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Memoto, The Lifelogger

Some people will hate this device; we love it. It’s a tiny, easy to wear, GPS-equipped 5MP camera that automatically takes a picture every 30 seconds. The picture gets geotagged and uploaded to a server for indefinite and limitless storage when you connect the device to a PC for a battery charge, thus creating a precise log of your life that you can revisit at anytime. Memoto does this as long as it has battery, and its small energy requirements means that this is a period of about two days. There are no buttons: it just takes pictures, tags them with GPS and orientation info (through its built-in accelerometer, so the pictures always come out upright), and uploads. And as long as you’re paying the small recurring fee for the service, you can access the timeline of your life, locate where you were, what you were doing, when, with who… A related application organizes the pictures for you, and groups them into “moments” that you can relive in a stop-motion type of animation. It’s. Just. Awesome.

Of course, there are privacy concerns. To address this, the uploaded pictures are encrypted, and only shared when you choose to do so. There’s also the creep factor. Well, the camera only turns off when you store it away in darkness, so your friends will know that as long as you’re wearing the Memoto, they may be photographed. This takes away the uncertainty that could come with some other similar devices, like Google Glass. If they really hate it, just put it away. As for the legality of it, the company says that as long as you’re not asked to stop taking pictures, it’s ok. We’re not so sure, but obviously there’s a context for everything. Don’t bring these to, say, a gentleman’s club.

It’s a Kickstarter project at the moment, and boy was it funded fast! Within 5 hours Memoto reached it’s goal. It’s now sitting at $243,000 after only asking for $50k. Clearly there’s a huge demand for this. There are still some places left on the second batch of devices at $249, though if you don’t get in on that, you’ll have to pay the full $279 expected retail price and wait until April. The 2nd batch has an expected delivery in March.

[ Product Page ] AND [ Kickstarter Project ] VIA [ TechCrunch ]

This Video Shows You What It’s Like to Skydive from the Stratosphere

Felix Skydive

One day, I hope to do what Felix Baumgartner did and live to tell the world about it. If you haven’t heard of him already, then it’s about time you did. Felix is an extreme skydiver who isn’t afraid of great heights. In fact, he’s so fearless that he decided make the jump of his life (while risking his life in the process) a couple of days ago.

He strapped on his parachute, turned his chest camera on, and jumped out of a plane specially-designed capsule suspended from a giant balloon at an altitude of 128,097 feet! Felix broke a number of records in the process: highest manned balloon trip, highest skydive, fastest skydive, and the most people to turn into a live Youtube event. (Eight million people from the world over watched him make the jump.)

In case you missed it, hit the break to watch the video from Felix’s jump and prepare to be amazed.

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NotFound Project: 404 Error Can’t Find Your Page, But It Can Help Find Missing Kids

Internet 404

It’s pretty frustrating to click on a link, only to be redirected to a 404 error page because the link is broken. But there’s a new initiative in cybertown called the NotFound Project that has come up with a better way to handle these pages. Instead of displaying the usual 404 error when a page can’t be found, participating sites that have installed the module from the project will display a missing child alert instead. The alerts are cycled so a different one is shown for every error, with the profiles for the missing children pulled from a constantly-updated database.

The NotFound Project was set up by Missing Children Europe in collaboration with Child Focus. It only profiles kids who’ve gone missing in the European Union for now, but it would be interesting (not to mention beneficial for the whole world) if they turned this into a global endeavor.

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Wired Wyatt’s Maple Syrup Comes Pre-Loaded With Caffeine

In the future, our butter will be baconated, our toast will be buttered (and baconated in the process) and our eggs will be toasted. Basically, everything will be embedded in everything else, so that you don’t have to eat anything separately. It’ll be wonderful.

Or… really awful. We don’t know, we’re not futurist chefs. But we think Wired Wyatt’s may be onto something with their Caffeinated Maple Syrup. Each delicious tablespoon of sugary flavour contains 88mg of caffeine, which is about as much as one BAWLS energy drink. Two of these and you’ve got yourself a coffee’s worth. In fact, if you purchase Wired Wyatt’s other product, its Wired Waffles, you might want to keep a defibrillator nearby: those waffles contain caffeine too! A hearty breakfast might quickly turn into the shakes for the rest of the week.

Do we care? Heck no, we live life on the edge, man! One waffle at a time.

A bottle that contains 14 servings of the stuff is $13. Awesome, and reasonably priced.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Self-Heating Knife: 1 Cold Butter: 0

By David Ponce

We live in a pampered society where we get to gripe about our first world problems. High up on that list is cold, hard butter and that delicious toast awaiting its flavour enhancer. How are you to get the butter on the toast? Enter the Toastie Knife, invented by bread maker Warburtons in the UK. A heating element inside the blade heats up at the touch of a button and reaches a temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius (107.2 F) in 20 seconds. This is apparently the optimal butter-spreading temperature and should have you covering a slice in all of 30 seconds.

The knife is just a prototype at the moment and there’s no word on when or even if it’ll be commercialized. But knowing it exists goes a long way to reassuring us that even the dumbest of our rich society problems will be taken care of eventually. Next on our wish list: some system that prevents the shower curtains from touching you as you shower.

[ DailyMail Article ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

This Shredder Eats Cars Like They’re Made Of Paper

By David Ponce

Above is a fascinating video of a gigantic shredder on tracks that eats cars as if they were little paper models. It’s made by German company Arjes and it kind of looks like their Raptor XXL DK model. If it is, it’s a 42-ton giant with a 710 hp motor that drives two opposing metal drums fitted with offset teeth that just eat through anything. But it might not be the Raptor XXL, since the website doesn’t list “cars” as one of the things it digests. So we’re not sure. All we know if it’s a really scary monster, even if the cars are already flattened and stripped of their engines. If anyone knows anything about it, let’s hear it in the comments.

VIA [ LiveLeak ]

Fancy Some Titanium Toothpicks?

By David Ponce

There might be those of you who’d be a little reluctant to pick at their teeth with a pointy piece of metal, but not us. We think the idea of oral hygiene by multicoloured anodized grade 5 titanium (Ti-6A1-4V) toothpicks is just dandy. “Titanium is light weight, very strong, won’t take a charge, is non-reactive to humans, won’t rust and isn’t ferrous” So that means the unlike their wooden or plastic counterparts, these picks are durable, reusable and plain awesome. They are made by one Jamie Piekkola and sold through his Facebook page. Each toothpick features a slightly rounded tip so as to not make a bloody mess of your mouth, and a set of grooved rings at the other end which can be left metallic or filled in with your choice of glow-in-the-dark epoxy or tritium paint. The epoxy version requires a charging in the light to glow for a little while, while the tritium version is, well, radioactive and will glow for years. It’s not any more dangerous than the tritium used in many watches just for this purpose.

As you can imagine, when it comes to price, you’re not going to pay the same as a set of wooden ones: it’s $35 (natural finish), $40 (multi-colored anodized), Glowrings ($5).

[ Titanium Toothpicks ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

This Glove Can Shoot Large Flames

By David Ponce

Patrick Priebe likes to tinker, and create pretty awesome devices. Examples include a wrist mounted crossbow as well as laser gloves. His latest invention is a modification os the laser glove: this time it’s flames that shoot up. Although not the first such apparatus to surface on YouTube, Priebe claims the others’ flames were too small. So he set out to create something better. And while he won’t divulge exactly how he did it (nor will he sell it), he does say the flamethrower includes “a 300-mL butane tank, an NE555 circuit board, an HV driver, a flyback transformer and a set of AA batteries to create a large enough spark to ignite the fuel.” HIs creation, although noisy, creates a really impressive 3-4ft. flame that’s sure to impress your party guests.

And now that this idea has been seeded in your mind, off you go to make your own. Just do yourself a favour and don’t set yourself on fire.

[ Laser Gadgets ] VIA [ Gadget Review ]

Bacon Maple Ale, Oh Lord…

By David Ponce

There are those flavor combinations in life that are just meant to be: peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and chocolate for example. Maple and bacon fit the bill even more perfectly, and when we found out about a collaboration between Rogue brewery and Portland’s Voodoo Doughnut to create Maple Bacon ale, we damn near had a stroke. Of joy. Can anyone think of a better breakfast? Cold, carbonated, maple-and-bacon-flavored liquid cereal?

Don’t agree, America? Sound, uh, unhealthy to you? Well, your pizza is a vegetable, so… yeah…

$13 for a 750ml bottle.

[ Product Page ]