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May Tot’s Force Be With You: Star Wars Themed Baby Nursery

Star Wars Themed Baby Nursery

Nothing beats having the Force protect your little newborn. Of course, you can’t have Luke and the whole gang come and babysit, but you can bring a little part of their world into your home and into the life of your baby by doing what Ireland-based photographer Carissa XY did: build a Star Wars-themed nursery.

From the framed photo of Harrison Ford on the wall to the Death Star and Starship mobile, I’m sure her kid will thank her one day for letting him grow up with the Force on his side.

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FlyeBaby Hammock Finds A New Way To Fly With Baby

By David Ponce

As Andrew points out in his article, overhead compartments are not acceptable places in which to put a baby during flight. Nor is the cargo hold, surprisingly. Which means you’re left with the task of caring for this little human for what could be a long arduous flight. Any help is appreciated and the FlyeBaby Hammock is a start. Featuring a five-point harness system, it attached to the tray table in front of most airplane seats and to either side of you. You can then place baby right in front of you and interact with him during the cruise portion of the flight. This might help reduce the crying, which will make you a more popular parent. It follows FAA regulations and as long as it’s not used during taxiing, landing and takeoff, it shouldn’t be seen as a problem in any situation. There’s a line on the hammock that signifies the highest baby should be placed in case the person in front of you decides to recline; this will prevent baby’s head from being hit as this happens.

It’s $45 and available now. It’s actually been available for some time, but hey, first for us could mean first for some of you too!

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