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News Of Blackberry’s Death May Have Been Exagerated Exaggerated: Handset Maker Sells 1 Million Units To Unnamed Client


It’s still too soon to say whether Blackberry 10 will be enough to save the Canadian smartphone maker from death, but if the latest news to come out of that camp is any indication, there are some decent signs of traction out there. According to a report by AllThingsD, Blackberry recently closed the largest transaction in its history with the sale of 1,000,000 BB10 devices to an as-yet-unnamed entity. All the company is revealing about this buyer is that they’re “an established partner”, obscuring any other details due to confidentiality concerns. Could it be a government? A military institution? Any guess is pure speculation, but the fact that such a large order went through in the first place is a huge and much needed vote of confidence for the boys in Waterloo.

[ AllThingsD ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The Last Weather App Gives You the Forecast Like It Is

Authentic Weather

Everyone else who thinks weathermen should just tell the weather as it is, say “Aye!” For some reason, quite a number feel the need to take their sweet time when they’re talking about the day’s forecast. Normally, I wouldn’t mind, but if I’m already running late, then I’d like to at least hear what to expect before I rush out the door.

Maybe it’s because weathermen everywhere want more airtime or feel that it’s so important to tell you about the tides and the wind directions, but you don’t have to put up with all that anymore. Not if you’ve got the Last Weather app.

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Porsche Design P’9981 Blackberry Smartphone

porsche blackberry knight

Eric Evdosin

For those of you who are still loyal Blackberry and BBM fans, you will love their latest. This is not the most advanced phone on the market, however Blackberry goes all out for their latest Porsche Design Blackberry P9981 Smartphone. This unique and remarquable handset features a forged stainless steel frame for enhanced durability. A sculpted QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry OS 7 with a special Porsche UI, a 1.2 GHz processor, 8GBs of on board memory, dual-band Wi-Fi and 720p HD video recording and a hand-wrapped leather back cover. If your one of the few that hasn’t changed their minds about Blackberry after their last outage, at least upgrade to this model.

Oh and the price? Expect it to be around $2,000.

[ Blackberry ] via [ Crnchy ]

Blackberry Outage Temporarily Saves Lives In The UAE

By David Ponce

So your Blackberry went quiet for three days and now you’re getting some free apps? Sweet, dude! But that’s nothing compared to what some others got in Abu Dhabi and Dubai: a potential extra three days of life. It appears that the Emiratis are notorious texters-while-driving and their vehicular mortality rates happen to be five to ten times global averages. And in what may be the clearest proof of the correlation between the two, officials in Abu Dhabi reported a 40% drop in traffic accidents during the three days the Blackberry service was down while Dubai’s numbers came in at 20%.

There are no reports on the increase in post traumatic stress disorders caused by the outage.

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Chevy Volt Owners Will Be Able To Interact With Their Car Via iPhone, Blackberry


By Chris Scott Barr

Next year those people anxiously awaiting the new Chevy Volt will finally get their hands on it (barring any delays). In addition to having an awesome electric car, they’ll also have a cool way to interact with it remotely. That’s right, iPhone and Blackberry users will have the ability to link up with their car using their phone of choice.

So far it seems that the only current features will be controlling when the Volt is charged, and being able to tell just how much juice it has at any given time. Seeing that they still have a long time before the car is due out (currently late 2010), we should hopefully see more features added to the phone apps.

[ GM-Volt ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Allerta inPulse Watch Priced And Dated


By Chris Scott Barr

Remember that interesting BlackBerry watch that I told you about last week? Details were a bit sparse, but Allerta, the gadget’s creator, has finally released some of the more important details. The watch features a 1.3-inch full color OLED display, Bluetooth 2.0, glass lens, vibrating motor (for alerts) and a microUSB port for recharging. Firmware updates will actually be done over-the-air. Battery life is expected to be around four days.

As for which phones will work, it seems that any running BlackBerryOS 4.3 or higher will be able to install the necessary application. The device will ship in February 2010 and can be pre-ordered now for $149.

[ Allerta ] VIA [ GearLog ]

inPulse BlackBerry Accessory Could Be The Dick Tracy Watch We’ve Always Wanted


By Chris Scott Barr

Ever since Dick Tracy, people have been wanting phones on their wrist. We’ve seen various, albeit poor implementations of this very thing, but nothing that feels right. One of the biggest hurdles in crafting the perfect wrist-mounted phone is that it’s tough to cram everything you need in a tiny watch. So what if you had your regular phone, and the watch merely complemented it, and gave you easy access to core functions? That seems to be the idea behind this inPulse.

The inPulse is said to be a Bluetooth accessory for your BlackBerry. It doesn’t appear to give you control of your BlackBerry per se, but it does do something rather useful. When a new message (or perhaps phone call?) comes in, it will appear on the screen of your watch. This lets you check the message with just a quick glance to your wrist. If it’s nothing important, you can go about your business. Otherwise, you’ll pull out your phone and take the necessary actions. Honestly, if this thing could let you make phone calls, I’d say it’s the perfect accessory.

VIA [ Crackberry ]

Case-Mate Launch Fuel Battery Pack For The Blackberry Bold And iPhone 3G

By Christen da Costa

By now we’re all too familiar with the endless array of iPhone battery packs. So what about the other guys? Officially announced today, the Case-mate Fuel Battery Pack does double duty as a hip holster and back up battery pack for the Blackberry Bold. The company claims that you’ll get 7 additional hours of talk time or up to 20 additional days, yes days, beyond the Bold’s standard battery. And in case (pun slightly intended) you’re averse to over-charging, Case-mate has tossed in an on/off switch allowing you to kick in the fuel for when you want it.

Case-mate has also built a Fuel battery pack for the iPhone 3G – they’d be idiots not to. Expect to get 9 additional hours of talk time or 250 hours beyond the iPhone’s standard standby time.

Both Fuel packs are available now for $79.99.

[ Case-mate – Fuel Battery Pack ] VIA [ GadgetReview ]