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Turn Your Baby Into A Tiny Human Burrito


You’re looking at a circular piece of cloth that is 40 inches across. It looks like a tortilla and if you wrap your infant in it, he’ll look like a burrito faster than you can say ‘Taco Bell’. That’s cute, and who doesn’t like cute? It’s half polyester, half cotton and the only colour it comes in is “flour”. It’ll cost ya all of $48.

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Baby Shower Cap Could Make Showers A Little Less Annoying


We imagine that as a young child, having water and soap trickle down on your head and face for no good reason is a source of confusion and stress. Screams and cries aplenty, right? Why not just get the Kangaroo Baby Shower cap. You can still wash baby’s hair, but keep water and shampoo off his eyes. It’s uh, $2.

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Turn Your Tiny Tot Into One of the Living Dead


I doubt your baby has purple guts and white tentacles hiding somewhere underneath his skin, but those are just some of the things your toddle will be sprouting out when she or he has got the Zombabiez zombie costume on.

The idea for the costume came to Stephanie Davidson when the dude she was talking to gave a start upon seeing a crawling baby, exclaiming that he thought that it was a torso-only zombie. She searched for a costume of that sort online and, finding none, decided to make one herself. And now she’s giving parents everywhere the chance to turn their bundles of joy into creepy, crawling zom-babies.

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Fortune Cookie Baby Boots


Depending on who you ask, babies can be a blessing just as much as, well, not one. (We’re not going to go as far as to call them a curse because legal is going to have our heads on a plate if we do) So it stands to reason that at least some people will find the above baby boots adorable. They’re shaped sort of like a fortune cookie, with a long tag sticking out. Clearly, the tag is the fortune and you can choose to either write your own, or let the good folks at Sushi Booties pick them for you. The boots are made from soft plush fleece, with no-slip grip soles, and will set you back $28 for a pair. A nice touch is the Chinese takeout shaped box they come in.


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Responsible Parenting: Hang Your Baby Up On A Stall Wall While You Go About Your Business


Having a child is a lot of work, and involves having to think about a bunch of stuff you normally wouldn’t (we’re assuming, but what do we know, maybe it’s easy: we have no kids). Like… where do you put the baby if you have to ‘go’ in a public restroom? The Babykeeper Basic wants to be that solution. “It is an infant carrier style seat, that hangs from the stall wall in most public restrooms, and can also be used in many public fitting rooms and locker rooms.” Featuring 2 large metal hooks encased in safety webbing, lined with non-slip material, your baby can hang there while you do what you have to do. What exactly happens once you’re done, we’re not exactly sure. Like, can you then use it backpack style? Or frontpack? Where does the baby go?? Back in the stroller? Why buy this if you’re taking him in a stroller? Do strollers fit in stalls?

No. Kids. For. Me.

But if you find this interesting (and not, uh, degrading), then you’ll have to cough up all of $40 to own it.

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Foster Your Child’s Talents, They Say


This is the “Goo Period Vicent Van Bib.” It’s a bib for your baby, with a fancy painting frame drawn in the middle. The idea is that your little toddler is going to be a toddler, and he’ll spit, drool and wipe his hands all over it, and instead of it becoming the dirty laundry it should become, you’re going to call it art. Or something. How cute. We’d ‘awwww’ all over the place is babies were the kinds of things we’re into. But we’re not. Well… I shouldn’t speak for Hazel. I’m not. But we do both think that some of you out there will love this, and would probably like to know that it’ll cost you a whole $7 to own your own.

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It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Progeny On Star Wars Indoctrination


Every geek worth his salt has a healthy dose of appreciation for the Star Wars franchise. Maybe not for all the movies (Phantom Menace? Really?), but rare is the geek over a certain age who hasn’t wanted to pilot an X-Wing Starfighter or wondered what it would be like to cut someone’s arm off with a lightsaber. But notice how we said “over a certain age”? Like it or not, there’s an increasing chance that a child born in the last 10 years or so will be more into finding out what Justin Bieber is up to than wondering if he would make a good Jedi. Don’t let that happen! The above baby mobile is hand made by Etsy artist Sheep Creek Needlecraft and features a “Naboo Starfighter, Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer, Republic Attack Gunship, 8 orange and white planets and 1 Death Star.” If you want more/less of anything, specify it in the order and prepare to wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive it. But that’s fine, because you’re going to order this just as soon as you find out the missus is prego, and then eagerly wait for it to arrive. That’s of course if you can stomach the $380 price tag…


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It’s Come To This: Baby Doll Is Pregnant

So you’re looking at the above doll and hopefully have some kind of frown on. What on earth is this? Well, it’s a doll alright, but fortunately it’s not going to be in any store. It’s the art of one Darren Cullen, and will be on display at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland, UK, from the 26 October – 12 January 2013 as part of a group show called “Moral Holiday.” So the next question is “WHY??!” Well, some media have speculated that the doll represents a comment Darren is making on TV shows exploiting teen pregnancies, or even about those shows glamorizing infant sexuality, like Toddlers & Tiaras. And to be honest, it very well could symbolize any of those things. However Darren himself has gone on record with his own explanation: “It’s about the way these toys intrinsically train girls to have and care for children while they are still only children themselves.” Oh, ok, Darren is making a comment on gender characterization and heteronormative socialization. Or, in other words, that dolls are BS in the first place. We get it. It’s just that, well, it’s still pretty creepy. But hey, that’s good art we suppose…

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Why Should Grown Ups Have All The Fun? There’s A Jacuzzi For Babies Too!

Because giving your newborn a bath in the sink like a regular person isn’t good enough for some people, Italian design firm BluBleu went and created the MagicBath. Yeah, it’s pretty much a fancy jacuzzi that fits your baby… but only for the first 12 months. After that most babies will be too large, and the luxury tub will then be relegated to bathing your Pomeranian pup, or similarly sized pet. Aside from being small, the acrylic tub is specially shaped to hold babies lying down in one end, and 6-12 month olds sitting up at the other end. Precisely controlled water temperature, as well as 10 bubble jets will send your child on “a fabulous journey of sensory experiences.” Underwater LEDs even provide some mood lighting. Of course you see, your kid is very likely to remember these experiences later on and thank you profusely for having thought it a good idea to spend $2,100 on a fancy tub for them when they were young. You just know they will, right? Right? Otherwise, what would be the point?

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