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Watch Barbie’s Face Evolve Through 56 Years


Nothing related to tech here, but this image is going viral and it’s just interesting, so we’re posting. It’s a compilation of Barbie’s face since 1959, created by Tumbler user Tenaflyviper. As you can see, her mug changed quite a bit. It should come as no surprise anyway, since our tastes and standards for beauty have also changed quite a bit in the last 56 years. We’re not going to enter any sort of sociological discussion here, just showing you guys a neat image. The right response is “huh, look at that”, and then moving on to the next item.

[ Tenaflyviper’s Page ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

Help Make Realistic Barbie Into a Reality

Normal Barbie Kickstarter


Barbie’s makers have gotten a lot of flak for making a doll with unrealistic body proportions that give kids the wrong idea about what “sexy” or “healthy” looks like. Over the past couple of years, people have called for a change to Barbie’s vital stats, and it has prompted artists like Nickolay Lamm to create more realistic versions of Barbie.

What started out as a work of art that carried a strong message might now become a reality, as Lamm has launched a crowdfunding campaign to turn realistic Barbie into a reality.

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Barbie Gets Real: Artist Creates Barbie Doll With a ‘Realistic’ Body

Realistic Barbie

A lot of teens these days have unrealistic perceptions of the ideal body, no thanks to the stick-thin models walking down runways and gracing magazine covers. But before media exposure, we have kids’ toys to blame. Just look at Barbie with her impossibly narrow waist and curvy hips (which, by the way, is relatively impossible to have naturally.)

Designs for Barbie with a more realistic-looking body have cropped up on the Internet every once in a while, and the latest one we have is by Nicholay Lamm. His version of Barbie is more accurate though, since he went through the trouble of going to the Center for Disease Control to get the average measurements for a 19-year-old woman in the United States.

You can check out more angles of the realistic Barbie Doll after the break.

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This Is What Barbie Looks Like Without Makeup

Barbie No MakeUp

For years, people have frowned upon the all-too-perfect looks and body shape of Barbie because it encourages kids to be superficial and overly-conscious about their looks, which makes them lose sight of the bigger picture. The big picture being that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, as long as he or she has got a good heart and a compassionate spirit.

Every Barbie doll that leaves the manufacturing line looks perfectly made-up with bright lipstick and dark eyeliner accentuating her pretty doll features. Artist Eddi Aguirre, however, had different ideas. He stripped Barbie off her makeup and came up with the image that you see above. You can check out a close-up of Barbie sans the heavy makeup after the break.

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