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Always Wanted Freckles? This Kit Can Help


For some, freckles are awesome apparently. You can now get your own super realistic freckles using this kit that comes with 72 stencils and a roller-ball formula applicator. You simply press the stencil on your cheeks, roll over them with the formula and you’ll have semi-permanent freckles for a couple of days. Apply every two days and you’ll be speckled with a pattern of fading and new freckles that will look exactly like the real thing. A kit will last between 4 to 6 weeks, and will cost you a pledge of $36.


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This Beauty Product Costs More Than A Decent Second-Hand Car


We like to make fun of audiophile products because that’s where we most often find ridiculously overpriced items, like these $26,000 speakers. But snake-oil products exist everywhere, and today we’re looking at the Luna GOLD, a motorized brush with which to clean your face. It looks like total BS, and costs between $6,500 and 8,800. Why?

Twin motors each generate up to 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsations per minute in a shifting wave pattern that bestows the complexion with pure luminance, while cleansing pores of dirt, oil and makeup residue. Lower-frequency pulsations channeled through the reverse side meanwhile diminish the appearance of aging, while a 4-zone brush surface gives the LUNA™ GOLD the versatility to match all skin types.

Pure luminance, eh? Sure. The Luna GOLD comes with a Platinum base in the men’s model at $8,800 and in plain 18-karat gold for women at the aforementioned $6,500.

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