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Props Attachment Keeps Earbuds From Dropping Down When Out Of Your Ears

By David Ponce

We live in a comfortable world, where thinking men and women spend time and effort creating products that solve the smallest, most insignificant of problems we have. Like when we take our earbuds out for a little bit, and have nowhere to put them. Do we just hold them in our hands? Let’em dangle down? Our pockets? The Prop is a polypropylene and silicone tether that latches onto your earbuds and holds onto them when they come out. It comes with an adjustable slider “for a perfect fit”, but really we think that feature is just something someone thought of so that they could put it in the product description. It’s $5 and is being made by Quirky, so it should see production soon, although we’re not sure exactly when.

[ Product Page ]

Super Mario Earphones

By David Ponce

You can choose to drop a few hundred dollars on a set of multi-driver earphones and run the risk of forgetting them someplace. Or you can spend an order of magnitude less and express your undying admiration for iconic game franchises. The Super Mario Earphones probably sound like crap, might break after a few uses and generally don’t scream “quality product”, but they do sport 8-bit images of your favourite plumber and related Mario paraphernalia. For $25, you won’t break the bank even as Mario goes about breaking blocks on your ears.

And that, my friends, was the terrible joke of the day.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]

Jack White Releases 3RPM Record To Celebrate Label’s 3 Year Anniversary

By David Ponce

Jack White, you’re one quirky sumbitch. But that’s alright, because at least there’s some talent to go along with the quirk. See, to celebrate Third Man Record’s 3rd year anniversary, there was a party. And at this party a very limited edition LP was given to all in attendance. It contained all 29 Blue Series singles, but happened to be recorded at 3RPM. Yeah. 3. Of course, there’s an obsession with the number 3 here, and after the break you can read the official statement on this most strange of records.

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The Berlin Boombox Ia Made Of Cardboard, Is Eco-Friendly

By David Ponce

We read somewhere that the consumer electronic device with the highest rate of acceptance in American households was the boombox. It was accepted faster than the CD player (came in 2nd) or even the VCR (4th). And despite it falling out of fashion in the mid 90′s or so, like so many trends, it seems to be making a comeback these days. So that’s why we’re not surprised to hear of the Berlin Boombox, a cardboard boombox that you assemble yourself. It comes with all the electronic parts, including an amplifier, and assembly just takes minutes and requires no specific knowledge. It features a phone dock, but with a 3.5mm jack so you can use almost any music player and not just an iPhone or iPod.

It’s currently under funding on Kickstarter, and it costs $50 to pre-order with delivery in June. Not a bad price considering just how unique a product you’re getting. Plus, when you’re done with it you can just put it in the recycle bin.

[ Project Page ]

JLab B-Flex X-Bass Laptop Speaker Reviewed. Verdict: Surprisingly Good

On-board audio quality on notebooks and most all-in-one computers leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes the audio quality is so bad users can barely hear anything without resorting to headphones or a bulky set of external speakers. Something that notebook or netbook users wanting improved sound may want to check out is the JLab B-Flex X-Bass Laptop Speaker reviewed at Everything USB. This unique one-piece speaker connects to computers via a USB port and is on a rigid flexible arm which means no excess cable on your desk and allows you to place the speaker for the best use of available space.

The B-Flex X-Bass integrates a tiny passive sub-woofer, which is great for improving bass – something that is typically very lacking in on-board audio. The reviewer is also pleased with the surprising amount of sound it pumps out. The crisp highs and solid lows are equally impressive, considering the driver size. The X-Bass does have a few caveats such as lacking mid-range sound, minimal stereo separation due to the speaker’s design and it lacks an analog input for MP3 players. The little speaker sells for about $40, and is worth checking out.

[JLab B-Flex X-Bass Speaker Review @ Everything USB]

Tetran Creature Will Eat Your Earbuds

By David Ponce

Until they get wireless earbuds right, we all have to deal with what to do with them when not using them. Tetran is a little rubber creature that will happily let you wrap your cords around its spiky body and hold on to the buds themselves with its mouth.

It’s not a terribly exciting product, but someone somewhere will find it cute and think $27 is a good price for it.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Matomeno ]

$8,000 Headphones Weigh Nearly 2 Pounds

By David Ponce

The Muramasa VIII are fancy headphones. They’re carved out of stainless steel and fitted with 40mm drivers with an impedance of 16 ohms, and a sound output level of 112 dB. We’re told this impedance number is low, and low is good. But really we don’t know anything about this measure and whether it says anything about sound quality. In the end, does it really matter? You have some fancy looking headphones that cost $8,000. You should also invest in a neck brace, as you’re sure to notice the 850g weight after a while. Mentioning that they will be released in April, likely in Japan, pretty much rounds up all that we know about these headphones.

[ Product Page (Google Translate Link) ] VIA [ Bornrich ]

There’s A Gun For When You Want Someone To STFU

By David Ponce

No, it’s not like you actually shoot them dead to stop them speaking. What’s the artistry in that? Instead, we’re talking about a speech jamming device, called the SpeechJammer, that is being developed by two Japanese researchers named Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada. Yes, it’s a gun-like device whose entire purpose is to make someone stop talking. It works by projecting the target’s own back voice to them, but with a slight delay (around 200 milliseconds), making it almost impossible to carry on speaking. Ever hear an echo when talking on the phone? Yeah, so it’s like that.

The device itself consists of a directional mic, a directional speaker, a distance finder and a laser for targeting the speaker’s mouth. Point it at your source of annoyance, pull the trigger and watch them stop speaking, confusion spreading across their faces. The video below does show the gun in action, and some shots look like they might have been done candidly. Or maybe not. Still, it’s interesting to watch. And sadly, the SpeechJammer appears to be nothing but a prototype at the moment.

[ Researcher's Paper (PDF) ] VIA [ Wired ]

This Is A Noiseless USB Karaoke Mic For The iDevices

By David Ponce

So it’s time to be culturally insensitive and snicker a little, because hot damn if the Japanese don’t make the strangest gadgets! Although despite their weirdness, they’re often quite useful (the gadgets, we mean). See, karaoke is a big deal in Japanese culture, and we imagine it must be a good idea to practice your skills from time to time. But in order to do this without having your neighbors loudly hiss and boo you, you have the option of covering your mouth with a urethane plunger. Well, it’s not really a plunger. But it looks like one to our juvenile eyes. And it’s supposed to let you belt those tunes into a microphone, which in turn plugs into an iDevice running a Sega karaoke app. You then listen to the combination of your voice and the music with your normal earbuds, leaving your neighbor’s ears mercifully unassaulted. The urethane covering is easily washable and the associated app is free to download.

It’s $93 with worldwide shipping at $20.

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