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Asus Eee Keyboard Confirmed For October Launch

By Chris Scott Barr

Remember that spiffy Eee Keyboard that Asus announced back at CES? Well we’ve finally gotten a confirmation on a release. It seems that it will be shipping next month, for between $400-$500. In case you’ve forgotten, you’ll get an Atom-powered computer packed inside a keyboard with a 5-inch touchscreen and wireless HDMI. How awesome is that going to be?

VIA [ PCWorld ]

Rumor – Eee Keyboard To Be Released Next Month


By Chris Scott Barr

Back in March we showed you a different kind of Eee PC from Asus. The Eee Keyboard is basically your entire computer wrapped up into a nice neat keyboard package. It seems to be destined for the living room, what with it’s wireless HDMI and all. The 5-inch touchscreen is really what sells the device for me. Speaking of selling, when exactly can we expect to see these on the market?

If rumors are to be believed, we should be seeing it by the end of next month. We don’t yet know any pricing details, but that should be revealed at the upcoming Computex show. With Computex, Apple’s WWDC and E3 all next month, we can no doubt expect a lot of announcements and releases in the next month and a half.

VIA [ Engadget ]

Asus Shows Off Eee Keyboard


By Luke Anderson

I’ve always been a big fan of Asus products. I’ve only built a few computers of my own that didn’t use a board made by them. They gained even more of my respect when they released the Eee PC and took the market by storm. Of course they’ve released several updates to the line and are now working on the Eee Keyboard. As you can imagine, it’s a computer built entirely into a keyboard. We saw it briefly at CES, but now we’ve got some specs to chew on.

This isn’t the first computer to be crammed inside of a keyboard, however, it’s most certainly the best-looking one I’ve seen. Packing a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and either a 16GB or 32GB SSD drive, this will be comparable to some of the other Eee line. Other awesome features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, Wireless HDMI and a 5-inch touchscreen. It also has a regular HDMI port, VGA, 3 USB ports and audio in/out jacks. We’re still not sure what the price tag is going to be, but if they can keep the pricing close to what we’ve seen in some of the other Eee products, this could be very promising.

VIA [ SlashGear ]

OhGizmo! Review – WaterField Designs SleeveCase For The Asus EEE

WaterField Designs SleeveCase For The Asus EEE (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

There was a lot of excitement when Asus announced the EEE. It promised all of the functionality of a real PC (running Linux or Windows) with a form factor that was smaller than any other laptop on the market. While there were trade-offs when it came to screen real estate and memory, the relatively cheap price made it an instant hit when it was finally available. However, since the Asus EEE was the first to usher in a new wave of ultra-compact laptops, there were next to no accessories available for it when it hit the market. Thankfully though, with a flood of other ultra-compact laptops on the way, we’re starting to see more and more third-party accessories become available.

A few weeks ago WaterField Designs announced a version of their SleeveCase for the upcoming HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, but since I’ve already chosen the Asus camp I decided to take a look at a version of the case designed for the EEE instead. You can find my complete review of the WaterField Designs EEE SleeveCase after the jump.

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ASUS Eee Available at

ASUS Eee PC Available on (Image via Newegg) By Shane McGlaun

A few weeks back we talked a bit about the ASUS Eee PC and its small size perfect for kids and web surfing. If you have been waiting to get your hands on an Eee, now is your chance. currently lists the ASUS Eee in stock for $399.99.

That’s more cash than ASUS promised when we first heard of the Eee, but still a bargain for a capable notebook. The system uses an Intel CPU, a 7-inch screen and has an 800 x 480 screen resolution. Storage space is 4GB of solid-state storage and the OS for this machine is Linux. You could run Windows XP on the Eee if you are so inclined. If you need a second computer for someone who only surfs the web or chats, the Eee could be perfect for you.

VIA [ Newegg ]