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DirecTV Customers Offered iPhone 6s Free Until June 30th

iPhone 6s

A sort-of free iPhone…and some sizable discounts on other purchases.

Do you really, really wish that you had an iPhone 6s for the summer? AT&T has some good news for you – you can get one for free, just by signing up for DIRECTV.  But before doing that I recommend that you educate yourself to the correct satellite provider and read our DISH vs DIRECTV comparison reviews.

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Future of Cloud Computing Services

This is a guest post.

Every business has two obstacles: time and money. While it’s always good to take advantage of the newest technology, usually there is a big price to pay in terms of capital commitment. After all, you have to purchase the hardware, sign extended service agreements, train your staff new processes, and then hope it interfaces well with the infrastructure you’ve already built.

These concerns can be minimized if not eliminated when you take advantage of cloud computing services. Just like a cell phone with a pay as you go plan, AT&T’s cloud services services are scalable based on your needs. If you have a sudden rush of orders or need a new application now, you can quickly implement what you need and dial back down later when the need is gone.

As we become increasingly more connected with Smartphones, Tablet PCs, and of course traditional PCs, your company needs to have the flexibility to serve all of those needs within your network. Cloud computing is a flexible cost-effective alternative for delivering IT services across your entire organization from any physical location.

Since cloud services are network based, you need to choose your provider wisely. AT&T has 99.9% network availability as well as enterprise security measures built in to ensure maximum performance without sacrificing security.

If you would like to learn more about cloud computing and the services that AT&T offers, please download this white paper from AT&T: Cloud Services: What Are They, What Value Do They Provide?

AT&T Responds To Reports Of Poor Network Coverage

By Chris Scott Barr

Remember late last year when we told you about AT&T’s iPhone app that let you report poor network coverage? It seemed like a great idea, if the company actually put the information gathered to good use. There was some debate as to whether they were rally going to ramp up coverage in the areas reported, or if the app was simply a way to make us feel a little better about the company who was dropping our calls.

This week AT&T has started sending out text messages to some users, letting them know that they are indeed increasing network capacity in some areas. The texts are direct responses to the feedback that some people reported with their iPhone app. It’s great to see that they are listening, even if they are slow to act.

[ AT&T] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

AT&T Begins Selling 3G MicroCells Nationwide

By Chris Scott Barr

Finally, over a year after they first announced them, AT&T has put their 3G MicroCells up for sale to anyone in the US. If you’ll recall, they rolled them out in Charlotte, NC last September. Now anyone with an AT&T mobile phone will be able to pick up one of these. The only caveat is that you’ll still need to be in an area where AT&T offers service. They check this via GPS when you complete the initial setup.

So what does the 3G MicroCell get you? Essentially you’ll hook the device into your home internet connection and be provided with 3G service for up to 5,000 square feet. You’ll still be using your own cell minutes when talking on the phone, unfortunately. The only way around this is to have your internet provided by AT&T, or to pay them $20 a month for unlimited talk time. Otherwise, you’ll only need to pay the initial $150 for the device.

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AT&T Announces Eco-Friendly Zero Charger

Zero Charger

By Chris Scott Barr

It looks like AT&T has hopped on the eco-friendly bandwagon. They have announced a new mobile phone charger dubbed the Zero Charger, which is supposed to be the greenest of its kind. It’s common knowledge that many devices will still draw power, even after their battery has been fully charged. This USB charger is supposed to cut off the flow of energy as soon as your device is juiced up.

To take things a step further, AT&T is delivering the device in a recycled-cardboard container. They’re really hoping that environmentalists won’t have anything to complain about with this one. The only question left is whether it’s as friendly to your wallet as it is to the Earth. We should find out when it hits stores in May.

[ AT&T ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Will You Join Operation Chokehold?

uprising By David Ponce

If you’re AT&T, chances are you’re like a bunch of other AT&T customers: unhappy. But instead of doing nothing about it, some people are organizing a grassroots uprising called “Operation Chokehold”. Maily spearheaded by Newsweek reporter Dan Lyons of Fake Steve Jobs fame, the so-called operation is a digital revolt of sorts that aims to overwhelm AT&T’s network with simultaneous data usage. Writes Fake Steve:

On Friday, December 18, at noon Pacific time, we will attempt to overwhelm the AT&T data network and bring it to its knees. The goal is to have every iPhone user (or as many as we can) turn on a data intensive app and run that app for one solid hour. Send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network and sick of their abusive comments. The idea is we’ll create a digital flash mob. We’re calling it in Operation Chokehold. Join us and speak truth to power!

As Mashable points out, we’re not too sure this will accomplish anything nor whether enough people will participate to make a difference. We’re also wondering just how douchey this could be for other AT&T users who’re just peachy with their service. But there you have it.

What will you do?

[ Operation Chokehold ] VIA [ Mashable ]

Report Poor Coverage To AT&T With A Free iPhone App

Mark the Spot

By Chris Scott Barr

Lately Verizon has gotten pretty bold with their ads, specifically targeting AT&T’s poor coverage. Of course AT&T didn’t take to kindly to their name being tarnished, and threw quite the fit over it. Now that a little time has passed, they’ve composed themselves and decided to take a new course of action. Rather than complain about Verizon picking on them, they’re trying to actually fix the core issue.

iPhone users can now download the free ‘AT&T Mark the Spot’ app, which will let you report to the phone giant whenever you have connection issues. AT&T will then take the information and use it to determine what parts of their network are in need of an upgrade.

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AT&T Starts Rolling Out 3G Microcells


By Chris Scott Barr

Way back in January we told you that AT&T was rolling out a 3G femtocell for their customers. Of course it’s now September and we’ve hardly heard another word about it. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its release, as I get almost no signal in my house. I’d like to ditch my home phone, but with the unreliable service, I can’t justify it. Thankfully, it seems as though the mobile giant is finally rolling out these devices.

AT&T’s new 3G Micrcell is officially available to the general public, but only in Charlotte, NC. For those in the area, they can purchase the device for $150. There is no monthly fee, however, you will still use your minutes while making calls if you don’t already have landline or DSL service with AT&T. If you have neither and want unlimited calls, you can pay $20 a month (and get a $100 rebate on the hardware).

I’d like to say something about why you shouldn’t need one of these, but in all honesty, there are some places where it’s just not possible to get signal. I live in a rather large town, and I have full 3G signal everywhere except in the small valley where I live. Short of putting in a new tower in the valley itself (which wouldn’t affect enough people to justify the cost) I’ll never get better reception. I’d be ecstatic to get one of these and drop my monthly home phone bill. If you’re listening AT&T, lets go ahead and start rolling these out in Indiana ASAP.

[ AT&T ] VIA [ Crave ]

iPhone Users To Finally Get MMS On September 25

MMS Update

By Chris Scott Barr

I love my iPhone, and some days it feels like it can really do just about anything. That is, until I get a cool little text message from AT&T telling me that someone has sent me a picture message. I then have to open up Safari, copy and paste a code and password (it was barely even possible to do without a desktop in the days before the 3.0 firmware). All of this so I can see a picture of someone laughing, along with a message saying “lets see your fancy iPhone open this!” True story, someone with a crappy little free camera phone sent it to me. They just love the fact that their phone can do something my fancy-pants iPhone can’t. Well all of that is about to change.

Finally, AT&T has announced that the iPhone 3G and 3GS will be getting MMS on September 25th. A bit late from their projected “late summer” release of the feature I think, but I’ll still gladly take it just the same. So, who wants to take bets that AT&T has massive network outages on the 25th?

[ AT&T ] VIA [ MobileCrunch ]