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Wearable Ultra Slim Laptop Sleeve/Backpack


We’re being unimaginative and are having trouble coming up with scenarios where you might need a product like this, but we suppose they exist. It’s a laptop sleeve you wear on your back. This Laptop Sleeve Backpack is made from neoprene and a breathable air mesh back panel, and fits computers in sizes 10″ to 15″. It’ll sit flush against your back, and is slim enough to fit under a jacket. There’s a tiny bit more storage to accommodate other things, like the laptop’s charger we suppose. The exterior is water resistant, which means don’t stick it under water but it’ll withstand some rain without soaking up your delicate electronics.

It’s $25.

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Movpack Is The World’s First Backpack Electric Vehicle


Walking is for chumps. Ok, no, not really. Walking is great, but it’s nice to have options. If you need to commute, are traveling, or otherwise have the desire to carry some clothes and a laptop, while simultaneously not wanting to get too tired walking, Movpack is for you. It’s a backpack that carries an electric skateboard, which uses a hand-held remote for control. You get a 9 mile range at speeds up to 15mph, and once the battery is depleted, you can charge it back up in 2 hours. The wheels remain on the outside so that even if you’re out of power you can still roll it around on the ground if you don’t feel like keeping the weight on your shoulders. It’s not a whole lot of weight, incidentally, with the whole thing clocking in at 17lbs.

Convenience and mobility, however, don’t come cheap. The Super Early Bird pledge is $999, with expected retail to be at $2,000!


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OhGizmo! Review: The OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycling Backpack


Riding around town on two wheels is an amazing experience, but it’s also one that inevitably causes you to compromise on many fronts. There’s no storage space on a motorcycle if you don’t have saddle bags, for instance, yet you might still want to bring stuff with you on your rides. Regular backpacks flop around in the wind at higher speeds and tend to become annoying after a while. We were looking for something designed specifically for riding; after some research, we settled on the above. We’ve spent the last few weeks testing the OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Backpack, and we’d like to spend the next few lines telling you about it. If you’re not in the mood for reading, out here we can tell you this much: it’s fantastic and well worth the money.

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Funnell Backpack Stores Easily Retractable Rain Jacket


When you’re out for an extended period of time, you’re always running the risk of being caught in the rain. You’re not made of sugar, boy, so it ain’t so bad, right? But why get wet if you don’t have to? The Funnell backpack looks like any old regular bag, but it features a built-in waterproof jacket that you can pull out in seconds. The jacket covers both you and the backpack so you’re completely protected from that pesky rain.

Made primarily with motorcycle riders in mind, the Funnell is still perfect for the trekker, the cyclist or any outdoors enthusiast. It features several storage compartments, and is made from high quality materials. There’s a back protection panel, and a dedicated laptop compartment, as well as a a drainage tube that allows you to store your wet jacket back in the bag without worrying that it will get smelly.

It’s a $188 pledge to get yours, assuming the Kickstarter completes its funding goals.


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Superhero Backpacks Let Kids Take Flight at School

Superhero backpackI used to be one of those kids who would cry when it was time to go back to school. Not my proudest moments, I know. For whatever reason, some kids just don’t like going to school and it’s up to their parents to find a way to motivate them and make them understand that it’s for their own good–and for their future. After all, school is their gateway to a world of knowledge, where they can let their imagination and creativity take flight as they grow and learn.

Driving that point across are super moms Daphne and Rena, who created the SuperME backpack. Each one features generic designs and doesn’t feature any commercial characters. The best part? Each SuperME backpack comes with a hoodie cape, which might come in handy in bad weather.

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Backpack Features Kevlar Hood To Protect You From… Bomb Debris?



It’s sad to think there are parts of the world where it makes perfect sense to design backpacks that feature systems to protect you from shrapnel and other war-related debris. The Rhino Skin backpack is a project by Israeli designer Hila Raam that features a pull-out hoodie made from Kevlar. This is meant to protect the back of your head and neck in the event that you’re in an area that’s being attacked by rockets. Pull it out, and drop to the ground… hopefully an actual rocket doesn’t land on you and the hoodie protects you from injury from the smaller falling debris.

Having never been in a war zone, we’re not sure if this will actually help at all, or if it’ll create a false sense of security where more urgency could be used to find proper shelter. That said, maybe there is no such thing as proper shelter when your area is being pelted by rockets, so maybe the Rhino Skin is a last ditch effort to put all the odds in your favor. Whatever the case, it doesn’t appear to be for sale.

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Aerodynamic Backpack Is Perfect For Toting A Laptop On A Crotch Rocket

We’re big fans of two-wheeled locomotion, even if no one on the team actually rides a motorbike. We ride them in our dreams, and being the realists that we are, we think of practical stuff as well. Like, if we wanted to bring our laptop with us on a long bike ride, where would we put it? Not in an over-the-shoulder satchel, that’s for sure. Maybe more in something like the Ogio No Drag Mach 1 Backpack. It’s got a streamlined exterior hard shell that’s both waterproof and, well, streamlined to reduce drag and buffeting at high speeds. There’s enough space inside for a 15 inch laptop and many accessories. There’s even an interior organizer panel to prevent objects rubbing up against each other, which could happen when you’re barrelling down the road at… the speed limit.

It’s $80.

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