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What the French Fry: Burger King Gives Free ‘Wi-Fry’ to Promote New ‘Satisfries’

WTFF Burger King

Burger King is leaving giant crinkle fries all over New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in a grand attempt to promote their new reduced-fat fries called “Satisfries.” The pun doesn’t end there. They extend it to the actual promotional campaign, which consisted of leaving the aforementioned giant fries in random places and giving people free Wi-Fry.

They’ve dubbed their campaign #WTFF, which stands for What the French Fry.

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Vending Machine Doles Out Free Beer to Lazy Bystanders

Lazy Beer Vending Machine

Getting free beer doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is stand in front of this vending machine and do nothing for three minutes. It’s that easy. This is the latest in a series of advertising stunts done by various companies using a vending machine that doles out free goods in exchange for a random or sometimes unusual action by the person.

The one set up by beer company Amstel is called the Amstel Pause and it definitely stays true to its name. Anybody who wants a cold one only has to press a button to start the timer and stand on the designated spot in front of the Pause. Once the three minutes is up, the machine dispenses a can of booze.

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Forgot Your Tripod? Mount Your Camera On the Public Camera Stand Instead

Public Camera Stand

So you found the perfect spot to take a photo as a souvenir from your much-deserved vacation. You could use a tripod, ask some passerby to take your photo, or use the clever public camera stand instead. Unfortunately, the latter is only available in select locations, but hey, at least it’s another option.

These public camera stands are built by Sunpole, a Japan-based manufacturer of flagpoles and other outdoor products. The stand pictured above was spotted at a scenic area in Enoshima Island in Japan. It’s basically a tall structure with a small platform at the top, with a notch off to one side to hold your camera.Continue Reading

Yawn and This Coffee Machine Will Give You a Free Cup of Joe

Yawn-activated coffee machine

This Douwe Egberts coffee machine looks like a typical machine, but you’ll soon realize that not everything is at seems when you take a closer look. It doesn’t have the usual slots where you’re supposed to push your coins or paper bills in, but it’s equipped with a facial recognition system instead. Don’t expect to get a cup of coffee if you’re fully awake and perky, because the machine has been programmed to only dole out free cups of Joe to people who are yawning (or in the process of yawning.)

The international coffee company chose to install the unusual coffee machine in the busy O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa, where over 210 cups of coffee were given away to tired and weary travelers.

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Feeling Spontaneous?

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.29.44 PM

Have you ever just wanted to head out to the airport, and spontaneously buy a ticket to some relaxing destination with no prior planning? We sure have… Yet for most of us, our tickets are always booked in advance and our trips are planned quite efficiently. Looking to change all that (for some, at least), Heineken, in partnership with Wieden & Kennedy New York, has decided to challenge travellers at the airport to break through their comfort zone. Basically they set up boards, as seen above, in buzzing airport terminals like JFK and challenged travellers to take part in “departure roulette” where a simple hit of the button changes your destination to a random exotic location; obviously, you have no say in what it could be.

Lets say you are headed from JFK to LAX with family for a long planned trip, you get pressured at the airport and you press the button… BOOM (well not “boom”, since it’s an airport and the TSA doesn’t have a sense of humour): new destination, St-Tropez on your own! Last Tuesday someone actually played and ended up going to Cyprus instead of Vienna with their family. They also received a $2,000 bonus from Heineken to cover expenses and got a hotel for 2 nights.

So… what we understand from this is you have to be at the airport and already have a ticket to an initial destination, which in most cases you have taken time out to plan and organize, and if you are spontaneous enough you have the chance to drop all those plans, change everything and head off somewhere you have no say in. Personally I’d pass but I’d love to see more people try it out.

VIA [ Creativity Online ]

Ready to Party? Heineken Debuts World’s First Interactive Bottle

Flashlight Beer

Glow sticks are so yesterday, because we’re in the age of light-up beer bottles now. At least, that’s the approach Heineken is taking with the concept that ad agency Tribal DDB came up for them. Heineken’s Jeremy Brook, who heads the digital and media innovation at the brewery, dubs it the “world’s first interactive beer bottle.”

The bottle itself comes with a green plastic base that’s equipped with a wireless sensor and LED lights. Whenever someone takes a swig from the bottle, the entire thing sparkles. When there’s music playing, the light will blink in sync with the beat. Totally makes you want to dance or at least bob your head to the music, right?

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Beardvertising: Grow a Beard, Clip an Ad On It, and Get Paid


Got a beard? Interested in making some extra cash? Then you might want to look into becoming a walking and talking Beardboard.

The whole Beardvertising concept was thought up by Kentucky-based advertising agency Cornett-IMS, which calls on men to clip on miniature billboards on their fuzzy beards called ‘beardboards.’ A&W and Eagle One are reportedly on board the campaign, with the formerr paying guys $5 a day for the beardspace.

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Dominos Tempts DVD Renters With Pizza Smell After Movie Is Done


Some parts of the world still use spinning discs of plastic to enjoy their movies. Brazil is one of those places, and Dominos there decided to partner up with advertising firm Artplan for their latest campaign. They recruited 10 local DVD rental stores and replaced the labels on popular films with a special heat-activated one. It looks like a regular label when you pop it in the DVD player, but as it spins and heats up the label changes and is replaced with the image of a pizza, while simultaneously releasing the smell of a fresh pie, right out of the oven. Also printed on the new label is the following: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

That’s as crude as advertising gets, but it’s also creative and probably effective. If we were the type of people that still pop discs in machines and someone dropped this on us, we just might pick up the phone for an order.

VIA [ DVice ]

Below-the-Belt Ads: Turn Your Butt Into a Billboard and Get Free Underwear

Free Underwear

Nothing is free in this world. I mean, you can sign up for free offers or subscriptions, but you’ll end up paying for these sooner or later, one way or the other. For example, there’s this site in Japan that’s called Free Pants, and while they’ll send anyone who wants a pair some free underwear, it’s not as free as they’ll think.

You see, each of the pants they’ll be shipping out will have some ad of some sort on the bottom. The logo of some deodorant or shampoo brand or a cable company will be printed and displayed prominently all over the wearer’s butt for the whole world–or for whoever happens to be with them in the bedroom, anyway–to see.

Interested? Sign up for a pair on Free Pants.

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