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Feeling Smug With Google’s 1Gbps Internet? Japan Laughs With Its 2Gbps Service


It’s easy to see Google Fiber’s burgeoning gigabit Internet service as a harbinger of a new era in the US. Certainly, with average speeds of 7.2Mbps, 1Gbps is in a completely different league. But Japan doesn’t waste any time in reminding the world just how much better they have it. Nuro, a service backed by Sony, has announced the availability of 2Gbps Internet down, with 1Gbps up. This would allow you to download pictures of cats in a fraction of time so small there’s likely no word for it.

And how much are the Japanese to pay for this otherworldly service? A price so high only the rich can afford? You know it’s cheap: “Nuro charges ¥4,980 (US$51) a month on a two-year contract, but there’s a steep ¥52,500 (US$535) installation fee that is currently waived for those who apply online.”

[ Nuro ] VIA [ DVice ]

Getting Bandwidth Envy: Portugal To Have 1Gbps Internet Service By September

zonBy David Ponce

It’s rather shocking to see the differences in network infrastructure worldwide. As if to make some kind of point, news comes that Portugal ISP Zon will be offering its customers 1Gbps service starting this September. The country will then become the world’s third (and the first in Europe) to provide such speeds, along with Japan and South Korea.

There’s no word on the technology being employed as Zon is a cable operator and DOCSIS 3.0 limits bandwidth at 320Mbps. Some say it could be a publicity stunt, but if it’s not, then good on Portugal, I guess. It’s just that it really sucks to live in Canada. Get this: I’m paying $75 each month for 10Mpbs, capped at 100GB monthly. 10Mbps! How sad is that?

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