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Rollie Eggmaster Makes Egg Tubes On Sticks

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.11.14 AM

Breakfast got you stumped? The Rollie Eggmaster turns the difficult task of… cooking eggs into one that’s as simple as making a toast. Simply crack your eggs right into its cylindrical non-stick container, press a button and wait for your fully cooked egg creation to, uh, rise out of there. There’s a heating element inside that cooks your eggs, and a mechanical ejector that pushes the contents out when ready. Like any self-respecting infomercial-grade product, the Rollie Eggmaster actually looks like something we might enjoy around the office… once we get past everything looking a little like turds. Because when you think about it, it’s kind of genius. You can eat your eggs on a stick, which is great when you’re running out the door and can’t sit for breakfast. Or you can make other things like burritos, or pizza rolls. We’re… we’re getting the credit card as we type these words. It’s $30!

Bonus: tons of giggles at the rising-boner appearance of the egg products as they eject slowly.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Samsung Refrigerator Now Dispenses Soda Water


Stopping one small step short of dispensing Coke or Pepsi right from the door, Samsung has recently announced a partnership with Sodastream that will see a refrigerator doling out soda water from the same mechanism that dispenses still water or ice. You just press a button, select soda, and wait for your glass to fill with bubbly H2O. There’s space inside the door for a 60L CO2 cylinder, which can be easily changed when it’s running on empty.

The rest of the four-door fridge is pretty top-of-the-line stuff from Samsung, featuring 30.5 cu. ft. of space along with a “kid-friendly counter-height FlexZone drawer with four temperature settings, and the proprietary Twin Cooling Plus® technology that keeps food fresher longer.” Of course a fancy fridge comes with a fancy price: consumers can expect to pay $3,899 in April, when this comes out.

[ Product Page] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Tabletop Washing Machine Is Perfect For Cramped Apartments


The King Jim company from Japan has just announced the release of a tiny washing machine that can live on your countertop. The Swash, as it’s called, doesn’t fit a whole bunch of clothes, only about 250 grams. But that should be enough to wash a few hand towels, or maybe a couple of socks or a dirty shirt. It’s for those occasions where you don’t have time to run out to the cleaners, and don’t want to make the effort of hand washing in the sink. It’s a 15 minute washing cycle plus a 3 minute rinse, and uses about 5 litres of water each time. Just fill it up with H2O, place the drainage hose in the sink, and you’re good to go.

Of course, the convenience of not having to hand wash your own dirty clothes will cost you a decent amount. In this case, roughly $160. And we’re not even sure if there’s a spin cycle, so good luck drying them in a hurry. Also, good luck getting your hands on one unless you’re in Japan. It’s released there on the 15th of February.


[ Product Page (Translated) ] VIA [ FarEastGizmos ]

Spoutnik Microwave Is Dome Shaped

This is a microwave oven. It does everything a microwave oven does, only it’s got a plastic dome instead of a door. This makes the Spoutnik cooler than a regular oven. Why? Well, just look at the thing. Oh yeah, sure, you can have a “panoramic 360° vision [of your food]” as it cooks, so you can “control your cooking with just one glance”, but let’s be honest, no one really cares about that. You buy the Spoutnik not because it’s a powerful oven either, because it’s not: 700W on the high setting. You buy the Spoutnik just because it looks unlike any other microwave oven, which is enough a reason to buy anything, really. It comes in three pastel-y colors and will set you back £179, or about $288.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Compact4All Appliances Are Perfect For Cramped City Living

Sometime in 2007 we reached the tipping point where the world’s urban population was higher than the rural, for the first time in history. By 2050, it’s projected that 70% of the world will live in cities. As we cram more and more humans closer to one another, space is going to become increasingly scarce. Better we start getting used to the idea of an efficient use of this space, from now. The Compact4All appliances, created by designer Jan des Bouvrie, are 20cm (7.7 in.) cubes that can stand alone, or stack up efficiently. There’s a toaster, a juicer, a kettle, and a coffee maker. They are meant for the single life, seeing as the toaster only browns two slices, the kettle only holds half a litre, and the coffee maker only brews two cups at a time but that should be enough. At $52 per appliance, efficiency is a little expensive but not out of range of the discerning urban dweller.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Patrol ]

360 Degree Old-Timey Desktop Fan

By David Ponce

Fans are cool (get it?) and stuff, but they’re preposterously directional. You gotta sit in front to get any use from them or hope that you’re in the range of the oscillating ones only to get a couple of seconds of bliss. The Fargo 360 Degree Tabletop fan is omnidirectional. Horizontal blades draw in air from the top and fling it in all directions, creating a disk of air that’ll cool down your sweaty skin no matter where you’re sitting. It happens to be done in the style of 1920’s banker’s fans with an oil-rubbed bronze finish with antique-brass accents.

It’s not cheap, but it’ll sit pretty on your desk for around $250.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheGreenHead ]

Roastie Toaster Concept Allows For Perfect Toasting – Sadly Only One Slice At A Time Though

Roastie Toaster Concept (Images courtesy Mateusz G?ówka)
By Andrew Liszewski

They say if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door, but I think what humans really need is a better way to make toast! I’ve yet to find a toaster that I can really rely on, so I’m happy to see that design students like Mateusz G?ówka, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, have set themselves upon improving its design. And I’m not saying the Roastie has quite hit the nail on the head just yet, but it definitely shows promise.

The most important aspect of the Roastie are the heating elements which are built into arms that rotate around the piece of bread, like a ferris wheel, ensuring even toasting. And since everything is built into a transparent sphere, you can easily monitor your toast for doneness and make sure it doesn’t burn. The sphere has the added bonus of trapping and concentrating the heat from the elements, so it doesn’t escape through an open slot, reducing toasting times and energy use. The kicker though? Unless it can do its thing in mere seconds, who has the patience to make toast one slice at a time? Not this guy!

[ Mateusz G?ówka – Roastie ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

Miele’s Futura Diamond Dishwasher Features A Beer Glass Chilling Cycle

Miele Futura Diamond Dishwasher (Images courtesy Unplggd)
By Andrew Liszewski

Dishwashers apparently aren’t just for cleaning dishes anymore. At least if Miele has their way. One of their newer models, the Futura Diamond, has a special rinse & hold cycle and because of the cold water plumbing system in Europe, it also doubles as a quick way to chill down glasses. Now while I’m not entirely sure what differentiates the European plumbing system from the American, but apparently when introduced in the United States in June the dishwasher won’t actually have that handy feature. Lame! But it might still be worth a look thanks to other new features like a 3rd level cutlery tray, extensive LED lighting and the eternal promise that pre-rinsing is not required.

[ Apartment Therapy Unplggd – Beer Glass Chilling Dishwashers, Welcome to the Future ]

LG Washers & Dryers Sing The Blues When They’re Sick

LG WM3885HCCA & WM3885HWCA Washers (Images courtesy LG)
By Andrew Liszewski

Reliability is an important factor when deciding what brand of washer or dryer to buy, but everything breaks down eventually, and LG has come up with a clever way for their technicians to figure out just what’s wrong with one of their dryers or washers when they do. While internet connected appliances are the more trendy solution, they still tend to overcomplicate things. I mean who wants to punch in a wi-fi code on their dryer? Or run network cable to the laundry room?

LG’s solution, which they call SmartDiagnosis, has the end-user punch in a specific button sequence on the appliance (presumably something they’d never do by accident) which then causes it to play back a series of tones which the technician on the other end of the phone can use to determine what ails it. Kind of like morse code, or whatever the hell language R2-D2 spoke. The advantage is that the end-user doesn’t have to try and explain the ‘funny noise’ the machine is making, describe where exactly all the smoke is coming from or even read out some long complicated part number which can be misread or misheard over the phone.

[ LG Washers & Dryers With SmartDiagnosis ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]