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Zoomable 60X Monocular with Smart Phone Attachment

I don’t think you guys realize how impressive 60X zoom is, but it’s kind of freaky. It’s massive. And you can now have that on any smartphone, thanks to the Zoomable 60X Monocular with Smart Phone Attachment.

Your smartphone’s zoom will rival DSLR cameras when you’ve attached the Zoomable 60X Monocular. Providing visibility up to 1/4 of a mile, this attachment brings landscapes, far off animals, sports fields, or anything far away into crystal clear focus for you to snap amazing pictures. Don’t let distance limit your smartphone when the solution is right here.

– Zoom from 40x to 60x for up to 1/4 mile visibility
– Attach or remove easily from any smartphone
– Use the included tripod to get a steady shot from far away
– Carry the lens on even the most rugged adventure thanks to its superior craftsmanship & sturdy carrying case

It’s a $38 purchase, so don’t go thinking we’re talking about $120,000, 1,200mm Canon lens quality images here. But if you just want to see faraway things in considerably more detail, this little lens should keep you entertained for hours.

[ Product Page ]

Tuna Knobs For The Tablet DJ


It used to be that DJs would do their work on a physical mixer, with actual dials, knobs and buttons. Now you can have all that jazz right on your tablet, and the convenience has caused tons of DJs to flock to the new medium. But for those of you still longing for a bit of physical feedback, the Tuna Knobs can be placed directly on your touchscreen and will give your music-making somewhat more of a natural feel. They work just like a stylus, and can be removed when you’re done playing your set. They’re relatively cheap, at €22 (about $25) for a pair, or $67 for 6 and a travel case.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Werd ]

The MainDrain Is An Add-On Urinal That Clips Onto Your Bowl


As a man, peeing while sitting is probably the most sensible option. You avoid sprinkling droplets all over the floor (inevitable). And you avoid leaving the toilet seat up, only to have your significant other yell at you (also inevitable). But of course, you won’t pee sitting down, so what’s a guy to do? Well, there’s this funny looking contraption here called the MainDrain. It’s a plastic urinal that simply attaches to the side of a standard toilet bowl, and routes your urine safely where it needs to go. Yes, it’s ugly as sin, but think of the advantages: you can leave the toilet seat down at all times since it’s possible to sit without having to move the MainDrain, and you won’t have to clean the toilet seat or floor as often. It’s easy to clean, is installed and removed in seconds, is made from lightweight, high quality, hydrophobic materials, and the height can be adjusted. All in all, it’s a great product, but we imagine its appearance will deter many people from getting it. At $45 however, it’s priced just right for the right kind of people: we’re thinking college students in a dorm, roommates, etc. You know, somewhere where appearances don’t matter.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

You’re Enabling Them: iPad Attachment Brings 12X Zoom To Its Camera


Going to a concert and holding your iPhone up in the air the whole time is bad enough for the people behind you that are trying to see. But it’s not half as bad as those that think it’s ok to whip out an iPad to do the same. Fellas: it looks stupid, and is inconsiderate to those behind you. We’re going to stop the sermon here, however, because we imagine there might be times where taking a shot with an iPad isn’t ridiculously inappropriate, and someone somewhere might be interested in an attachment that can confer some serious zooming abilities. The The iPad Telephoto Lens gives the iPad 3 & 4 a 10X zoom, and the iPad Mini a 12X factor. The lens also adds some vignetting and “a lo-fi look”, which we imagine will be appealing to hipsters worldwide. Better yet for thrift-store-chic, budget-minded hipsters, is the price: $25.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

HiLo Lens Is A Creep’s Best Friend

Want to take a pic of that cute girl sitting next to you, but don’t want her to notice? Yeah… don’t. It’s creepy. But if you’re going to do it anyway, the HiLo Lens can help you avoid detection a lot better than whatever subtle techniques you think you might have developed. It’s an iPhone lens attachment that swivels and allows you to take right-angle pictures, meaning you can hold your phone in your hands like you’re texting, but in fact you’re shooting stuff to your left (or right… or even up). It features superior optics so there’s no image degradation and you do capture the entire field of view.

Now please, for the sake of decency, don’t be taking creepshots, ok? To be fair, the HiLo was created with the intention of giving you more freedom to shoot from interesting angles. And like a lot of tech, we like it in principle. It’s really all about how it’s used. It’s $60 with a pledge on Kickstarter. The campaign is not fully funded, but if it reaches its goal, shipping is scheduled for February 2013.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ CulOfMac ]

For Better Recordings: iPhone Boom Mic

By David Ponce

It bears repeating once again that recording stuff with iDevices will not eclipse the kind of quality you can get with dedicated equipment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try and make things a little better through the use of attachments like the above boom microphone for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. It attaches to the headphone jack and secures to the rest of the device through adjustable clips; it’ll even hold on with the use of a case. The 4 inch long mic has two settings, for near or far recording, and will improve the quality and intensity of recorded sound severalfold. It works on 1 AAA battery.

It’s pretty cheap too, considering what it does: $40, with shipping starting April 23rd.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Amplifear iPad Attachment Amplifies Simply, Effectively

By David Ponce

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep hammering the point in: it’s the simpler things that we value most. The Amplifear is an elegant solution for amplifying the sound coming out of your iPad. Sure, it looks like a Mickey Mouse ear, but the ABS plastic device is reported to do a really great job at boosting those high frequencies, giving you a crisper and generally louder sound. You just clip it on or off, no installation required.

Best of all, it’s cheap: $15, currently on Kickstarter, as a fully funded project.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ BonjourLife ]