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Life-Sized Pin Art Makes An Awesome Desk Toy Even Awesomer

Life-Size Pin Art (Images courtesy FashionistaBarbieUK)
By Andrew Liszewski

While they’re more commonly used as a way for prepubescent boys to leave an imprint of their middle finger behind in novelty stores, those pin art desk toys are occasionally an amusing way to kill a few minutes at work. And when blown up to full-scale, a clever way to advertise your fashion brand.

That’s what Lulu Guinness did with this giant pin art display which encouraged people to ‘Be a Pin Up!’ themselves. If you had a real-life wayback machine you could travel back to last month and experience it for yourself under the St. John’s Gate in Central London, where it was on display as part of Clerkenwell’s Design Week. But now we’re going to assume it’s sitting on top of Lulu Guinness’ equally gigantic desk, next to a monstrous version of Newton’s Cradle which could demolish a building.

[ Fashionista Barbie – Clerkenwell Design Week: Lulu Guinness – Be a Pin Up! ] VIA [ TDW Geeks & Illuminations and Other Stuff ]

Volkswagen’s ‘Eat The Road’ Campaign Literally Encourages People To Eat Their Edible Print Ads

Volkswagen's 'Eat The Road' Campaign (Images courtesy Ads Of The World)
By Andrew Liszewski

Having taken ‘Fahrvergnügen’ farther than it really needed to go, Volkswagen has apparently been on the hunt for more unorthodox forms of advertising, and it seems like they’ve hit the nail on the head again. In order to literally demonstrate the “awesome road-eating power and acceleration” of their new VW Golf R they created the print ad pictured above featuring the tag line “Eat the road.” And it turns out the ad, which was placed in South African copies of the Auto Trader, was actually printed on paper made of glutinous rice, flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C color and glycerine. Meaning it was completely edible. Now I’ve no idea how it tasted, but I’m hoping the trend is carried on at upcoming auto shows since Doritos flavored brochures and press releases sound like the perfect snack.

[ Ads of the World – Volkswagen: Eat the Road ] VIA [ Adweek ]

Coca-Cola Decides To Go The Subtle Route To Celebrate Their 125th Anniversary, Turns Their HQ Into A Giant Display

Coca-Cola's 125th Anniversary (Images courtesy Obscura Digital)
By Andrew Liszewski

Coca-Cola took a page from the ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ book to celebrate their 125th anniversary. They hired a company called Obscura Digital to turn all 4 sides of their Atlanta HQ building into a giant 26 story tall projection screen. All in all that amounts to over 200,000 square feet of projection surface. The setup also appears to use multiple projectors on the ground for each side, seamlessly lined up to create one giant animation.

The 2 hour show, which incorporates “transitioning narrative and cinematic pieces” as well as social media elements like photos uploaded to Coca-Cola’s Facebook page, runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in May from 9 to 11pm. And according to the project’s page on the Obscura Digital website, the CO2 footprint of the event “is offset through Georgia’s Valley Wood Carbon Sequestration Project.”

[ Obscura Digital – Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Large Scale Projection Display ] VIA [ PSFK ]

Clever Ketchup Packets Designed To Sell Stain Remover, Not Condiments

Vantage Ketchup Packet (Image courtesy Ads of the World)
By Andrew Liszewski

In an effort to promote Vantage, a stain remover that competes with the top brand in Brazil, the company hired São Paulo-based ad agency DPZ Propaganda to create this clever campaign. Apparently Ketchup is the leading source of stains in Brazil, so they created Ketchup packets shaped like stains with an ad for Vantage on the back with the tagline: “Stains. Hard to avoid, easy to remove.”

Was it effective? Well 100,000 of the custom-shaped packets were distributed in snack bars and restaurants in and around São Paulo, and in just three days they had all disappeared. Either that city consumes a lot of condiments, or the citizens saw the opportunity for a cheap keepsake. Either way, I think they got their message across.

[ Ads Of The World – Vantage: Ketchup Stain Packet ] VIA [ PSFK ]

UNICEF’s Landmine Awareness Campaign Would Certainly Get My Attention

UNICEF Landmine Awareness Campaign (Images courtesy Ads of the World)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s impossible to really grasp the fear that people living in war-torn areas have to deal with, particularly when it comes to those parts of the world that are left littered with land mines when a war is over. But UNICEF’s landmine sticker campaign certainly drives home the point of how easy it is to miss them. Distributed in front of UNICEF information booths, the adhesive side of the stickers are printed with a design that matches the surface on which they’re placed, so that people step on them without realizing they’re there. And when they go to remove the sticker from their shoe, they discover the image of a landmine on the other side reminding them that in many parts of the world there’s the genuine risk of stepping on something that’s far less innocuous than a sticker.

[ Ads of the World – Unicef: Landmine stickers ] VIA [ I New Idea ]

Sharp Almost Outdoes Honda’s Cog Commercial With Their Touch Wood SH-08C Ad

By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t had a chance to play with Sharp’s Touch Wood SH-08C handset, but damned if they haven’t convinced me to try it out all because of this brilliant ad. Like with many memorable commercials it’s a simple concept with a complicated execution that’s pulled off perfectly. Right down to a lovely rendition of Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.

[ YouTube ] VIA [ Switched ]

You Think Your Cable Provider Is Annoying? This Is What I See On Channel #208

Rogers Rotisserie Channel (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Lots of customers like to complain about their cable provider, particularly when it comes to channel packages requiring you to subscribe to numerous channels you don’t want, just to get a channel you do. And I’m not saying those of us up here in Canada have it the worst, but anyone with access to Rogers’ HD content will find channel #208 now shows a non-stop loop of rotisserie chickens cooking and turning on a spit, complete with crackling and sizzling sound effects.

According to the The Globe and Mail, the Rotisserie Channel is actually a marketing initiative between Rogers and a popular Canadian restaurant chain known as Swiss Chalet, and will run until late May when presumably we’ll finally learn how and why all those chickens ended up on that mysterious island… For the most part the Rotisserie Channel remains unbranded, but every once in a while viewers will be encouraged to visit Swiss Chalet’s website with a promo code for discounts.

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Now Blessed With Bathroom Mirrors That Play Commercials

Chicago's O'Hare Airport's Bathroom Mirror Ads (Image courtesy Jaunted)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides death and taxes, here’s another thing you can always count on in life. Somehow, someone, somewhere will find a way to make flying and airports even more intolerable. If it’s not overzealous and questionably effective security, it’s the ever increasing number of ads and commercials playing on displays around every corner. Even the bathroom has stopped being a refuge, particularly in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport where a company called Clear Channel Communications, working with technology designer Mirrus, has created yet another way to annoy you with ads.

When someone is washing their hands or shaving or something, the bathroom mirrors work as expected. But when no one is standing in front of the sink, the mirrors switch to showing full-screen ads. And I’m assuming/hoping they don’t play sound since an entire row of mirrors would all be in competition with each other if they were showing different content. But that only makes them slightly less annoying. They of course also use sensors of some sort to tell when someone is standing in front of the mirror, but my success rate with motion sensing faucets, or lack thereof, also makes me less than excited about this idea.

[ PR – Clear Channel Airports Reflects Marketers’ Messages on New Digital Advertising Platform ] VIA [ Jaunted ]

You’re Probably Not Going To Find Cooler Packaging For A Piece Of Vinyl Than This, And Definitely Not For $15

Graf Orlock "Doombox" (Image courtesy Graf Orlock)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the top DVD and Blu-ray packaging are not uncommon these days, but you don’t see much being done for new vinyl releases. It might be because the format has been supplanted 3 or 4 times over by now, or it could be the fact that bands who still do produce vinyl pressings just don’t care about their fans. Clearly that’s not the case with the hardcore group Graf Orlock though.

Their latest release, Doombox, comes on a very cool, clear 10-inch piece of vinyl in a box set that also includes CDs of not only their current release, but their last 3 trilogy records as well. Giving you 42 tracks of Graf Orlock goodness. (With ‘goodness’ being a relative term.) But as you can see in the photo, who cares about the music when the vinyl’s packaging includes instructions for turning it into a fairly convincing cardboard (non-functioning) boombox. All for just $15! (I’m fairly certain that’s not just the pre-order price.) Goodbye reference texts, I’ve suddenly got the need for more shelf space.

[ Graf Orlock “Doombox” ] VIA [ ALBOTAS & OMG Vinyl ]