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Powdered Alcohol On The Way? Maybe


Palcohol is a powder than, when mixed with water, will turn it into Vodka or Rum. It’s great for camping trips, for example, where lugging big bottles of liquor can be a pain. Instead, the powdered alcohol will take up less space and weight, and can be mixed with water from a stream, or liquids you bring yourself (like juice). Each packet of Palcohol contains enough powder to make a standard concentration drink, if mixed with 5 ounces of liquid. The company also plans on selling flavoured versions of the powder, so that you may have a full standard drink (like Margaritas, or Cosmopolitans) without needing to add anything more than plain water.

There is some discussion over whether the product is legal for sale in the US, with approval being granted and retracted only 13 days later. Upon closer inspection, it does appear to be a technical issue related to labels, rather than a rejection of the product for sale on US shelves. Which means that if all goes well, you’ll be able to get either type of Palcohol (Vodka or Rum) by this fall, though we’re not sure for how much.

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So This is Baby Mice Wine

Mice Wine

Where I’m from, the older generation advises the younger ones who have asthma to drink the soup (if you can call it that) that’s obtained from boiling dried flying lizards in water. Apparently, it can get rid of the wheezing for good. I’m asthmatic, but I’d rather go for my inhaler than a bowl of flying lizard soup any time of day.

Homemade cures and tonics often make use of unusual and sometimes disgusting ingredients. Take the case of this cure-all that many speculate to be of Chinese origin. It’s wine with actual dead baby mice in it. It’s said to be a cure for a variety of diseases, including liver disease and asthma. Preparation sounds relatively simple: drown a dozen or so baby mice (maximum age is three days old) into a bottle of rice wine, and leave it for 12 to 14 months. As for its taste, people who’ve tried it report that it tastes like gasoline.

Baby mice rice wine: Drink at your own risk.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

Muzzle Suppressor Shaped Shot Glasses Are For The Hardcore Drinker

Muzzleshot Shot Glass

You can take your shots in those chintzy Mariachi glasses your friends brought you back from their Mexico vacation. Or, you can bust out the heavy artillery and have some drinks in the above Muzzleshots. Machined out of a solid block of aluminum, the glasses are shaped like an M16′s A2 flash suppressor, and are then Mil-spec anodized for a army matte finish. They’re virtually indestructible, and will definitely look pretty badass next time you bust them out at a poker game or something. Each 1.5oz. glass is $35, but if you want four of them in a custom-desgned Pelican case, it’s going to cost you $200.

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Have Yourself a Cheesy Valentine’s With Some Cheeseburger Red Wine

Cheeseburger Wibne

What’s wrong with having cheeseburgers on your Valentine’s date this year? Times are tough and fancy dinners are out of the question in this bad economy, especially if you’re already holding down two jobs to make ends meet. But while you can do away with the five-course meal, don’t do away with the wine, because a good nightcap sometimes makes all the difference.

There’s only one drink you can turn to after a meal of cheeseburgers, and that’s Rootstock Cellars‘ Cheeseburger Red wine. Its flavor was designed to complement a post-burger palate and is described as “smooth and jammy, bursting with red fruit that so perfectly compliment a slight char.”

Each bottle is priced at $12.99.

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Drinkmaster Hoodie Lets You Drink In Style In the Great Outdoors

Drinkmaster Hoodie

If you’ve ever tried to drink outdoors on a cold night, then you might’ve been able to make the unpleasant realization that it’s not as simple or easy as it looks. It’s too cold to grip the bottle using your bare hands, but it slips and slides when you try to hold it using the sleeve of your jacket. Then there’s the matter of trying to pop the bottle open with shaking and shivering hands. So do yourself a favor and swap out your regular jacket for the Drinkmaster Hoodie.

It’s the only hoodie in the market that’s made especially for a drinker’s enjoyment. The Drinkmaster is fashioned from quality cotton and polyblend. It has a built-in Neoprine-lined beer koozie pocket, a zipper with a bottle opener wedged somewhere in between, a flask pocket on the inside of the jacket, and built-in drinking gloves on the sleeve with a non-slip grip. It even has a snappable ID pocket so you can hand your ID over to buy your booze in a snap.

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Syringe Shooters Deliver Just What the Doctor Ordered for the New Year

Syringe Shots

Many believed that 2012 would spell the end of the world as we know it. However, we’re all still here, alive and kicking, with the new year upon us in just a matter of days. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I’m sure you do, too. But maybe we should all be most thankful for the fact that we’ve got another year ahead of us to make things right and do what we’ve always wanted to do so we wouldn’t have any regrets when or if the world does finally end.

The New Year is traditionally greeted with a bang, both indoors and outdoors. Firecrackers take care of the latter, while the former is comprised of free-flowing drinks and parties all around with the people who matter the most. What better way to toast to a new year than by drinking controlled amounts of booze in these Syringe Shooters–just like your doctor ordered. They come in a trio of syringes for thrice the fun and triple the merriment.

These Syringe Shooters are sold in sets of three for $15.95.

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Meat Shot Glasses–Because Bacon Tequila Tastes Better With Meat

Meatball Shotglass

Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Don’t drink more than you can handle. And don’t drink and drive. Those are the three rules that every drinker should know and take to heart, because as long as you follow all three, then you’ll be fine. Or at least, let’s hope you will be.

Helping you along with the first of these rules is the newest craze in the alcoholosphere (I know, there’s no such word but I like how it sounds): Meat Shot Glasses. They were thought up by the meat-loving collective known as ManBQue and while they don’t look like the prettiest things in the world, they’re actually a pretty cool concept. These are basically just shot glasses wrapped in meat balls and then grilled for your dining and drinking pleasure.

For best results, use these glasses to down your Bacon Vodka. Enjoy!

[ How-To Page ] VIA [ Huffington Post ]

You Can Apparently Buy A Pleather Purse To Carry Wine In

By David Ponce

Call it a purse or a European carry-all or whatever you want… the important point is that you’re looking at a fancied up winebag that looks like a purse. It’s designed by one Jakob Wagner, appears to be called Baggy Winecoat, comes in polyester or leatherette, holds 3 liters of booze and has a solid rubber bottom so your swill doesn’t spill over when you put it down. It even has a spigot.

It’s $52.82 and you can buy it from what appears to be a Scandinavian design store.

Oh and this is old news (April of this year?), as per a quick article-already-written Google search reveals. Still interesting, so there you have it anyway.

[ Baggy Winecoat ] VIA [ Reddit ]

Expensive Liquor Calls For Something Like This Ice Ball Press

By David Ponce

Like any self-respecting gents, we here at OhGizmo! headquarters like to consume fine Scotch Whisky… We of course consume other libations indiscriminately, provided they nudge you steadily closer to inebriation. This squarely puts us into the field of liquor noobs; aside from James Bond’s allusions to drink preparation methods, little did we know how much care can go into fixing a proper intoxicant. Apparently, large spheres of ice are becoming popular in certain bars as they provide the smallest surface area against which to cool your expensive distillate, preventing rapid dilution. Until recently these bars would assign ice-carving bartenders the task of chiseling out spheres one at a time. Devices like this Ice Ball Sphere press seek to make their life easier. It consists of two metal masses with a spherical depression in the middle. Place a chunk of ice in the lower half-spherical hole, insert top half into the guide-rails and gravity will pull the mass down, melting the ice rapidly until a ball shape is achieved about a minute later.

It’s $800 and clearly aimed at bars, though you could of course buy it for your own home. It might go well with that fancy toothpaste squeezer.

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