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Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener


Apologies for the large GIF. But we think that the above animation pretty much does the entire job of describing the product, which we like because we can be lazy sometimes. In case it’s not working on your device, it’s a simple bottle opener with the added benefit of magnets to catch falling caps. That too is appealing for the lazy-minded, since you’ll have less tidying to do after your guests have left.

The DropCatch, as it’s called, comes in two sizes. The large one can catch up to 52 caps, while its smaller brother tops out at 15. Prices are $60 and $40, respectively, and involve making a pledge on everyone’s favorite crowdsourcing site, Kickstarter.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Drinks in Disguise: iFlask is a Flask That Looks Like an iPhone

iPhone Flask

Clearly, there are a lot of liquids you can pour into these iFlasks that shouldn’t be consumed while you’re at work or attending some show or event where those said drinks are prohibited. Those types of liquids aren’t the ones we’re encouraging you to fill these iFlasks with, obviously, because that’s just one classic example of a supposedly neat gizmo used in a totally wrong way.

It’s pretty clear what the iFlask is, based on its name alone. In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s a flask that’s shaped and designed to look like an iPhone. It can hold up to 5 ounces of your beverage of choice discreetly. In fact, most people wouldn’t be any wiser unless they happen to grab hold of your “phone” and notice something sloshing inside of it.

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Make Your Beer All Frothy With Ultrasonic Technology


They sure like a good head of foam on their beer, over in Japan. At least you’d think so when you consider this is the second product for making extra foam that we’ve come across, the first one being this self-frothing mug we wrote about last June. The Sonic Hour by Takara Tomy is a simple plastic base upon which you place a flat glass of beer; press a buttons and it’ll shake the bubbles to the top. We’re not convinced that this is going to make better beer, rather thinking it’s likely to make flatter beer. But hey, at $40 you can try it yourselves and see if this makes an acceptable solution to an inferior pour.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ThatNerdalicious ]

There’s Nothing Sly About Sly Fox’s Topless Beer Cans

Topless Beer Can

Isn’t it a pain to drink beer or soda from a can and chug it down quickly so you can get to your next sip? You could use a glass, but then that would take some of the fizz out of your drink. The solution? Cans with tops that come off completely so you can sip your drink from the can as if it were a glass.

Not many companies are doing this, but the Sly Fox Brewing Company is and we think it’s a great idea. Head brewer Brian O’Reilly explains that the modification “allows the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses.” The special lid can only be found on the company’s Helles Golden Lager, which is available across their Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey distribution area.

VIA [ That's Nerdalicious ]

Protect Your Booze: Boiled Leather and Chainmail Beer Koozie

Beer Armor Koozie

Somewhere out there is a psycho who’s waiting in the wings, waiting for the moment when you’ll leave your booze unguarded. Don’t give him or her a chance to stab your can of booze and cause death by leakage; keep your beer by your side and cover it up in this boiled leather and chainmail beer koozie at all times for maximum protection.

So that’s an extremely improbable scenario, but hey, it could happen. The koozie was put together by DougFungus, who believes that beer cans should be provided with ample security. It won’t prevent people from stealing your beer, though.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]

Calling Chocoholics Anonymous: Now You Can Drink Chocolate Stout from this Chocolate Glass

Chocolate Beer and Glass

Beer and chocolate make for a surprisingly delicious combination. It might not sound very appealing, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Because once you have, I swear, you’ll be coming back for more. Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen is well aware of this, since they’ve been producing chocolate flavored stout for a while now.

However, they’ve decided to take things a notch further by offering a set that includes a bottle of their best-selling chocolate stout and an edible chocolate glass. Beer and chocolate aficionados are supposed to pour the stout into the glass and enjoy the flavorful drink while taking a few bites of chocolate in between.

Rocket News 24 asserts that the glass could counteract the bitterness of the “ultra-dark beer’ which was brewed “with over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted ‘chocolate malt.’”

VIA [ Food Beast ]

The Last Barfighter Is An Arcade Machine That Pours You Beer


Like an endangered animal, arcade machines are getting increasingly rare. But we think The Last Barfighter stands a pretty good chance of swimming against the current, and becoming a runaway hit. In bars at least. It’s an arcade machine that lets you play a quirky and rudimentary fighting game, like Street Fighter from 15 years ago. But when the game is over, the winner sees a pint of beer fill up his glass. It’s brilliant.

The machines were created by an ad agency, Durham-based McKinney, and were commissioned by Raleigh beer company Big Boss Brewery. So they’re currently there, serving suds to thirsty customers and being trotted out during special events. It’s a lot more fun to get served that way, and we wouldn’t be surprised if demand for them became such that other establishments would eventually buy some. But that hasn’t happened yet, so if you want to try them, you’re going to have to make your way to North Carolina.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ CNet News ]

Dogoholics Anonymous: Dawg Grog ‘Beer’ for Dogs is Here

Dog Beer

I once had a friend who gave her dog a shot of alcohol once. She posted it on Facebook and was pelted with angry comments about irresponsible pet ownership and animal cruelty. This is not the same situation. There is no need to post those kinds of comments here, even though we’re going to be talking about ‘beer’ that’s ‘brewed’ especially for man’s best friend.

It’s only fair that dogs get their own special treat, right? I mean, hamsters have their yogurt drops and cats have their catnap. It’s high time that dogs get something more than just milk biscuits or beef jerky treats.

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Booze-Infused Marshmallows Will Be Perfect for a Christmas Bonfire

Booze Marshmallows

If you live somewhere where the snow doesn’t fall, then here’s something you can do to stop the kids from clamoring for a white Christmas (because you can’t give that to them anyway, not unless you buy fake snow by the truckload): a holiday bonfire. There’s nothing like roasting marshmallows and drinking steaming cups of hot cocoa in the great outdoors, singing Christmas carols and handing out homemade eggnog to whoever wants a glass.

There are also extra treats for the adults who might otherwise prefer to stay indoors: fluffy booze-infused marshmallows that can get you toasted on the sly. Take extra care to keep them out of reach of children for obvious reasons (and also because nobody really wants to clean up vomit from the carpet on Christmas day.)

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