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Colorful Bodum Bistro Toasters – Because There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Stainless Steel

Bodum Bistro Toaster (Images courtesy Sur La Table)
By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you go shopping for kitchen appliances you might want to consider a finish other than stainless steel, glossy black or chrome. Of course color can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands, but the Bistro line of toasters from Bodum come in one of 8 different colors that manage to be bright and cheerful but not blindingly tacky. And it’s no slouch when it comes to being a toaster either with 900 watts of power to perfectly brown your bread or bagel, adjustable slots, a pop-up warming rack and a heat-resistant rubber exterior that stays cool to the touch and is easy to clean. $79.95 from Sur La Table.

[ Bodum Bistro 2-Slice Toaster ] VIA [ The Kitchen ]

A Toaster With A Rotating Basket

The Toaster Oven (Image courtesy Pro-Idee)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m usually not that interested in toasters, but if you’ve ever tried to heat up something like a bun with a conventional model you’ve probably found that it’s not only difficult, but also be a potential fire hazard. But that’s not the case with this model which features a rotating wire basket that not only prevents the buns from touching the heating elements, but also ensures they get evenly toasted on all sides.

Obviously the basket is useless for sliced bread or bagels, so the toaster also functions like a traditional pop-up model complete with extra wide slots for accommodating your Texas toast craving. There’s even a couple of heating drawers that will keep slices of toast crisp and warm until you’re ready to serve them. The toaster is available from Pro-Idee for about $94.

[ The First Toaster With Basket Cooking Rotary ] VIA [ Coolbuzz ]

Sqish Satellite Dish Sports Urban Camo

Sqish Dish

By Evan Ackerman

Nothing screams suburbia like an off-white satellite dish kludged to the side of your house, letting everyone know that you really don’t have anything better to do on weekends than watch American Idol reruns. If you’d prefer to keep your reality TV addiction more private, you could get yourself a Sqish.

So what’s a Sqish? According to the company, when a dish is not a dish, it’s a Sqish!™ Yay! But seriously folks, the Sqish is flat (7 cm deep) satellite dish that mounts just like a normal dish. Before you have the Sqish installed, just take a picture of the mounting location and send it in. You’ll get back a big sticker to paste on the front of your Sqish that will Sqishoflage (their word, not mine) it, rendering it nearly invisible from the front. See it from the side, after the jump.Continue Reading

Breville BKT500 Makes Tea And Toast For Two


By Evan Ackerman

Remember a few weeks ago when I commented that my fantasy is to have every appliance in my home capable of making toast? Well, the Breville BTK500 toaster with an integrated kettle gets me even closer to my dream. Breville bills it as a kettle with an integrated toaster, but they’re not fooling anyone: toasters always get top billing. The BKT500 features a 1 liter kettle with a fast boil concealed heating element, and an electronically controlled toaster with “extra wide and deep self centering toasting slots.” It also includes a brilliant little “A Bit More” button that you push when your toast pops up not quite done. All this convenience can be yours for only $130.

[ Breville ikon BTK500 ] VIA [ Likecool ]

Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case – What Manner Of Sorcery Is This?

Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case (Images courtesy Amazon & Sunbeam)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even if you’ve never used an iron in your life, you probably realize it’s a good idea to let it completely cool down before you put it back in the closet. But Sunbeam seems to be contradicting this simple piece of common sense with their Hot Iron Storage Case. It basically lets you put your iron away as soon as you’re done using it, without having to wait for it to cool off. The case is made from a durable heat-resistant plastic and features a locking lid to prevent other people or items from coming into contact with the heat. The iron itself actually sits on a set of silicon pads, while other items like the power cord or water cup accessory are stored in a separate compartment.

If I were the type who used an iron, I would still be leery about putting it away while it was still hot. But I have to assume that if any product in the Sunbeam line was thoroughly tested before it hit the consumer market, it would be this thing. You can get it directly from Sunbeam for $19.99. (Iron not included.)

[ Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

Microwave Accessorizes With Built-In Toaster


By Evan Ackerman

We demand a lot from our kitchens these days, and appliances are starting to feel the heat (heh) and lose their cool (heh) and… um… sink. And why should we settle for boring old unitaskers when we can buy things like this toastowave? LG’s LTM9000 (9000 being the best version of anything) pumps 900 watts into the microwave and 800 watts into the toaster, and offers 9 toasting levels “to suit all of your needs.” It comes in “high-tech stainless steel,” white, or black, and costs $140, which is probably way more expensive than buying a microwave and toaster and duct taping them together. But at least it would help me get one step closer to my ultimate dream: having every appliance in my home capable of making toast.

I’m looking at you, blender.

[ LG LTM9000 ] VIA [ Core77 ]

Egg & Muffin Toaster Part Of This Balanced Breakfast

Bread and Egg Toaster

By Evan Ackerman

My friends, it’s time for toasters to move beyond sliced bread, and take their rightful place as the doitall kitchen appliances of the 21st century. A noble first step has been taken by the TEM4500 Egg & Muffin Toaster, which can, in a mere four minutes, poach or boil two eggs to perfection while simultaneously toasting 4 slices of bread, bagels, English muffins, crumpets, or whatever else you can fit into the Extra Wide, Variable Toasting slots. It’s currently about $60 from Amazon, or you can pick up the TEM500 (2 toaster slots, 1 egg) for (appropriately enough) about half that.

VIA [ About:Housewares ]

Maytag Osiris Drying Cabinet

Maytag Osiris (Images courtesy Maytag)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are a lot of items that get wet that you just can’t stick in the dryer. Whether it be shoes, umbrellas, small animals or even expensive pieces of clothing that you don’t want tumbling around for an hour. So while the Osiris Drying Cabinet from Maytag isn’t exactly compact, it is large enough to accommodate and gently dry a wide variety of large or delicate items.

A row of bars at the top can be used to hang items that are prone to wrinkling, while a series of drying racks on the inside of the door allow you to place gloves, socks and other items so that they dry efficiently. The actual drying itself is accomplished with a constant flow of gently heated air, but with a maximum drying time of up to 4 hours, it won’t get the job done as quickly as a conventional model.

It’s available in a white finish for about $1,051 or stainless steel for about $1,130.

[ Maytag Osiris Drying Cabinet ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

Toast Appliances Are Either Best Or Worst Thing Ever

Toast Phone

By Evan Ackerman

Toast ClockWe all know how toast can be an inspiration, but sometimes, you can’t help but asking just what the heck these people were buttering when they came up with this stuff. First we have this toast phone, about which I have no additional information besides the fact that it doesn’t actually exist. Looks like slices/handsets have all the important buttons, and the toaster itself is probably a charging dock. My hope is that instead of ringing, the toastphones just pop up and emit a toasty odor.

This next little gem is a toast clock. It features a clock in the shape of a piece of toast, and it tells time. It’s made of MDF, but you could probably make a more authentic toast clock yourself… Just nail some toast to the wall and stick a clock on it. It’ll be great. Trust me. Or, you can just buy the fake version when it becomes available next month for $22.

[ Toast Phone ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]
[ Toast Clock ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]