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Atari Paddle Earrings And Cufflinks

We’re suckers for retro gaming. We imagine we are because it reminds us of our childhood and lets us forget for a little bit that we’re aging old farts. Also, retro gaming rocks! There’s a purity and a focus on gameplay that isn’t always present when it’s possible to dazzle with graphics and effects. But whatever, we’re just saying all this so we can segue onto the above earrings. They’re tiny versions of Atari’s iconic paddle controller. And if you lack holes in your ears and/or inclination to wear fleshy-lobe ornaments, there’s also some cufflinks you can get. The earrings are about 1cm in length (or 0.39 in.) while the cufflinks are about 1 in. Being a bit larger, they can afford to have some “functionality”… if you call having the ability to turn the paddle from side to side that. Still, it does give you something to fiddle with at a party, one at which you might actually be fidgety if you’re the kind of person who’s uncomfortable enough in a dress shirt to want to liven it up with retro gaming accessories.

It’s $25 for either of these. And this being Etsy, they’re handmade to order so expect to wait some time before getting them in the mail.

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Clear Classic USB Joystick: A Joy For Your Poor Wrists


By Gaurav Kheterpal

Anyone who has played Atari games will relish those old school gaming memories forever. You might well remember it due to the misery of the so called “Joy”stick, which was painful and at times, impossible to use. It used to be a monumental task to move the stick away from the center to either side.

Still, Retro Thing have re-fashioned the old school Joystick by adding a USB interface to it so you can hook it up to your PC or Mac. It ships with the Stella Atari 2600 Emulator and 80 old school games including Pacman 4K and Lady Bug.

The Clear Classic USB Stick is priced at $30 and is bound to take you back the old school gaming memory lanes with loads of ‘joy’.

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Retro Thing Releases Three Limited Edition Pixel Tees


By David Ponce

Our old pal James Grahame from Retro Thing recently released three T-shirt designs. This is what he has to say about them:

After months of top secret R&D, we’re proud to unveil three limited edition Retro Thing shirt designs. They were created pixel-by-pixel on a curmudgeonly old Atari 130XE, ensuring maximum authenticity and the most convoluted workflow since the Apollo missions.

Each pixel tee is screen printed on a heavyweight 6.1oz Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt in Madison, Wisconsin by a genuine American named Rick. There’s no digitally printed tomfoolery here, nor are our shirts made by 3-week-old kittens slaving at gunpoint in North Korean sweatshops.

We’re big fans, so head over there before December 8th to order yours, for all of $14.

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