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Never-Ending Birthday Card Goes On and On and On

Never Ending Birthday Card

The Never-Ending Birthday Card is the card you should give to frenemies, friends, and family who you want to annoy the crap out of– but while still being endearing– at the same time. The card starts playing as soon as its opened, and as its name suggests, it won’t stop until it runs out of juice. That’s an estimated 3 hours of playing time, which should be enough to drive most people bonkers.

The best part? There’s no way to stop it, because it will keep on playing even if you tear, submerge, or burn the card. How’s that for dedication?

The Never-Ending Birthday Card is available for £9.99 (~$16.)

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You’re Invited to a Generic Birthday Party

Generic Birthday Party

In this day and age where brands are plastered everywhere, it’s rare to see someone throw a party that’s completely generic. But that’s exactly what Chris did for his wife for her 35th birthday. There was a card, a bunch of balloons, gifts, games, and decorations, but they were all generic and definitely unlike most party favors.

They’re probably not what you’re used to, but I think that’s what makes the whole party so awesome.

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Real Hugs for Virtual Wishes: Chair Gives Celebrant a Hug For Every Facebook Birthday Greeting

Facebook Birthday Hug Chair

The Outback Steakhouse in Brazil is giving birthday celebrants an extra treat on their special day by giving them a seat on the B-Day Chair. Created in collaboration with ad agency agency Lew’Lara\TBWA, the chair gives the celebrant a real-life hug for every virtual greeting they receive on their Facebook timeline.

All the celebrant has to do is log on to their Facebook account using the tablet attached to the chair. Mechanical arms with gloved hands pop out of the sides of the chair and hug the celebrant every time someone posts on their wall.

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Best Geeky Birthday Present Ever: Fallout Monopoly

Fallout Monopoly

Reddit user XsimonbelmontX aka Brandon wanted to get something nice for his wife since her birthday was coming up. Instead of getting a generic present like perfume or something crappy like a mug, he went above and beyond by making her a customized and one-of-a-kind Fallout version of the board game Monopoly.

Brandon basically painted over a regular Monopoly board and used his imagination and artistic prowess to add various scenes and locations Fallout, like Tenpenny Tower (it’s on the Boardwalk spot on the board, if you’re wondering.) He replaced the paper money in the set with bottle caps that ranged in value from $1 Nuka-Cola Quartz to a $500 Sunset Sarsaparilla Star piece.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a custom set of game pieces, so Brandon fashioned some from melted action figures and other random stuff like a miniature set of Coca-Cola bottles. You can check out more photos of Brandon’s masterpiece after the break!

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Awesome Invites for Awesome Parties: PercyVites, DIY Balloons, Flip Books, and Superheroes

DIY Wedding

If you’re in the process of planning a grand celebration for a grand event, then obviously invitations are at the top of your list. Because without invites, how can you get people to attend your event, much less let them know why you’re celebrating and where you’re going to be holding the festivities? It used to be that people simply went to a printing press to have their invitations printed. But in this day and age, people are getting more involved and more creative with their invites.

For example, ultimate geek couple Bill Porter and his wife (but then-fiance) Mara decided to do away with traditional embossed wedding invitations and bring out the circuit boards instead. They worked laboriously to print and assemble over 50 invites fitted with LED lights. The coolest part is that the lights flashed a secret message in Morse code when the sensors in the board detect decreased light levels. Pretty cool, huh?

For more awesome invites that were no doubt made for equally awesome parties, hit the break. You might get a few ideas for your own party in the process!

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