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Power Pillow Lets You Get Comfy While Charging Your Stuff

Power Pillow


A lot of people use their phones or tablets when they’re on the sofa or lying down in bed. How many times have you left your phone or tablet by the nightstand while you lie in bed, itching to use your device but finding it difficult to get up or use it by the nightstand because of the wire?

I’d say one too many, especially with the advent of the Power Pillow. It’s a pillow that comes with a built-in battery so you can lie back, relax, and charge your gadget while you use it by hooking it up to the pillow!

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NewTrent PowerPack Ultra Comes With A Massive 14,000 mAh Battery


External and high capacity batteries are becoming popular these days. Users with heavy usage either carry a spare battery, if their handset comes with a removable one, while other prefer to use cases with external battery or a battery pack that can help them charge their devices. If you’re looking for a powerful and durable external battery pack, take a look at NewTrent’s PowerPack Ultra. This beastie comes with a massive 14,000 mAh battery, which is more than enough to charge a smartphone up to six times. The battery pack has dual USB ports, with one carrying 2.1A while the other one comes with 1A, which can be used to charge smartphones. NewTrent guarantees that PowerPack Ultra can survive 500 charge cycles, which is pretty amazing. The battery pack is water-resistant and requires almost 12 hours for a full charge. PowerPack Ultra comes with a $69.95 price tag and can be purchased from the product page link below.

[Product Page] via [Slashgear]

Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive Stores Files, Powers Up Devices

Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive


If you’re on the go a lot, then you’ll find yourself needing or even looking for basic things that will be easy to use when you’re away from home. One such thing is the Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive. It’s essentially a flash drive that doubles as an AA battery. Need something to store your files? No problem. Looking for some batteries to power up your flashlight, radio, or whatever? Then just grab a couple of these and you’re good to go.Continue Reading

SolePower Charges Your Smartphone One Step At A Time


SolePower is another contraption that lets you charge your smartphone through a very basic action that everyone does at some point during the day: walk. Similar concepts have been proposed before, but a group is finally taking action and their proposed device is called SolePower. It’s dubbed as a “power-generating shoe” that allows the wearer to charge portable electronics like smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets as they walk.

Instead of being embedded into the actual shoe, SolePower is a separate, removable insole that you can swap and insert into whatever pair you’ve chosen to wear.

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Power Shorts: Shake Your Bon Bons for Power

Power Shorts

Is your phone running low on power? That should be no problem if you’re wearing shorts with the Power Pocket, because all you’ll have to do to charge up your phone is shake your booty. Clearly it’s not the easiest or most practical way to charge your battery, but it’s probably one of the funnest, especially if you’re in the right place, with the right people.

The shorts were created by Vodafone with the help of researchers from the University of Southampton. They were unveiled to attendees of UK’s Isle of Wight music fest, who I’m sure had a blast trying it out.

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Teen Designs Device That Has the Potential to Charge Up Phones in Seconds

Charge Phone in Seconds

Sometimes I find myself hanging around the charger while everyone else starts trooping out the door because my phone is running low on power and wouldn’t last the night if I unplugged it then and there. But who knew you could charge up your phone in just 30 seconds with the right device?

Eighteen-year-old Eesha Khare designed a supercapacitor that has the potential to charge phones in about half a minute. The superconductor is designed to fit inside the battery, which, aside from the rapid charging, also lasts ten times longer than other existing devices. Eesha’s paper, entitled “Design and Synthesis of Hydrogenated TiO2-Polyaniline Nanorods for Flexible High-Performance Supercapacitors”, can be found here.

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Tomy’s Toy Car Is Powered By Juice


By Evan Ackerman

Have you ever tried to taste electricity? You can, you know… Go find a 9v battery and stick the contacts on your tongue.* Not pleasant, right? Sony has this problem (and it’s a serious, serious problem) totally licked with an RC car that runs on juice. The tasty kind of juice. You know, from fruits and stuff.

The Tomy Ene pocket RC car has, inside of it, a “bio battery” that can generate electricity from sugar in things like juice or soda. As of two years ago, each cell could output 50 mW of power. For this little car, its speed and endurance depend entirely on what you decide to feed it, and while Sony is promoting Coke products, grape juice apparently works the best.

From what I can tell, Sony’s liquid battery technology uses enzymes to digest glucose, which may mean that they last far longer (and are rechargeable more times) than those incredibly strange Nopopo urine powered batteries, which use magnesium and carbon and only last for about 4 charges. However, when you consider which kind of fluid you’d rather donate to your batteries, Nopopo might come out ahead.

Tomy’s car, with Sony’s battery inside it, is currently in the functional (yay!) prototype stage, you can see a video of it motoring around here.

[ Gigazine ] VIA [ Inhabitots ]

*OhGizmo takes no responsibility for whatever you crazy people might actually do at our suggestion. Try this one at your own risk.

FSP Group Brings iON Battery Pack for iPhone to U.S.


By Shane McGlaun

Yeah the battery life on my first gen iPhone sucks. Every time we stop somewhere, my kids want to play games on my phone and if I get bored while my wife drones on about whatever it is that wives talk about streaming YouTube videos kills the battery too.

There are already some iPhone batteries on the market and FSP Group is bringing another one to the U.S. in July via Newegg. The battery pack will carry an MSRP of $29.99 and offers 1500mAh of power. The device includes a universal USB adapter for any device charging from USB and includes a specific adapter for the iPhone and iPod.

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New Battery Tech is Powered by Air


By Shane McGlaun

Most of the gadgets we use today have batteries of some sort inside them as do a growing number of cars. Battery tech is an area of intense research and development as an alternative power source for all sorts of products.

The world’s first air-powered battery has been unveiled and is called the STAIR (St Andrews Air) battery. The battery is charged just like any other battery directly from an AC outlet, but when power is discharged from the battery, it draws more energy form the air around it.

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