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Rumor Mill: HTC One Mini Might Be Released This August

HTC One Mini

The HTC One is one of the biggest rivals to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and it looks like both smartphone manufacturers will be facing off once more this summer. Samsung has already announced the Galaxy S4 Mini last month. HTC hasn’t made any official announcements on a mini version of the One, but rumors are rife that a smaller version of their flagship phone is in the works.

Sources claim that the HTC One Mini will be released sometime this August. It will sport a 4.3-inch screen and come with a Qualcomm processor that’ll be less powerful than what the One is equipped with. That’s to be expected, considering that this is the “mini” version of that phone.

HTC will confirm the news in due time, so I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see when or if they do.

VIA [ Electronista ]

This Controller Works for Wii, Wii U and Android

ThinkGeek Pro Controller for Wii and Wii U

ThinkGeek has a multi-function controller for Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U that also works with select Android devices via Bluetooth that’s called the Pro Controller. But the cool thing about the Pro Controller is that it actually combines a Wiimote and Wii Classic Controller into one easy-to-use controller that will make all your Wii gaming experiences as fun as ever.

Not only is the third-party device sturdy and comfortable to hold, but it’s also accurate and pretty darn clever. So all you need to do is flip a switch on the device and the Wii U console will recognize it as a Wiimote, but flip it the other way and it will think it’s a Wii classic controller. And its D-Pad is great for all of your favorite Virtual Console titles, too, making this Pro Controller the one device you’ll want to definitely use over and over again when playing your favorite games on Wii or Wii U. You’ll get non-stop gaming with its rechargeable battery and it also features analog joysticks, triggers, speakers and vibration. When using with Android devices, simply download a Wii Remote app and then pair the controller to your device via Bluetooth. ThinkGeek has this all-in-one Wii Pro Controller for $39.99.

ThinkGeek Pro Controller for Wii and Wii U

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GadgetReview ]

Sensor-packed Smartphone Should Help You Stay Alive

By David Ponce

We’re starting to enter an era where smartphones are moving beyond gaming and Internet browsing and are instead replacing (some would say displacing) technologies we used to travel great lengths and pay great prices to access. The LifeWatch V is an Android based smartphone that comes with an array of sensors that are able to tell you a number of things about the current status of your health:

The tests include one-lead ECG, body temperature, blood glucose, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body fat percentage and stress levels as expressed by heart rate variability. Each medical test is presented as an application and, in addition, there are diet applications and programmable reminders for medications. All collected data is automatically and securely saved to a remote server and can be retrieved from the cloud for follow-up anytime, anywhere. Results and historical data can be shared with doctors, family or others on the user’s request through e-mail or text message.

Maybe the only downside in this story is that the LifeWatch V will be using Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), a very outdated OS by now. Although we suppose that if the tradeoff is access to a health monitor that is also able to perform as a decent smartphone, we’ll find a way to deal with the geeky gripes. Unfortunately, pricing and availability haven’t been announced.

[ Product Page ] AND [ Press Release ] VIA [ Medgadget ]

Ice Cream Sandwich On A Stick Isn’t What You Think

By David Ponce

If you’ve got a nagging urge to get your Android action on that big fat HDTV you just purchased, a company called Always Innovating might have something for you. It’s an HDMI dongle that is essentially a little PC all on its own. It’s got its own TI Dual Cortex-A9 OMAP 4 (1 to 1.8GHz) processor, 256MB to 1Gb of RAM, WiFi and is capable of 1080p video decoding. Oh, and it’s running Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The idea is that you take any ole TV, plug this into the HDMI port and off you go, running Android as if that TV was a mobile device. You can run apps, browse the Internet, watch movies and do whatever else you’d do on an Android device.

Always Innovating isn’t selling these directly to the consumer, instead opting to license them to third party vendors. They expect to see them in shelves come summer 2012, for a price somewhere between $49 and $99.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Nyan Cat Inspired Easter Egg In Ice Cream Sandwich

By David Ponce

The joys of the intertubes are many and plentiful, and among these are things like Nyan Cat, the wonderful soaring cat with rainbows coming out its behind. So great is he that you can access an Easter egg in the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) that features 8-bit Android doing the Nyan Cat, sadly sans the psychedelic music. Get your Nexus out, because here’s how to see it:

To access the treat you’ll have to head into the settings, neatly accessed via the notifications bar in Ice Cream Sandwich. In the “about phone” section you’ll find the details of the Android version. Tap repeatedly on “Android version 4.0.1” and you’ll get the 8-bit Android with an Ice Cream Sandwich body. Now, to take this to the next level, press and hold on 8-bit Android and he’ll grow, like Mario, into a super Ice Cream Sandwich Android man and start flying across the screen, with his buddies, in a huge Nyan Cat-style onslaught.

If you didn’t follow any of that, just watch the below video.

VIA [ Pocket Lint ]

Google Announces Docs For Android And iPad Platforms

By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve got an iPad, you’ve no doubt found it to be a decent replacement for a netbook, in addition to being a tablet. One good use for a netbook is creating and editing text documents. I’ve yet to break down and buy any of the iWork apps for my iPad because to be honest, I’m cheap. Between OpenOffice and Google Documents, I haven’t paid for an office suite in a very long time. I figured if was patient enough, a good free one would come to the iPad eventually. My patience, it seems, has paid off.

Yesterday Google announced that they would be releasing both Android and iPad versions of their Google Documents suite sometime in the next few weeks. These versions will allow for full editing of documents, as well as the collaborative functions seen when using them on desktop operating systems. I’m definitely glad I held off.

[ Google ] VIA [ AppleInsider ]

Cloud Telecomputers Tries To Keep Desk Phones Relevant With Android-Based Glass Platform


By David Ponce

We have to give Cloud Telecomputers credit for trying to defibrilate a heartbeat into what is clearly a platform in need of change: the desk phone. Sure, businesses still use them as they have massive infrastructures built around them and they’re not going anywhere soon, but feature-wise these machines have nothing on our smartphones. Which is why the Glass Platform looks interesting.

Featuring an 8″ touchscreen and a flavor of Android under the hood, the phone will allow you to dial directly from Outlook, dial by name, link to your cellphone with Bluetooth and answer through the deskphone, even access your mobile’s contacts and dial them through the interface. Finally, since this is a full OS you can also access applications, such as Salesforce integration, find and call taxis, connect to LinkedIn, etc.

“As you probably picked up, however, this is still a platform and not an actual product just yet, but Cloud Telecomputers does have some pretty heavy backers behind it, and it “anticipates” that the first phones should be available sometime in the first quarter of 2010 for between $599 and $699.”

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Google Android Smartphone Shipments to Grow 900% in 2009


By Shane McGlaun

The first Android smartphone to hit the market was the T-Mobile G1. The device was met with enthusiasm by many fans of open source phones, but there were some teething problems with the new OS. It took Google and T-Mobile a bit to get things sorted and other smartphone makers and mobile carriers watched to see how the G1 did before jumping into the Android waters.

Now that the kinks are mostly sorted out of the Android OS, more and more new smartphones are being announced that would run the operating system. Strategy Analytics says that in 2009 Android will be the fastest growing smartphone OS with a predicted growth rate of 900% for the year.

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