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The Monocle Helps Bicycle Riders Keep Their Organs On The Inside

I’ve become obsessed with riding my bike and have been keeping an eye out for anything related to that. So when I saw the Monocle application/accessory that turns your iPhone into a blinking safety light, I was intrigued. You just pop your phone in a specially made holster that relocates it to the back of you, and the LED strobes at a frequency you determine. There’s a timer, so it won’t keep going even if you forget to turn it off and you get audible and vibrating alerts when the battery is getting low. The makers of the Monocle estimate that a 15 minute ride set at 3Hz will impact your battery by about 7%. You also get a case to protect the iPhone, by the way.

It’s a smart way to put a ubiquitous device to extra use, and could just make the difference between being turned into human spaghetti and making it home in one piece. It’s $18 for the app and the case, on pre-order now with delivery slated for December if they reach their funding goal.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Gear Patrol ]

LIFX LED Lightbulb’s Kickstarter Success Shows There’s Some Heavy Demand

A while ago we wrote about The Bluetooth Light Bulb. It was a nice product but its availability was not known. Now we’re hearing about the LIFX LED Bulb and we’re starting to hope we can actually get our hands on something real. Unlike the other one, the LIFX works with WiFi to communicate with its application. One bulb connects to the router, and then creates a mesh network with every other one you have installed in your home. Once online, you can adjust each bulb’s brightness and color, as well as program it with a timer. Other features include the ability to dim the light when you go to bed, and to automatically match the colour to the music you’re listening to (mood lighting).

It’s $65 right now as a pledge on Kickstarter, with delivery slated for March 2013. More importantly, the project is not only fully funded, but it’s raised $700,000+ when its goal was $100,000, proving that the market is ripe to bring a bit of innovation to an invention that’s barely changed in the last 100 years.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Cardiio Application Measures Heartbeat, No Contact Required

Arthur C. Clarke once said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That’s certainly true of a mobile application that’s able to give you your heart rate simply by looking at you, with no physical contact required. No straps, nothing. Cardiio simply uses slight changes in your face’s reflectivity to calculate how fast your heart is beating. It seems the iPhone 4S’s camera is sensitive enough to detect the change in colour to the skin on your face related to an increase in blood flow, which occurs with every beat of your heart. It works with all skin tones and works best with an iPhone 4S, though other iDevices should still manage, albeit at a reduced performance.

It’s $5.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CoolMaterial ]

Protect Your Rights: ACLU Police Tape Application Puts Technology On Your Side

By David Ponce

Most times police are well intentioned and their interactions with the public will go down smoothly. But every now and then a bad apple pushes his power too far and tramples on your rights; sometimes massively so. In cases of police abuse, it can come down to their word versus yours and if there’s no reliable witness, there may be no way to make things right later on. The Police Tape application from the NJ office of the ACLU has developed an application that could tip the balance in your favour. If you see you’re about to be in a potentially abusive situation just start the application; it will promptly vanish from your screen as if nothing is happening when in fact it’s either recording audio or video, discreetly. But most importantly, should a tech savvy cop confiscate your phone and start looking through it to erase any possible incriminating files, the application simultaneously uploads what you’re recording to the ACLU’s servers, safely out of reach of any police action.

There’s also information on what rights you have, depending on where you are: your car, at home, on the street or while being arrested.

It’s available now on Android with an iOS version potentially due later this summer. It’s free.

[ Police Tape ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Kuhl Air Conditioners To Get WiFi Links

By David Ponce

Kuhl already makes air conditioners. But they’re allegedly about to get a little more high tech with the introduction of the FriedrichLink™ Wi-Fi Adapter. This will work in tandem with an iOS application and will let you start, set, and stop your machine from anywhere. Not only that but you can program the entire week, so if you know you’ll be out on the weekend you can just set the AC to off during that time and not even worry about, you know, actually walking up to the machine and doing something.

There’s no price or availability information.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Panasonic Releases Remote Shutter Application For LUMIX DMC-FX90

By David Ponce

The DMC-FX90 is a decent point-and-shoot camera from Panasonic that happens to have WiFi functionality. This has allowed the company to release an application that lets you control the camera remotely. So not only can you trigger it through the application, you can also see a live view of what the camera is seeing as well as checking the zoom levels and setting up a self-portrait. It seems like you’ll have to do a firmware update on the camera to get things to work properly, but the application is available both in the app store and the Android Market, now called Google Play. And although it’s only available on the FX90 right now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this being rolled out to other cameras in the near future.

OF course, it’s free.

[ App Store Link ] AND [ Google Play Page ] VIA [ CultOfAndroid ]

Jailbroken iPads Can Now Multitask Windows-Style

By David Ponce

A lot of good things can be said about the iPad and the post-PC revolution it seems to be ushering. But for those of us who spent their youths on Windows, the linearity of iOS’s multitasking is really frustrating. While it’s possible to look at several windows at once on a machine running Redmond’s code, the fact that you have to double-tab the home button on an iPad and then explicitly pick the next app you want to look at it stupid; the iPad does multitask processing, but not user-interacting. However if you’ve jailbroken your device, you can bring back a bit of logic with an application called Quasar, by Pedro Franceschi. As you can imagine, it gives you windows, which you can resize and drag around like you’re used to on a PC, without giving up any of the perks of iOS. This is particularly useful for those iPhone-only apps which would take up the entire screen when they’d really be much more useful tucked in a corner somewhere instead.

Watch the video below; the app seems to run quite well. It’s not free however: $10 on the Cydia app store. Just search for it.

VIA [ The Verge ]

Video: This Guy Is Insanely Fast At Scramble With Friends

By David Ponce

Scramble With Friends is a fun game by Zynga where you are given a board with a random assortment of letters and you have to find as many words as possible by using only adjacent ones. Well, some people are good at this game, but the guy in the video above, well, he’s a notch above. Just watch it and you’ll understand. His high score is 3,700 and has lost “once”. His method however would be considered cheating by some, or at the very least against the spirit of the game, if not the rules themselves. What he does is move his thumb around in predetermined patterns around vowels, producing lots of rejected words in the process but also correctly stringing actual words in the process.

Regardless, what’s really impressive is the speed at which his thumb moves around, so check out the video when you get a chance.

VIA [ Geekosystem ]

Last Alert App Helps You Avoid Losing Your Phone

By David Ponce

It’s easy enough to find your phone when you lose it: just call it. But of course you’re the kind of dumbass that only loses his cell when the battery is out, right? Then what do you do? Well, the Last Alert application gives you three lines of defence. First, you can set an audible alarm to sound when the battery reaches a certain predetermined level. You can set up to three such alarms. Secondly, when it senses it’s about to run out of juice, it will send you an email with your last known GPS coordinates. Finally, if you have the application installed on a second iDevice, you can use the compass feature on that one to help you navigate to your temporarily misplaced cellphone.

It was a project on Kickstarter that got full funding, so the application should be ready for download this month.

[ Product page ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]