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KFC’s Double Down Dog Needs To Make Its Way Stateside, Pronto


Look, we know what you’re going to say. It’s gross! What was KFC thinking?! Oh my God, what an atrocity. And yet… and yet we want to feast on this ridiculous creation by everyone’s favourite fried chicken joint. It’s called the Double Down Dog and is the Colonel’s version of a hot dog, except the bread bun is actually fried chicken. If that doesn’t blow your mind, then we suppose you’re not into food quite like we are. That’s ok, we sympathize with more sensible hearts; not everyone likes to eat dangerously. And KFC apparently feels that way too because the Double Down Dog was only available in extremely limited quantities, for two days… in the Philippines! That’s right, this beautiful monster was only to be sold at a select number of outlets in the Philippines, and each restaurant was limited to selling 50 of these a day. Why? We don’t know. But we’d love to start a campaign to convince the executives that there’s a market for this stateside. Because there is. Right? Right?

Keep reading for a picture of it in the flesh.

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From The Archives: This Ring Is Carved Straight Out Of A Diamond — 150 Carats’ Worth


This article was originally published on March 22nd, 2012. -Ed.

The above is not a gadget, nor exactly new, but it is all kinds of amazing. It’s the creation of Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of Shawish Jewelry. It could be called “the world’s first diamond ring” and it wouldn’t be a lie. Every other “diamond ring” out there is really a “ring of gold, studded with diamonds.” This on the other hand, well, is a ring that’s been carved entirely from a giant diamond. Using lasers and traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques, the ring weighs in at an impressive 150 carats. A year went into its making and its design is copyrighted, much like the shape of the Coke bottle is. It’s expected to sell for $70 million, though it was recently on display at Baselworld, leading us to believe that it has found no buyer. Yet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.19.15 PM

[ Company Website ] VIA [ BornRich ]

World’s Largest Motorcycle Is A Gunbus 410


Even though it’s been around for a few years, we’re just now taking a look at this beast above. Yes that’s an honest to goodness working motorcycle that you can ride on the street. Legally. It’ll either make you look like a tiny human from afar, or a gigantic douchenozzle from near. And since we’re a publication that cares about details, let us give you some about the Gunbus 410: it weighs 1,433 lbs., measures 11.3′ in length, has a saddle height of 2.6′, and the 2 cylinder V-type engine produces 710Nm at 1,900 RPM. If your metric is rusty, as ours is, that’s 510 ft/lbs in Imperial units. Yeah, that’s a lot of torques. Oh, and a reported 350 horses. And the 410 in the name? That’s for the displacement, coming in at a respectable 410 cubic inches; motorcycle aficionados will want to translate this into familiar terms so that’s 6,728cc. That’s right.

The Gunbus 410 is made by a German company called Leonheart Manufacturing and if you’ve been smitten by its gargantuan proportions, you can own one for the princely sum of about $350,000.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ DudeIWantThat ]

Some Perspective: This Pale Dot Is Us. All Of Us.


Every little kid born to royalty, every man sitting in a cafe writing the next great American novel, every river full of bear food, every cat, every single thing that makes up humanity… is crammed in those few pixels you see above. That tiny dot, that’s Earth. That’s the picture Cassini took on July 19th, some 900 million miles away, while orbiting Saturn. And it’s sobering. It’s a sobering picture because it gives you a tiny bit of perspective about our great blue planet. How tiny it looks next to the unimaginable interplanetary distances. And yet everything that ever was, anything that ever happened, happened on that dot.

It isn’t particularly easy to picture the Earth from Saturn because it’s often too close to the sun to point sensitive optical instruments at it. But Cassini got lucky here, and took the pic just as the sun was hiding away behind Saturn. And the shot “also marked the first time people on Earth had advance notice their planet’s portrait was being taken from interplanetary distances. NASA invited the public to celebrate by finding Saturn in their part of the sky, waving at the ringed planet and sharing pictures over the Internet. More than 20,000 people around the world participated.”

So yeah, that’s our science break. The picture below? That’s another one, of the Earth next to its moon. Nifty, eh?



Brown Sugar And Pecan Covered Bacon Bits


The bacon madness continues, with news of the Piglets Pecan and Bacon Snack, by Bacon Freaks. They’re “dry cured bacon crumbly bits, hand cooked with brown sugar and chopped pecans.” They’d be perfect to toss into your salads, sandwiches, banana splits, pancakes… everything. Heck, they sound like they’d be perfect to eat right out of the bag, all by their awesome selves. It’s $7 for a 2oz. bag, which packs a total of 400 calories. That’s less than a BigMac, by the way, so there are worse calorific offenders out there. Just sayin…

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ThatsNerdAlicious ]

What Flying Through A Tiny Hole On The Side Of A Mountain At 155mph Looks Like

Wingsuit/BASE jumper extraordinaire Alexander Polli has more guts than the average man. Or perhaps you think a smaller portion of his brain is dedicated to self-preservation, depending on how you see things. But one thing is sure: watching him zip through a hole in a mountainside at 155mph sure gives us some perspective over how safely most of us conduct our lives.

Watch the video above, and then reflect about the most exciting thing you’ve done lately… and be sad.

[ Alexander Polli ] VIA [ TheAwesomer ]

Ever Wanted To See A Tractor Do Donuts?

You can if you watch the below video featuring Rickard Nilsson and his creation. He stuffed a Volvo 240 engine in a tractor and set it loose on the unsuspecting fields near his home. Needless to say, the fields are now ruined. But we’re not too concerned because frankly, this is just awesome!

That’s one fast tractor and also what looks like an accident waiting to happen.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]

Awesome Geek Dad Mods Zelda and Turns Link into a Girl in the Process

Legend of Zelda Mod

We’ve got another awesome parent to add to our list of Awesome Parents of 2012, who will be joining the ranks of the awesome mom who modded her son’s push car into a DeLorean. This time around, we’ve got Mike Hoye who did some modding on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker so that every reference to Link refers to him as a her. In short, Mike turned Link into a girl for his little three-year-old girl named Maya.

Mike explains that he did it because “she’s the hero of the story.” Maybe Maya finds the story more relatable with a female lead or a heroine, so her dad made it happen. It took a lot of work, too, since it probably took Mike a few weeks at the very least to finish modding the entire game.

You can read about how he did it here, if you’re curious.

VIA [ Dvice ]

Memoto, The Lifelogger

Some people will hate this device; we love it. It’s a tiny, easy to wear, GPS-equipped 5MP camera that automatically takes a picture every 30 seconds. The picture gets geotagged and uploaded to a server for indefinite and limitless storage when you connect the device to a PC for a battery charge, thus creating a precise log of your life that you can revisit at anytime. Memoto does this as long as it has battery, and its small energy requirements means that this is a period of about two days. There are no buttons: it just takes pictures, tags them with GPS and orientation info (through its built-in accelerometer, so the pictures always come out upright), and uploads. And as long as you’re paying the small recurring fee for the service, you can access the timeline of your life, locate where you were, what you were doing, when, with who… A related application organizes the pictures for you, and groups them into “moments” that you can relive in a stop-motion type of animation. It’s. Just. Awesome.

Of course, there are privacy concerns. To address this, the uploaded pictures are encrypted, and only shared when you choose to do so. There’s also the creep factor. Well, the camera only turns off when you store it away in darkness, so your friends will know that as long as you’re wearing the Memoto, they may be photographed. This takes away the uncertainty that could come with some other similar devices, like Google Glass. If they really hate it, just put it away. As for the legality of it, the company says that as long as you’re not asked to stop taking pictures, it’s ok. We’re not so sure, but obviously there’s a context for everything. Don’t bring these to, say, a gentleman’s club.

It’s a Kickstarter project at the moment, and boy was it funded fast! Within 5 hours Memoto reached it’s goal. It’s now sitting at $243,000 after only asking for $50k. Clearly there’s a huge demand for this. There are still some places left on the second batch of devices at $249, though if you don’t get in on that, you’ll have to pay the full $279 expected retail price and wait until April. The 2nd batch has an expected delivery in March.

[ Product Page ] AND [ Kickstarter Project ] VIA [ TechCrunch ]