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LEGO Bonsai Tree: Trimming One Pixelated Leaf at a Time

LEGO Bonsai

The funnest part about people is that they have free well, a wild imagination, and clever ingenuity. At least, some of them anyway. For example, give them two sticks and a stone and eventually, they’ll build a fire. Give them a block of wood and a jagged rock and they’ll eventually come up with a wheel–or maybe even a wheelbarrow.

Give them a whole chest of green, brown, and black LEGO pieces and they’ll build you a LEGO Bonsai Tree. That is, if they happen to have the artistry and skills of botanical artist Makoto Azuma. It’s clear from his work that Makoto knows his bonsai and has honed his LEGO-building skills throughout the years.

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