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Glow In The Dark Starry Bed Sheet Will Delight The Kids, Maybe


Do kids these days even care about anything that isn’t on TV or their smartphone? Like, will they even like a set of bed sheets that looks normal in the daylight, but will glow with planets and stars in the dark? We sure hope so, because we sure would have thought it was the bee’s knees back in our day and we can’t be that old. If you think there’s still hope for your little ones, you can get your own set for about $90.


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I Dream of Pastry: Sleep on Sliced Bread, Croissants, and Cushy Omelettes

Bread Sleeping Bag

Who ever thought sleeping in and on pastry could be so comfortable? I don’t mean the normal kind you see at bakeries, but rather, I’m talking about these gigantic, cushy ones being sold by Japanese mail order company Felissimo. A variety of sleeping bags oozing with baked goodness are available, from the “Goodnight Desert Omelette” and “Japanese Cushion Bread” to the “Chocolate Nap” and “Cream Pocket Bread.”

Each of them is inspired by the particular pastry they’re named for. Some of them even come with red jam and chocolate filling–in the form of red and brown blankets respectively.

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Smart Bedding: You’ll Never Have to Make Your Bed Again

Smart Bedding

Do you hate having to make your bed every morning? Well, you won’t have to anymore, not with Smart Bedding. It’s described as a “new, innovative bedding line” where the top sheet snaps onto the duvet cover. That means no more wrinkled and bunched-up top sheets, since it’s attached to the duvet.

It’s a simple solution to a first-world problem that has hounded millions of people all over the world, including Smart Bedding’s own designers, Marshall Haas and Jon Wheatley.

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