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Bang & Olufsen Unveils 103-inch BeoVision 4


By Shane McGlaun

Most of us would think that a 50 to 60-inch plasma or flat panel TV in our living rooms was big. Sure you can get larger screens, but when you get into big sizes of TVs they tend to get more expensive that most homes.

Case in point is the new Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4 103-inch plasma TV that is currently on a three city U.S. tour. The manufacturer says that this is the only chance to see one in person because each future set will be custom built when ordered.

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Bright Blind Creates Fake Windows

Bright Blind (Image courtesy Generate Pipeline)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think this is a pretty great idea, and if you work in a windowless office you might also. The Bright Blind was created by Makoto Hirahara and it basically recreates the look of a window covered by venetian blinds, but on any wall. The slats on the blinds are made from electroluminescent sheets that produce enough of a glow to recreate the look of diffused light coming from outside.

Like with real blinds, turning the plastic stick will adjust the brightness up and down but unfortunately since the original version was actually created by hand, if you want your own you better have a lot of patience and probably a lot of money.

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Bang & Olufsen Launch Way Expensive BeoSound 6 MP3 Player

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 6 MP3 Player (Image via Bang & Olufsen)
By Shane McGlaun

Bang & Olufsen, the purveyor of high priced audio products, announced its latest MP3 player today called the BeoSound 6. I guess the 6 in the product name refers to the price, which is a cool $600. What do you get for that much coin? Bang & Olufsen provides a “premium” leather case with the player and says it has enough memory to store 1000 songs, though the exact amount of storage isn’t specified.

The LCD is a 128 x 160 pixel unit that lacks video display capability. The battery life sounds good at a claimed 40 hours. The player is encased in stainless steel and uses a black soft-touch lacquered surface and black scratch-resistant glass. All I know is that it had better sound good since you can get a really cool MP3 player that does video like the iPod touch for much less money.

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