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Great Scott! Self-Lacing Shoes Are Real!

By Chris Scott Barr

Back to the Future promised us a lot of cool technologies in the year 2015. Of course with only five years to go, it doesn’t look like we’ll have flying cars, hoverboards or Mr. Fusion. We may, however, see those self-lacing shoes that Marty McFly sported on his trip to the future. (Let us hope that they’re a bit more stylish at least.)

One Instructables user was tired of waiting for Nike to develop the self-lacing technology, so she did it herself. It operates as follows: “step into the shoe and a force sensor reads the pressure of your foot and activates two servo motors, which apply tension to the laces, tightening the shoe. A touch switch reverses the servos.”

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Replica Hoverboad Actually Hovers

By Chris Scott Barr

The year 2015 is slowly creeping up on us, which means there isn’t a lot of time for certain promises to be fulfilled. Flying cars, self-lacing shoes and of course, hoverboards. We’ve yet to see any real improvements on these technologies in the last 25-years, not enough to make me think we’ll see any of these in the next five years at least. The only way we’re going to get close to owning such things is to build awesome replicas, like this hoverboard.

Unlike most replicas I’ve seen, this board has one very unique feature. It actually hovers. Sadly, it only does so when placed upon a very special pedestal. It uses a pair of electromagnets and a laser system to keep it in place an inch or two in the air. It’s not powerful enough to hold the weight of a person, only around 4.5lbs. Still, just sitting there it looks like a perfectly functional hoverboard. Is it a perfect replica? No. Would it still be awesome sitting in your house? Yes.

[ Crealev ] VIA [ Dvice ]

ChumBuddy Is A Giant Man-Eating Plush

By Chris Scott Barr

Stuffed animals are for little children, right? Wrong. This awesome ChumBuddy is awesome, regardless of your age. After all, who wouldn’t want a 7-foot stuffed shark? Okay, so maybe some of you aren’t quite sold on the idea. I understand where you’re coming from, as a giant stuffed animal is still just a big toy. The real selling point here is that the opening for its mouth actually extends the entire way down through the body.

That’s right, this gigantic plush can eat you! It can be used to reenact scenes from Jaws, or as a sleeping bag if needed. It’s not your average lightweight plush either, this monstrosity weighs in at over 30lbs and is hand-sewn. The only thing that’s not awesome about this item is the price. You can pre-order it now for $200. I still think it would be completely worth every penny.

[ PatchTogether ] VIA [ UberReview ]

Videos Of An RC Battleship Dropping Tiny Working Depth Charges On An RC Submarine – Need I Say More?

Sorry for the double videos in this post, but they’re both integral to getting the idea across as to how awesome this RC battleship really is. Both clips were apparently shot at the Model Submarine Regatta in Canberra, Australia in 2008, and they show a scale model remote control battleship dropping working depth charges, as in actually exploding underwater, onto a remote control submarine traveling just a few feet below it. The video below appears to be the same run but from an underwater perspective, and if the cameraman’s startled reaction is any indication, those mini charges really pack a punch.

The videos also confirm my theory that if another world war breaks out using only remote controlled scale model warships, the Australians have already won.

[ Urlesque – Remote Control Toys With Real Missiles ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

Terrorize Your Neighborhood With A Bombs Away Kit For Your R/C Plane


By Chris Scott Barr

Alright, so you’ve got yourself a sweet remote controlled airplane. You spend hours just flying it around and having fun. In the back of your mind you know that this device has more potential, you could be doing so much more with it. Well that little voice in your head (no, not those voices) is right, you could be bombing things.

The Bombs Away kit is a small bomb that can be attached to any .25 size or larger R/C plane. The base connects to a spare servo channel, and can be triggered to drop the bomb with the simple push of a button. The bomb itself is a little over 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. It splits in half and can be filled with almost any solid substance down to a fine powder. Upon impact, it splits apart and releases its contents.

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Make Your Own Penny Shooter Business Cards

By Chris Scott Barr

While at CES I collected a vast number business cards from the different people I met with. Most are your average white cards with boring text and a logo, which don’t really stand out. There are two that I’ll remember, because the company decided to go a different direction and spice up their cards. One person’s was actually a USB drive shaped like a business card (the USB connector flipped out from inside the card) and the other was transparent. But here’s one that will stand out even more than those, along with providing you with a bit of fun.

The card is a bit thicker than your average business card, and is wrapped with a pair of rubber bands. As you can see from the video, a piece pops up to hold 10 pennies, which can be fired up to 15 feet away. The best part is that there are instructions for crafting your own penny-shooting cards. I can guarantee that anyone who receives one of these will remember you.

[ Thingiverse ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Get 120 Years Worth Of National Geographic On Your Own External Drive


By Chris Scott Barr

In my grandpa’s attic you will find, among other things, 40 years worth of National Geographic Magazine. Let me tell you, that takes up a lot of room. If you’re looking for something very specific in one of the issues, you can bet that it’s going to take a little while to find (mostly because they’re all stored in boxes). Of course if you want the information from every single issue right at your fingertips, there is a much better way to do it.

National Geographic has decided to release the content from every single issue (starting way back in 1888) in a convenient digital format. Every map, photo and article is contained on a special 160GB hard drive. Surprisingly, it only takes up 60GB, so they’ve setup the drive to have an extra 100GB partition to store your own personal files. There’s also a bonus DVD which contains tips on taking better photographs and a behind-the-scenes look at how National Geographic is put together. At $200, this is no doubt worth every penny.

[ National Geographic ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Unlock Your Doors With 3D Facial Recognition


By Chris Scott Barr

I feel pretty awesome when I come home, because I know that I don’t have to mess with unlocking my front door. I just pull into the garage, and walk in. Now if I had a really cool way to open my door, I might just find more reasons to park outside. I mean, if you had a facial recognition system, wouldn’t you want to use it all the time?

Check out this new Facial Recognition Time Attendance System and Access Door Lock (you’d never guess what it did from the name) from Chinavision. It sports a pair of night vision cameras which use advanced 3D imaging to map your face in less than a second. Sure, it’s primary function is logging worker’s attendance, but it does also unlock doors. So for $456, you could have the most badass front door lock in the whole town.

[ Chinavision ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Install Up To 59 Free Applications Quickly And Easily Using Ninite


By Chris Scott Barr

Whenever I build a new computer, there are certain pieces of software that need to be installed. Things like VLC, iTunes, OpenOffice, Flash, .NET and a host of others are essential to my everyday computing. Generally I’ll take some time to install each of these individually just after the OS is loaded. I’ve always thought it would be nice if there was an easy way to just install all of them at once. It seems that my wish has come true.

Ninite is a small piece of software that lets you install up to 59 different pieces of software in the background, with almost no interaction from you. All you have to do is head over to the Ninite website, select which programs you want and download the installer. It will automatically install the software you selected (while saying ‘No’ to any extra toolbars or other annoying add-on programs). This is definitely one of the coolest discoveries I’ve come across in a while.

[ Ninite ] VIA [ Dvice ]