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Giant French Fries Bed: Lay On a Bed of Ketchup

Supersize Bed


You probably shouldn’t get this bed if you’re on a diet. In fact, you shouldn’t be thinking about how much you want it either, seeing as you’re turning over a new leaf and aiming for a healthier lifestyle. But you want it anyways.

Fries are fatty, greasy, and totally unhealthy…but you love them anyway. Not that this Supersize Bed is anything like the real thing, but you won’t be able to stop thinking about fries and how much you want to stuff your face with them since you’ll be lying on gigantic fries pillows all night.

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Sleep In a Pool.. Well, Sort Of, With Snurk’s Pool Bedding

Snurk Pool Bedding

Fancy sleeping on a pool? Not in a pool or on a water bed, but on a pool? Now you can, although it isn’t exactly an actual pool with Snurk’s pool bedding. The duvet cover set features a photographic print on both sides of the bottom of a pool. The water looks inviting and oh-so-refreshing. It’s definitely a welcome sight after all these too-warm and humid days we’ve been having lately (or in my part of the world, anyway.)

The set includes pillow cases so you can sink into a deep slumber and drown in sweet dreams. The Swimming Pool-themed beddings are available for €59.95 (about $79.)

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Perfect for Road Trips: Inflatable Car Bed

Inflatable Car Bed

Road trips are fun, but long-distance trips will take a toll eventually because cars aren’t exactly made with comfort in mind. Cue the Inflatable Car Bed that transforms the entire row of seats into a comfortable sleeping area for one person. It makes most sense to have one of these if you’re driving a van or something with more rows of seats or space, because you can’t exactly fit more than one person on this thing comfortably.

It’s pretty compact when it’s folded, so you can just keep it in the trunk when you don’t need it. The bed is constructed from high-quality PVC with a soft surface, which makes it more than perfect for on-board snoozing.

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HoodiePillow Even Has Room For Your iDevice


The HoodiePillow has been around for almost a year, but being the slowpokes that we sometimes are, we are reporting on it now. It’s a cool fusion of a hoodie, with, well, a pillow. You can use it to warm up your noggin while sleeping, reading or any other activity where you might use a pillow and risk getting cold. There’s even a pocket next to the hoodie where you can stuff your iPhone and holes through which you thread your earphones for easy listening.

It’s $20.

hoodie pillow

[ Product Page ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Ergonomic Laptop Stand-Slash-Tray is Perfect for Those Who Love Working in Bed

Laptop Bed Desk Tray

Ever wished that you could lie in bed and work with your back propped up on your pillows when you don’t feel like getting up and walking over to your desk? Well, I have, and I would usually just lug my laptop to my bed and start working. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more taxing on my back than I’d like, since I have to hunch over my keyboard whenever I lean in to type.

There are a lot of bed stands and tables around to take care of that problem, but none like this one I just spotted today. It’s a laptop stand-slash-tray-slash bed desk that makes working from bed comfortable and ergonomic. It’s even got a mouse pad holder off to one side and a cup holder on the other for maximum comfort (and to make sure that you never get thirsty!)

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Music Player Turns Into A Pillow, Just Like Everything Else Should


By Evan Ackerman

Most electronics are not judged on their capacity to become pillows. This is a mistake. Naps are the most important time you will ever spend doing anything anywhere, and every object should be designed with that in mind. The Mu Space music player (it’s just a concept, for the moment) opens up and unfolds into a cozy little pillow with an actual bed (or sheets, anyway) attached to it. The speakers can be rotated around to play music outwards or inwards, and it has a USB interface and takes memory cards. They don’t make them yet, and I don’t know how much they’re going to cost, but I want one. Now. Yawn.

[ Yanko Design ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Millennium Falcon Bed Might Not Land You A Princess Leia Of Your Own


By Chris Scott Barr

Let’s say that you’re the ultimate Star Wars fan out there,what do you sleep on at night? Sure, you could go with your vintage Empire Strikes Back sheets atop your otherwise normal bed. But don’t you think that you can show your love in a better way? Perhaps one that will make most people even more reluctant to share your bed. That’s right, you need a bed modeled after the Millennium Falcon.

One fan has decided to craft such a bed, with a good bit of accuracy. There aren’t a lot of details on how to replicate it, but it does give you something to think about. The front includes a pair of working “headlights” and a string of LED lights provides the perfect mood lighting for any geeky bedtime encounter. The pillow shaped like a radar dish is the icing on the cake.

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Vertical Bed: Not Just For The Minbari Anymore

By Jonathan Kimak

Artist Jamie O’Shea created this vertical bed more for artistic reasons than for mass production. The bed was displayed during the Conflux Festival in New York city. O’Shea used the bed to sleep for 40 minutes every 4 hours during the event which ran from September 11 to the 14th.

The bed contains a series of bolts that can fasten onto grates or in the cracks of a sidewalk to keep the user in place. Harnesses hidden under the clothing and leg and thigh poles support the weight of the sleeper. Back and neck supports keep the person comfortable while mirrored sunglasses and sound canceling headphones block out the rest of the world. And just in case it rains there’s an umbrella.

I suppose the vertical bed could be used for some tasks like standing in line for a new movie/concert/game but I personally wouldn’t want to ever give up my nice comfy bed.

[ Vertical Bed ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]