keys or even some cash. The spout features an “Autoseal” mechanism that is spill-proof and leak-proof and can be used one-handed. There’s even a convenient flip-up handle with a carabiner to clip to your gym bag or backpack. Best of all, it’s pretty cheap at $13.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearCulture ]

RPG7 PET Bottle Launcher Looks Awesome

We’re sorely lacking in details on this product because the website is Japanese and all the text is in an image, making it almost impossible to use Google Translate. We do think we know this much: it’s a toy designed to launch water bottles as if they were rocket propelled grenades. They are… water propelled bottles? With a 35º angle, you can launch a 600cc bottle up to 35meters away. That’s… not very far! But it’s still cool because it looks like an RPG launcher and if you were to use it in Pakistan to play a prank on the locals, you’d be guaranteed a swift bombing by a drone. Or you can just, you know, play with this safely in your backyard like a normal person.

Well… a normal person with lots of disposable income because the RPG7 is going for ¥28,350 (~$361 USD). That’s one expensive toy.

Incidentally if any of our Japanese speaking readers wants to help us out and dig some details from the links below, that’d be pretty cool.

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Vapur Folding Water Bottle Is Ingenious

By David Ponce

So here’s the dilemma. Plastic water bottles are convenient because when you’re done, you just throw or hopefully recycle them. They won’t take any room in your bag that way. But if you care about the environment at all, you know that plastic isn’t great. You could of course simply keep reusing a single plastic bottle, but if you’re going to do that, you may as well get yourself a reusable metal bottle, right? Problem with a metal bottle is it too takes a lot of room, even when empty. But what if you could fold your reusable bottle when it’s empty? Enter Vapur.

Made from an internal layer of polyethythene covered with two layers of nylon, the Vapur “anti-bottle” also ships with a carabiner for hanging from bags, just like those aluminum SIG bottles. The bags can be frozen, can carry boiling water and will even stay open when dishwasher-ed.

Like a regular reusable bottle, the Vapur costs $10 for half a liter and they come in several colors and designs.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]