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Bluetooth Gloves Reach Pinnacle Of Ridiculous

So it finally happened. The product above is being made, being sold, is real. We’re sad because it doesn’t look like it’s some kind of joke. These are actual gloves that connect to your phone through Bluetooth and that have microphones sewn into the fingertips so that you may talk while, you know, looking like a giant tool. The tips of the fingers are even capacitive to allow smartphone operation whilst your hands remain toasty. Battery operated, the Hi-Call gloves, as they’re called, will standby for 24 hours and last for 20 hours while conversing.

€50 buys you the privilege of being the laughing stock of the slopes, and you can pre-order them now from Hi-Fun. If you thought Bluetooth earpieces were bad, this… this just kicked things up a notch.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Hi-Fun Gloves are the World’s Silliest Bluetooth Handsets in Existence


If you’re looking for an alternative to the Bluetooth headset, then move along because you won’t find one here. The Hi-Fun Gloves are Bluetooth-enabled themselves, but they aren’t exactly hands-free for the reason that you’re supposed to wear them on your hands and make the ‘call me’ gesture while you’re using it.

It basically has a speaker sown into the thumb and a microphone built into the pinky finger of the glove. Just push the appropriate buttons on the back of the glove to hook it up with your phone and begin taking calls in the weirdest way possible. These literal ‘handsets’ will be available for about $60 starting this October. While it’s novel and will definitely keep your digits warm and toasty during winter, I’m just not sold on the idea. What do you think?

VIA [ Gizmodo ]

This Smartwatch Looks Like A Regular Watch, But Isn’t

If you’re in a fancypants business meeting and you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, it might be bad form to take it out to see what it is. If you’re wearing the above Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity watch, you can still know if it was a message, an email, a calendar event, or even a missed call. The timepiece syncs through Bluetooth 4.0 (the new low power Bluetooth profile) and a dedicated hand points to words inscribed all around the rim. A quick glance at your wrist is all you’ll need. Finally, if ever you misplace your phone, you can also use the watch to find it, playing a kind of “getting colder/hotter” game.

It’s an interesting idea, giving you a few useful techie features without appearing to do so in its design. The only issue is that Citizen expects you to pay around $550 for the privilege. If you’ve got that kind of disposable income, look for it this fall.

VIA [ DVice ] AND [ ABlogToRead ]

Here’s A Great Idea: A Bluetooth Bulb

We’re starting to get pretty far removed from your good old incandescents who did nothing more than turn on and waste 90% of their energy as heat. LED light bulbs are not only getting much more efficient, but now apparently smarter. The Bluetooth Bulb uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to compatible devices and offer you a slew of features that no other bulb has: you can turn them on or off with a smartphone, put them on an automatic timer, as well as set the brightness and even the specific colour (with the RGB models), all with the tip of your fingers through an application. They’ll come in 3-7W wattages, which is plenty for LEDs and several can be controlled with one device, though we’re not sure if each can be addressed independently; we’re going to assume they are (or what would be the point?)

Currently the Bluetooth Bulb is just a patented prototype, though there are plans for commercialization. At what time and price, we don’t know.

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The Hone Lets You Find Your Keys Up To 150ft. Away

By David Ponce

Bluetooth 4 is pretty cool for number of reasons. One of these is the low power consumption that allows gadgets like The Hone above to stay functional for up to 6 months without needing a charge. It’s a keychain that pairs with your iPhone 4S and iPad 3 (the only iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4, by the way) and makes it easier to locate your lost keys. With a range of roughly 150 ft., simply launching the application will let you do two things. For one, a press of a button will make it emit a sound. But if that’s not enough to find it (if it’s not within ear shot), you can also play a game of “colder” or “warmer” by using the signal’s perceived strength, until you’ve located The Hone and your keys. Or whatever else you’ve chosen to attach it to.

It’s currently on Kickstarter and well on its way to achieving its funding goal. If you pledge $49, you could expect to get yours by October of this year.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ CultOfMac ]

Cookoo Smart Watch Says Me Too

By David Ponce

Perhaps fuelled by the phenomenal success of the Pebble Smartwatch (which went on to raise $10,266,845 on Kickstarter after seeking only $100,000), we have news of yet another watch that works with the iPhone and Android devices. It’s got much of the same features the Pebble did, albeit a little more low-key. It’s got Bluetooth 4.0 so will have very little impact on your phone’s battery life, and its job is simply to alert you. Whether it’s an email, a Tweet, a text, or a missed call, the watch can be setup any way you want. Aside from alerts, other uses include being a remote trigger for your phone’s camera, one button check-in device, even lost phone finder. Perhaps even more importantly, it won’t require a regular charge, like the Pebble did; the Cookoo goes over a year without needing to change the batteries.

It’s currently on Kickstarter and a pledge will set you back $80. The post funding MSRP is around $100, so there’s some savings to be made by order now.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]

Rocketfish Bluetooth Speakers Nestle Right Into Smart Cover

By David Ponce

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. It’s also pretty boring tech. So why are we covering it? Well, these particular speakers from Rocketfish (Best Buy’s house brand) feature a nice triangular design that makes it possible to insert them right into your iPad’s rolled up smart cover. It’s neat because that’s how you’d have it if you were watching a film, presumably, so the speakers integrate pretty seamlessly with your Apple tablet. Connection is of course through Bluetooth, which means they will work with other devices but not quite so elegantly.

There’s no word on power output or battery life, but we do know that they are currently on special for $50, down from the regular $70.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ YankoDesign ]

This Is A Tiny Keyboard For Your Phone, With A Special Feature Up Its Sleeve

By David Ponce

RIM, makers of the Blackberry phones, are slowly dying. We hope they find a way out, but the decline might have something to do with them pinning so much of their hopes on keeping the physical keyboard on their handsets. Sure, we’re going to get some flak for coming out so strongly in the anti-buttons camp, but life is the way it is and they’re going to go away eventually. Still, tons of people still like them and stay away from all-touch devices just for that reason. The Elecom alphabet-soup-name TK-MBD041 is a very small keyboard that’ll pair through Bluetooth to iPhones and Android devices and try to give you the best of both worlds. What’s more, you can use it to take calls!

It’s smallish, measuring 13.0mm X 141mm X 53.0mm. But you will never buy it, and here’s why: it’s $230!

[ Press Release ] VIA [ CultOfMac ]

Toothbrush Informs Your Of Your Brushing Habits Via Bluetooth

By David Ponce

Since accelerometer chips have become ubiquitous, we are finding them just about everywhere from cellphones to fitness tracking devices (like the Fitbit) and now you can add the Beam Brush to the list. We’re finding the idea behind this one rather interesting. The device will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and inform you of when and for how long you brushed. Perhaps the idea is to shame you in having better dental hygiene or to simply help you maintain your already good habits. The associated app will give you rewards for keeping your goals and even generate little graphs with your brushing history. The brush itself is not motorized. And despite it being pictured in awful CG rendering, the Beam Brush should be on the market next month for $50 with replaceable heads at $3 a pop.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ MedGadget ]