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And Then God Created: Bacon Maple Coffee


Anyone who’s been reading the site for any period of time knows that we’re deeply in love with bacon. Better yet, we think bacon mated with maple is as wonderful as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Abbott and Costello… or peanut butter and chocolate, to get away from entertainment duos of yesteryear metaphors. Now that we’ve seen Maple Bacon Morning Coffee from Boca Java, we will not rest until we get some and make it part of our breakfast. At $8 for an 8oz. bag, it’s not going to break anyone’s bank.

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Climate-Controlled Box of Bacon: The World’s Most Tasty Gift

Climate Controlled Bacon

No meat has ever garnered the same massive fandom that bacon has. It’s meaty, it’s smoky, it’s tasty, and you could cook it so that it’s chewy, crunchy, or somewhere in between. You could grill it with meat to make the tastiest steaks ever, or throw a couple of strips into your burger to make it infinitely better.

Father’s day is fast approaching, so if you’re stumped on what gift to get your dad, then here’s an idea for you: how about climate-controlled boxes filled with tasty strips of bacon by Oscar Meyer?

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‘Tis But A Bacon Press


We won’t wax poetic about our love affair with bacon, since our case was made long ago. But aside from being interested in bacon-related products, we do like to have some actual bacon now and then. You can cook it the natural way and let it get all curly and wavy, but some people prefer to press it flat. And sure, any old press will do but let’s face it: it’s better when it’s shaped like a piggy, innit?

Cast iron, $12 to $14.

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Way Better for Your Cholesterol: Super-Realistic Bacon-Shaped Cookies

Bacon Cookies

How do you like your bacon? I like mine caramelized with sugar so it’s sweet, smoky, and chewy–just how I like it! The thing is, it’s not the healthiest breakfast food around and if you’re watching your health, then you need to cut down on your bacon consumption. Like they say, sometimes it’s mind over matter and you can cheat a little by having your bacon and still being able to eat it too.

The catch is that it’s not actual bacon anymore. In this case, you’ve got bacon cookies instead.

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Was This An April’s Fool Joke: Bacon Condoms?

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 1.55.12 AM

J&D’s is one of our favorite retailers because they specialize in all things bacon, like bacon lip balm. Well now they seem to have Bacon Condoms. The tagline is brilliant: “Make your meat, look like meat.” They’re supposedly real condoms that have a bacon print on them, but are otherwise 100% as effective as regular willy wrappers. The prophylactics are allegedly lubricated with Bacon Lube, which we’ve written about before, so we’re really wanting to believe this could be a real product and not an April’s Fool joke. In an interview with the Huffington Post, company co-founder Justin Esch even confirmed they’re real. They’re $10 for a three-pack, which makes them quite the pricey novelty. They are also currently sold-out. But for all bacon lovers out there, we think you’ll agree this is quite possibly the best thing since… thick cut bacon.

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Scope’s Bacon Mouthwash is All Smoke With a Hint of Mint

Bacon Mouth Wash

Nothing makes a person more kissable than if he or she had minty fresh breath with a hint of bacon and vice versa. It’s like having a quick snack with every smooch and eating a full breakfast if you go in for a French kiss. You can pop a bacon mint or two into your mouth–or gargle with Scope’s newest Bacon Mouthwash before you leave the house instead.

It’s basically your favorite mouthwash infused with the essence of bacon. Hit the break to check out P&G’s ad for their newest product!

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The Breakfast Club: Now You Can Wear Your Bacon, and Eat It, Too!

Bacon and Egg Scarf

This isn’t the first time someone set out to turn everyone’s favorite breakfast food into something wearable, although this is the first time I’ve seen it done tastefully. Want to make your pasta yummier? Make your burger less bland? Turn that dud of a dish into an instant winner? Just add bacon. It’s a miracle food, if there ever was one, and now you can wear it around your neck.

This bacon scarf is different from the rest because it’s not just some bacon-printed fabric that’s been turned into a scarf. Rather, it’s a handfelted piece that’s got a bit more structure because of the material used. To complete your look, it even comes with a side of egg brooch. Mmm-hmm!

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Maple Bacon Chocolate Sauce Is The Ultimate Taste Trifecta

Perhaps it’s a Canadian affectation, but I firmly believe that the maple-bacon flavor combination is as perfect and complementary as peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter and jam. The tastes are meant for each other, inseparable in aroma as some characters are in fiction: Bonnie and Clyde, Ren and Stimpy, or Tom and freaking Jerry come to mind. The Maple Bacon Chocolate sauce you see above not only combines the smoky-sweet goodness of maple-bacon, but layers it over a thick, sirupy base of chocolate. And just like that, you’ve got yourself the kind of concoction you’re going to be wanting to put on everything: pancakes, French toast, regular toast, french fries, on bacon, in your coffee, smeared all over your face in a maple-bacon-choloate induced nervous breakdown.

Each jar contains 5 ounces, which isn’t a whole lot. And it’s $10 per jar, which is a lot. But hey: maple. Bacon. Chocolate!

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Meat Shot Glasses–Because Bacon Tequila Tastes Better With Meat

Meatball Shotglass

Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Don’t drink more than you can handle. And don’t drink and drive. Those are the three rules that every drinker should know and take to heart, because as long as you follow all three, then you’ll be fine. Or at least, let’s hope you will be.

Helping you along with the first of these rules is the newest craze in the alcoholosphere (I know, there’s no such word but I like how it sounds): Meat Shot Glasses. They were thought up by the meat-loving collective known as ManBQue and while they don’t look like the prettiest things in the world, they’re actually a pretty cool concept. These are basically just shot glasses wrapped in meat balls and then grilled for your dining and drinking pleasure.

For best results, use these glasses to down your Bacon Vodka. Enjoy!

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