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Of Swings and Booze: Bar With a Swingset for Seats Exists

Swingset Bar


There’s another way to get dizzy when you’re at the bar, but it doesn’t involve knocking back more shots. Rather, all you need to do is push off the ground– that is, if you happen to be seated on one of the swings that serve as seats on this unusual bar. Instead of the usual stools, it has a number of swings surrounding it. You obviously can’t push off as hard as you like because you’ll probably end up banging your knees (while damaging the bar in the process.)

It’s being sold by Duffy London and comes with a pretty hefty pricetag: $37,465.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

Pee Analyzer Tests Your Pee and Lets the Valet Know If You’re Drunk

Pee Analyzer

Every year, thousands of people lose their lives because they chose to drive after knocking down one too many shots. A lot of campaigns have been launched to increase people’s awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. But bars can also take matters into their own hands, too, by letting dudes know when they’ve had too much to drink after they take a leak.

It’s called the Pee Analyzer and it basically tests a person’s urine for alcohol content. So how does it work? Well, every patron gets an RFID parking ticket when they drop their cars off at valet. After they pee, an RFID reader near the urinal takes note of the results. If it’s over the limit, a sign lights up, telling the person to call a cab or use a drive home service because they’ve had one too many drinks.

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