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Would You Ever Use A Portable, Inflatable Bathtub?


File this under novelty items, but it’s interesting nonetheless. The Inflatable Bath Tub for adults is exactly what it sounds like: a bathtub that you fill up with air, and can use “anywhere”. It comes with its own air pump, and when deployed, will fit a person up to 6’5″ and 280 lbs. Of course, you’ll have the issue of figuring out how you’re going to fill it with water, and then drain it afterwards. Although it comes with a 4 foot accordion drain hose, we imagine that setting up an inflatable bath tub on your fifth floor apartment poses more challenges than most people imagine. Still, if you like to live dangerously, you can own one for $179. And unlike the girl in the picture, it’s totally ok to get in with your clothes off.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

Why Should Grown Ups Have All The Fun? There’s A Jacuzzi For Babies Too!

Because giving your newborn a bath in the sink like a regular person isn’t good enough for some people, Italian design firm BluBleu went and created the MagicBath. Yeah, it’s pretty much a fancy jacuzzi that fits your baby… but only for the first 12 months. After that most babies will be too large, and the luxury tub will then be relegated to bathing your Pomeranian pup, or similarly sized pet. Aside from being small, the acrylic tub is specially shaped to hold babies lying down in one end, and 6-12 month olds sitting up at the other end. Precisely controlled water temperature, as well as 10 bubble jets will send your child on “a fabulous journey of sensory experiences.” Underwater LEDs even provide some mood lighting. Of course you see, your kid is very likely to remember these experiences later on and thank you profusely for having thought it a good idea to spend $2,100 on a fancy tub for them when they were young. You just know they will, right? Right? Otherwise, what would be the point?

[ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ TheFancy ]