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Spin Chill Gets Your Brews Frosty In No Time


Did you know that spinning a can of beer in ice drastically cuts the time it takes to lower its temperature? No? Neither did we, but apparently that’s true and it has something to do with convection currents you create within the liquid. We’re not clear on the physics at play to be honest, but Spin Chill hopes to capitalize on the principle by offering you two ways of getting a can of beer frosty in as little as a minute. The first is the Chill Bit, which is a plastic attachment that accepts a standard can of beer on one end, and plugs into a drill on the other. Plunge the whole thing in icy water and spin till cold. But if you don’t carry a drill around with you, the Beerouette has you covered. It’s a small, self-contained, motorized, waterproof beer spinner device that’s meant to be immersed in an ice-filled cooler along with the beer, and can be carried in your pocket.

You can get in on the action for as little as $12, which will give you either a can or bottle Chill Bit, and for $35, you get the Beerouette. The Kickstarter is fully funded, and deliveries are expected for November, in time for the Holidays.

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Vending Machine Doles Out Free Beer to Lazy Bystanders

Lazy Beer Vending Machine

Getting free beer doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is stand in front of this vending machine and do nothing for three minutes. It’s that easy. This is the latest in a series of advertising stunts done by various companies using a vending machine that doles out free goods in exchange for a random or sometimes unusual action by the person.

The one set up by beer company Amstel is called the Amstel Pause and it definitely stays true to its name. Anybody who wants a cold one only has to press a button to start the timer and stand on the designated spot in front of the Pause. Once the three minutes is up, the machine dispenses a can of booze.

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BrewBit Wireless Offers Real-Time Monitoring When You’re Brewing Booze at Home


Making homemade beer is more than just mashing and mixing stuff and letting it sit. It’s sort of like an art form that involves technique aside from the technical. For example, temperature is a really important thing to keep track of so you’ll end up with professional-quality and good-tasting beer. One tool that can help you monitor the temperature when you’re brewing is the BrewBit Model-T.

The BrewBit is a WiFi-enabled temperature controller with open source software, so you can hack it and modify it to perform other functions, if you’re not a homebrewer. It’s equipped with dual independent temperature probes and dual independent outputs. You can choose to control one, both, or none of the outputs for logging purposes. Its makers explain that the BrewBit can help “keep your fermentation and mash temperatures where you want them to be”, resulting in high-quality, great-tasting beer.

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This Is A Brilliant One-Handed Bottle Opener


Formerly called the GrOpener and now apparently renamed GrabOpener (probably due to the similarities between the word grope and GrOpener), this one-handed beer bottle opening device is nothing short of genius. Whether you just don’t want to use both hands or are actually lacking one, it makes the act of separating a bottle from its cap easy as pie. Invented by visual artist Mark Manger, it’s available for purchase online for all of $16. This recently went viral on Reddit, so of course everything is backordered for 2 to 3 weeks. Still, cool product, and it comes in 5 colors. If you’re wondering how exactly this works, just watch the video below.

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Feeling Spontaneous?

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.29.44 PM

Have you ever just wanted to head out to the airport, and spontaneously buy a ticket to some relaxing destination with no prior planning? We sure have… Yet for most of us, our tickets are always booked in advance and our trips are planned quite efficiently. Looking to change all that (for some, at least), Heineken, in partnership with Wieden & Kennedy New York, has decided to challenge travellers at the airport to break through their comfort zone. Basically they set up boards, as seen above, in buzzing airport terminals like JFK and challenged travellers to take part in “departure roulette” where a simple hit of the button changes your destination to a random exotic location; obviously, you have no say in what it could be.

Lets say you are headed from JFK to LAX with family for a long planned trip, you get pressured at the airport and you press the button… BOOM (well not “boom”, since it’s an airport and the TSA doesn’t have a sense of humour): new destination, St-Tropez on your own! Last Tuesday someone actually played and ended up going to Cyprus instead of Vienna with their family. They also received a $2,000 bonus from Heineken to cover expenses and got a hotel for 2 nights.

So… what we understand from this is you have to be at the airport and already have a ticket to an initial destination, which in most cases you have taken time out to plan and organize, and if you are spontaneous enough you have the chance to drop all those plans, change everything and head off somewhere you have no say in. Personally I’d pass but I’d love to see more people try it out.

VIA [ Creativity Online ]

Ready to Party? Heineken Debuts World’s First Interactive Bottle

Flashlight Beer

Glow sticks are so yesterday, because we’re in the age of light-up beer bottles now. At least, that’s the approach Heineken is taking with the concept that ad agency Tribal DDB came up for them. Heineken’s Jeremy Brook, who heads the digital and media innovation at the brewery, dubs it the “world’s first interactive beer bottle.”

The bottle itself comes with a green plastic base that’s equipped with a wireless sensor and LED lights. Whenever someone takes a swig from the bottle, the entire thing sparkles. When there’s music playing, the light will blink in sync with the beat. Totally makes you want to dance or at least bob your head to the music, right?

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Offline Beer Glass Discourages People from Using Their Phones At the Pub

Beer Glass COncept

So this is a beer glass concept by creative agency Fischer and Friends, and their goal is to get you to stop using your smartphone when you’re down at the pub having drinks. It’s aptly called the “Offline Glass” and it looks just like your average beer glass, except for the groove cut out at its bottom. Turns out the little groove makes all the difference, because you can only stabilize the glass when you rest the groove on top of your smartphone.

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Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener


Apologies for the large GIF. But we think that the above animation pretty much does the entire job of describing the product, which we like because we can be lazy sometimes. In case it’s not working on your device, it’s a simple bottle opener with the added benefit of magnets to catch falling caps. That too is appealing for the lazy-minded, since you’ll have less tidying to do after your guests have left.

The DropCatch, as it’s called, comes in two sizes. The large one can catch up to 52 caps, while its smaller brother tops out at 15. Prices are $60 and $40, respectively, and involve making a pledge on everyone’s favorite crowdsourcing site, Kickstarter.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Drinks in Disguise: iFlask is a Flask That Looks Like an iPhone

iPhone Flask

Clearly, there are a lot of liquids you can pour into these iFlasks that shouldn’t be consumed while you’re at work or attending some show or event where those said drinks are prohibited. Those types of liquids aren’t the ones we’re encouraging you to fill these iFlasks with, obviously, because that’s just one classic example of a supposedly neat gizmo used in a totally wrong way.

It’s pretty clear what the iFlask is, based on its name alone. In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s a flask that’s shaped and designed to look like an iPhone. It can hold up to 5 ounces of your beverage of choice discreetly. In fact, most people wouldn’t be any wiser unless they happen to grab hold of your “phone” and notice something sloshing inside of it.

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