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Here’s A Security System That Does Absolutely No Securing

Most security systems/alarms do a very specific job: they detect forceful entry, sound an alarm, and contact the authorities. Yet, despite their existence, thieves are still plying their trade almost completely unhindered; it really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to smash a window, grab some things, and run. The LaserScan security system takes a different approach to the issue: deterrence. The system itself doesn’t do a thing. It doesn’t contact a security central, the cops or anyone. It doesn’t even detect unauthorized entry. All it does is look really menacing by projecting a set of moving laser beams all around the inside of your home. Seen from the outside, it looks to the robber like he’s not up against your run of the mill security system, but some kind of weird Hollywood-like setup. Will he be trapped inside? Gassed? Zapped? Who knows?! Better try the next house over. And a theft not attempted, is a theft not accomplished.

It’s $200 and we quite frankly believe it a better option that traditional systems out there. Until word gets out and the thieving community catches on. So, the ideal would be a combination of both: a deterring laser system that actually works. There’s a hole in the market here, folks…

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The Ramos Alarm Clock Might Actually Get You Out Of Bed

By David Ponce

Waking up is one of the hardest things to do and surely countless jobs have been lost after an unfortunate morning snoozing session. There are many alarms on the market that try to tackle this issue and the Ramos Alarm Clock, currently on Kickstarter, is one of the better ones. It features a clock that stays by your bed and a remote wireless pad. When the alarm goes off, you have to get out of bed and walk to this pad to enter a code. By then, hopefully, you’ll just decide to stay out of bed.

But the features don’t end there. You can preset the number of snoozes you allow yourself in the morning, after which you have to walk to the pad. Also, some people like to make their own snooze by waking up before the alarm goes off and changing the time. The Ramos deals with this by going into a lockdown mode 30 minutes before it’s due, forcing you to get out of bed anyway. There’s also a Courtesy Mode that takes your housemates into consideration: the alarm rings for 10 seconds, then pauses for a minute. This gives you a window of opportunity to get out of bed and disarm the clock, sparing the sleep of others in the house.

The Ramos clock comes in two flavors: a $160 LED teak wood clock or a $350 nixie tube clock, also in teak wood. More expensive options exist for fancier finishes and longer range control panels.

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