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Snapcat is the Catty Version of Snapchat for Kitties


Got a photogenic cat? Then show the world your precious kitty by letting your pet take its own selfies with the help of the Snapcat app. Once you fire it up, a red dot will appear on the screen. In theory, your cat will be transfixed by this dot and will bat at it with its paw. This action will signal your front-facing camera to snap a picture of your feline companion while its at play. What could be cuter or more adorable than that?

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CamFind Lets You Search for Stuff By Taking a Picture


So you have a picture of a bottle with foreign text on it. You can’t read it and you certainly can’t search for it conventionally since you can’t type the foreign characters. What you need at this point is a query-by-image search engine like CamFind that will use that image as the query to present you with matching hits.

CamFind will basically turn your camera into a portal to uncover the unknown. All you have to do is point and shoot and the app will take care of the rest.

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This App Makes You Slap, Shake, and Flip Your Phone to Turn the Alarm Off

Wake App

I think it’s safe to say that alarms get on most people’s nerves, especially when it’s early in the morning. But that’s the point of the alarm, isn’t it? To annoy people so much so that they feel compelled to wake up, just so they can shut the alarm up. By then, most alarms will have achieved their goal, which was to wake the person up in the first place.

One such app is Wake. It doesn’t have the most annoying of alarms, but it’s enough to wake you up because of how you’re supposed to snooze the alarm.

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Awesome Smart PJs Will Read Bedtime Stories to Your Kids

Smart PJs

Pajamas don’t get any smarter than this. The aptly-named Smart PJs not only provide warmth and comfort, but they’ll also read your kids a bedtime story. Those patterns might just look like dots to you, but they’re more than just some design the pajamas’ makers decided to go with. Instead, they’re actually QR codes in disguise that’ll make your smartphone read a bedtime story or two to your child once you scan them.

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Tetris Your House: How Many Tetris Blocks Will It Take to Fill Up Your Home?

Tetris House

They sure don’t make video games like they used to. There are only a few games nowadays that can truly make you use your old noggin. Remember Tetris? I remember spending many summer afternoons arranging Tetris blocks all over the screen with the game booted up on our old Family Computer.

You can still play the game provided you have the right emulator. On a related note, taking the classic game’s concept of building blocks is this neat little web app by Movoto that was designed by Megan Radich. If you’ve ever wondered how many Tetris blocks it would take to cover or build your entire house, then wonder no more…

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FreeSpace Helps You Keep Your Gmail Account In Check


Gmail is pretty generous with the amount of space they give you. If you have a free account, you get 10 gigabytes. When you upgrade to one of their plans, this limit is pushed up to 25 gigabytes. You’d have to be the type who archives everything in order to reach the limit, because it seems highly unlikely that you ever will. But hey, it could happen–and if you think you’re bordering on full email capacity, then you need FreeSpace.

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LivesOn Keeps Your Twitter Feed Alive, Even When You’re Dead

Lives On

There’s a special group of Internet users that I call the Tweet Freaks. They’re the people who can’t go an hour without checking their Twitter feeds or posting updates about mundane stuff that no one else would really care about. If you have people in your network who’re like that, then you might want to tell them about _LIVESON. If you’re a Tweet Freak yourself, then I’m sure you’d love to heard about this as well. But just to make it less painful for everyone’s eyes, let’s call it LivesOn.

LivesOn is a Twitter tool like no other, promising to give you a ‘social afterlife’ once you pass in the physical world. It will ‘learn’ your tastes, preferences, and syntax by analyzing your current feed, so that it can continue posting status updates on the micro-blogging site even when you’re already dead. In short, LivesOn allows you to tweet from the grave, unless the person you appoint as your executor decides to give it the ax.

The service launches on March 2013.

VIA [ Cnet ]

Zephyr App For Jailbroken iPhones Brings Multitasking Gestures

By David Ponce

We’re not big fans of companies segmenting their devices’ capabilities artificially in order to boost sales. Like when Apple puts Siri on the iPhone 4S when it runs just fine on older models. Or when Apple brings out multitasking gestures for the iPad but leaves the iPhone out of the equation. Well… we can’t really say that they might have done this last one to encourage people to buy an iPad as well as an iPhone; we don’t see anyone actually saying “gee, I really want to use these gestures but can’t on my phone, so yeah, I’ll buy an iPad.” But we find it frustrating nonetheless. So that’s why we’re happy to hear about this app, called Zephyr, that lets you swipe up to bring up the task bar (instead of double-tapping the home button) and swipe sideways to switch between active apps. I works nicely and is available on Cydia right now. Of course, this requires a jailbreak. But that’s ok, since the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 was finally released two days ago.

Check out the video after the jump to see how the app works.

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