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Poo-pourri Traps Crappy Smells in the Bathroom


Consider yourself lucky and somewhat extraordinary if you don’t stink up the entire bathroom after you do a number two. Poop is poop, and it’s going to stink, regardless of whose bottom it came out of.

Coming to the rescue is Poo-pourri, a spray that promises to neutralize the odors that might linger around your bowl, even after you’ve flushed. It’s not like most other sprays which try to cover up the smell with a stronger fragrance. Rather, it stops the smells from escaping the bowl in the first place.

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Pee and Wash: STAND is a Urinal With a Built-In Sink

Stand Urinal with Built In Sinks

Lots of dudes practice good hygiene, but some are just downright gross and dirty. At least, that’s what  Kaspars Jursons’s redesign of the toilet implies, since he wants to put an actual sink on the urinal. Not beside it, not a few feet away from it, but at the upper part of the urinal itself. It makes the task of washing after peeing inescapable for most guys, since the sink is just right there.

The toilet is called STAND. The built-in sink looks pretty small, but I think it’ll do in most cases. There are a handful of things that can go wrong with this concept, that’s for sure. For one, there are those with perpetually bad aim (and some who don’t really bother.) Don’t even get me started on the piss-drunk pissers who always make a mess of things.

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Is Your Posterior Deserving Of A $6,600 Toilet?


Kohler makes some fancy kitchen and bathroom fixtures, one of the most notable of which is the Numi toilet. It’s notable mostly because you’ll have to spend $6,600 to own it, and it does a variety of things that you may or may not want a toilet to do:

[It includes] a Bluetooth receiver for users to stream audio from their mobile devices, an SD card to access custom playlists or personalized welcome messages, a USB port for software updates, and ambient lighting that features seven different colors to choose from.

We’re all for entertaining ourselves while on the John, but what’s wrong with just looking at your phone for a bit? You’re not supposed to spend 30 minutes there… drying…

Other features include an advanced bidet functionality with integrated dryer, a remote control and a wall-mounted docking station.

[ Product Page] VIA [ Mashable ]

PUSHit Toilet Seat Design Makes Sure the Products of Your Number Two Go Down

PUSHit Toilet Seat Design

Nothing sucks more than doing a number two and flushing, only to hear a faint gurgling sound and the dangerous rush of overflowing water a few seconds later. At this point, there are two things you can do: call a plumber to fix your drain or wait for some company  pick up on the PUSHit Toilet Seat design so they can start making these awesome toilets.

I’d recommend the former, although I’m all for the latter, too. Unfortunately, it might take before we’ll actually see working prototypes of the concept. The PUSHit is basically a toilet seat-slash-plunger that makes it easier for people to unclog their toilets because the plunger is already incorporated into the toilet seat itself. So the next time you see your crap coming back up, just put the cover down and push, push, push.

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Creepy Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover Will Give You Nightmares

Freddy Krueger Toilet Cover

As if going to the bathroom at night isn’t scary enough (especially for those who are still afraid of the dark), a bunch of horror-loving folks have come up with this absolutely horrifying Freddy Krueger toilet tank cover. It’s made to cover the toilet tank in its entirety, complete with a sinister Freddy Kruger mask and gloves that look dangerously sharp.

Obviously, this would be great to scare the little girls (both figuratively and literally) in your house, but it’s probably not a very good prank to pull if you want to live a long and fruitful life.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]

Goodbye Showering, Hello Fire Truck Baths

Fierce Fire Truck Design FunBath (Image courtesy American Standard)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m still a little upset I missed out on the whole ‘race car bed’ fad when I was growing up. But damned if I’m going to let the opportunity to bath in a fire truck pass me by! American Standard has created a series of ‘funbaths’ that easily install over regular bath tubs making them more… um… fun.

This version, the Fierce Fire Truck, features a built-in hand shower, a polished chrome handrail, self-leveling feet and a raised designed that makes it easier for parents to bathe their kids and harder for adults to use it while keeping some shred of dignity. Not something that’s gonna stop me though. But what will is the $2,199 price tag. There’s also a Pretty Princess Castle version that sells for the same price, and a customizable flat panel version that’s a bit cheaper at $1,799.

[ Fierce Fire Truck Design FunBath ] VIA [ Luxury Housing Trends ]

Ultra Portable Digital Bathroom Scale

Ultra Portable Digital Bathroom Scale (Images courtesy Infmetry)
By Andrew Liszewski

If netbook designers applied their miniaturization skills to bathroom scales, you’d end up with exactly this. An ultra portable digital scale for people who are worried about their weight, even when traveling or away on vacation. It’s got the smallest footprint of any step-on scale I’ve ever seen, though it makes me wonder if users have to stand on their toes for it to provide an accurate measurement. It has a maximum capacity of up to 330lbs, and your actual weight is displayed on a pop-out LCD screen. It’s just $29.99 from Infmetry too, who, like Sony with their original Vaio P Lifestyle PC, are trying to convince us that it’s easy to carry around in your back pocket.

[ Ultra Portable Digital Bathroom Scale ]

GRAFF Stealth Collection Bathroom Fixtures

GRAFF Stealth Collection (Images courtesy GRAFF & U.S. Air Force)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of your bathroom faucets being brought down by surface-to-air missiles? Moen, Kohler and Delta might be respected names in the plumbing industry, but you take them to hostile territories and I guarantee they’re going to show up on enemy radar systems like a 747. But not the Stealth collection from GRAFF. They’ve borrowed some of the unique design cues of the Lockheed F-117 when they designed this angular faucet. Aerodynamics be damned! Disappointingly it’s only available in a polished chrome or satin nickel finish, no radar-deflecting titanium here. So when you’re washing your hands you’ll still want to keep an eye out for showerhead or towel rack bogies.

[ GRAFF Stealth Collection Bathroom Fixtures ] VIA [ Design Milk ]