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World’s First Portable Air Purifier


Yeah, we’re polluting this planet, alright. Whether our politicians will ever get their act together remains to be seen, but that doesn’t mean individuals and companies can’t do anything in the meantime. And considering how bad things are getting in China, it’s no surprise to see the above Wearable Air Purifier come out of there. It’s a strange looking contraction that you wear on your head, like a futuristic headset, but whose entire purpose is to attempt to purify the air you breathe. It draws dirty atmosphere through the upper section and funnels it through filters and electrostatic dust removal panels before directing it right under your nose. The air, once cleaned, is 99.9% free of contaminants. Sensors keep track of how hard they’ve had to work, providing your smartphone with a map of your city’s dirtiest areas. You also get data on temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and more.

Currently the device’s battery life stands at 6-8 hours, but there are plans to increase that to 10 hours. It’s not available yet, but the company is seeking funding to bring it to market.


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Plants + Technology clears Toxins for Better, Natural Cleaner Air

By Robert French

Air purifiers are often found in homes and offices as people become more concerned with air impurities. Most of them still use a source of energy but designers Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards had a more natural idea: why not use nature’s air purifiers to serve the same purpose in your home and office? Plants are best known for their ability to scrub toxins from the air and release pure, fresh oxygen. The Andrea air purifier combines nature and technology into one eco-looking and effective air-scrubbing product.

Andrea uses nearly any household plant you supply and takes advantage of its purifying properties to absorb and neutralize airborne toxins.  The powered fan pushes air over the plant’s leaves and through the roots of the plant and soil to increase the speed of the plant’s filtration process. According to Andrea’s designers, the device removes toxic gases from the air at a rate of over 1000% faster than plants alone without the technology.

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