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I Wrote An Article For Another Website, Please Read It!


So, every now and then I get asked to write articles for other websites. A while back it was for HP, now it’s for Intel, at this website called MyLifeScoop. They just published my latest, titled: “5 Best Websites To Find Quirky Products”. I discuss, well, my 5 favourite websites to visit whenever I’m looking to tell you guys about something weird or quirky. So, check it out if you have a minute and are curious about where we get some of our stories.

[ “5 Best Websites To Find Quirky Products” ]

I Have Another Post Up On HP’s Site

Hey guys, I’m still not fired from that HP gig! This makes me happy because it pays some bills, and actually makes me try to write well. You know, as opposed to the swill I usually feed you guys… No, I kid, I kid, I love you all and try hard here too! But I’m supposed to let you know about these posts so that more people than the stiff enterprise types read them, so do me a favor and check out my article. It’s about 6 medical gadgets. Because we all like living, but it’s even better when we live with good health. And well, when you marry that concern with a love for consumer electronics, you end up creating the kinds of devices I decided to write about. So uh, yeah, check it out.

[ Can A Gadget Save Your Life? ]

I’m Writing For HP, And I Have A Post Up

So… I was contacted by HP. Turns out they have a website called InputCreatesOutput, which is mostly about enterprise IT. They asked me if I could contribute and I was like, “oh yeah!” So my first article on there is The Wonderful World Of Fitness Tech: How Gadgets Are Making It Easier To Stay In Shape, which is not about enterprise IT at all, but hey, it’s close enough. It’s a quick survey of the field of tech gadgets; it’s stuff many of our regulars have seen on here, but all in one place. Give it a look if you fancy, it’s got a serious tone to it (my contribution to the “enterprise” label, I suppose) that you don’t often see on OhGizmo.

[ Check out my article on HP’s website ]

Retro Thing Releases Three Limited Edition Pixel Tees


By David Ponce

Our old pal James Grahame from Retro Thing recently released three T-shirt designs. This is what he has to say about them:

After months of top secret R&D, we’re proud to unveil three limited edition Retro Thing shirt designs. They were created pixel-by-pixel on a curmudgeonly old Atari 130XE, ensuring maximum authenticity and the most convoluted workflow since the Apollo missions.

Each pixel tee is screen printed on a heavyweight 6.1oz Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt in Madison, Wisconsin by a genuine American named Rick. There’s no digitally printed tomfoolery here, nor are our shirts made by 3-week-old kittens slaving at gunpoint in North Korean sweatshops.

We’re big fans, so head over there before December 8th to order yours, for all of $14.

[ Product Page ]