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Feeling Spontaneous?

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.29.44 PM

Have you ever just wanted to head out to the airport, and spontaneously buy a ticket to some relaxing destination with no prior planning? We sure have… Yet for most of us, our tickets are always booked in advance and our trips are planned quite efficiently. Looking to change all that (for some, at least), Heineken, in partnership with Wieden & Kennedy New York, has decided to challenge travellers at the airport to break through their comfort zone. Basically they set up boards, as seen above, in buzzing airport terminals like JFK and challenged travellers to take part in “departure roulette” where a simple hit of the button changes your destination to a random exotic location; obviously, you have no say in what it could be.

Lets say you are headed from JFK to LAX with family for a long planned trip, you get pressured at the airport and you press the button… BOOM (well not “boom”, since it’s an airport and the TSA doesn’t have a sense of humour): new destination, St-Tropez on your own! Last Tuesday someone actually played and ended up going to Cyprus instead of Vienna with their family. They also received a $2,000 bonus from Heineken to cover expenses and got a hotel for 2 nights.

So… what we understand from this is you have to be at the airport and already have a ticket to an initial destination, which in most cases you have taken time out to plan and organize, and if you are spontaneous enough you have the chance to drop all those plans, change everything and head off somewhere you have no say in. Personally I’d pass but I’d love to see more people try it out.

VIA [ Creativity Online ]

Ready to Party? Heineken Debuts World’s First Interactive Bottle

Flashlight Beer

Glow sticks are so yesterday, because we’re in the age of light-up beer bottles now. At least, that’s the approach Heineken is taking with the concept that ad agency Tribal DDB came up for them. Heineken’s Jeremy Brook, who heads the digital and media innovation at the brewery, dubs it the “world’s first interactive beer bottle.”

The bottle itself comes with a green plastic base that’s equipped with a wireless sensor and LED lights. Whenever someone takes a swig from the bottle, the entire thing sparkles. When there’s music playing, the light will blink in sync with the beat. Totally makes you want to dance or at least bob your head to the music, right?

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Beardvertising: Grow a Beard, Clip an Ad On It, and Get Paid


Got a beard? Interested in making some extra cash? Then you might want to look into becoming a walking and talking Beardboard.

The whole Beardvertising concept was thought up by Kentucky-based advertising agency Cornett-IMS, which calls on men to clip on miniature billboards on their fuzzy beards called ‘beardboards.’ A&W and Eagle One are reportedly on board the campaign, with the formerr paying guys $5 a day for the beardspace.

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Dominos Tempts DVD Renters With Pizza Smell After Movie Is Done


Some parts of the world still use spinning discs of plastic to enjoy their movies. Brazil is one of those places, and Dominos there decided to partner up with advertising firm Artplan for their latest campaign. They recruited 10 local DVD rental stores and replaced the labels on popular films with a special heat-activated one. It looks like a regular label when you pop it in the DVD player, but as it spins and heats up the label changes and is replaced with the image of a pizza, while simultaneously releasing the smell of a fresh pie, right out of the oven. Also printed on the new label is the following: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

That’s as crude as advertising gets, but it’s also creative and probably effective. If we were the type of people that still pop discs in machines and someone dropped this on us, we just might pick up the phone for an order.

VIA [ DVice ]

Below-the-Belt Ads: Turn Your Butt Into a Billboard and Get Free Underwear

Free Underwear

Nothing is free in this world. I mean, you can sign up for free offers or subscriptions, but you’ll end up paying for these sooner or later, one way or the other. For example, there’s this site in Japan that’s called Free Pants, and while they’ll send anyone who wants a pair some free underwear, it’s not as free as they’ll think.

You see, each of the pants they’ll be shipping out will have some ad of some sort on the bottom. The logo of some deodorant or shampoo brand or a cable company will be printed and displayed prominently all over the wearer’s butt for the whole world–or for whoever happens to be with them in the bedroom, anyway–to see.

Interested? Sign up for a pair on Free Pants.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]

The Last Barfighter Is An Arcade Machine That Pours You Beer


Like an endangered animal, arcade machines are getting increasingly rare. But we think The Last Barfighter stands a pretty good chance of swimming against the current, and becoming a runaway hit. In bars at least. It’s an arcade machine that lets you play a quirky and rudimentary fighting game, like Street Fighter from 15 years ago. But when the game is over, the winner sees a pint of beer fill up his glass. It’s brilliant.

The machines were created by an ad agency, Durham-based McKinney, and were commissioned by Raleigh beer company Big Boss Brewery. So they’re currently there, serving suds to thirsty customers and being trotted out during special events. It’s a lot more fun to get served that way, and we wouldn’t be surprised if demand for them became such that other establishments would eventually buy some. But that hasn’t happened yet, so if you want to try them, you’re going to have to make your way to North Carolina.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ CNet News ]

This Coca-Cola Ad Lets You Roll Your Own Coke-Tastic Smartphone Amplifier

Coca Cola Smartphone Amplifier

The quirkier the ad, the more attention it’ll get. Every ad agency knows that, although not all of them manage to execute this in their campaigns. A Coca-Cola ad that was recently run in South America did, however, and it’s getting them a whole lot of coverage. The multi-national corporation was celebrating the one year anniversary of Coca Cola FM, so what they did was transform Capricho Magazine (where the ad was printed) into an amplifier to liven up the party.

The ad basically instructs readers to roll their magazine up and tuck a tab on the magazine’s special double cover into a slot on the other side. The last step involves putting the phone into the groove found on the middle of the makeshift amplifier. You already know what happens next.

Check out a video of the Coca Cola magazine amplifier in action after the break.

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Future In-Game Advertising Could Use Interrupting Adverts

By David Ponce

We’re all more or less getting used to the idea that product placement in video games is not going anywhere soon, but how would we react if the method outlined in the above patent from Sony is ever implemented? Recently unearthed by an intrepid user of the NeoGaf forum, the patent filed on Jul 22, 2011 would have the game actually be interrupted (stopped) by an advertisement, and then resume. Gameplay would slow down in anticipation of the ad being shown, and then rewind slightly after the ad is presented. There’s no word on whether this will ever actually make it into a game, although it’s not unlikely, at the very least for free-to-play titles. Paid titles on the other hand should steer clear of this… At least, we hope so.

[ Patent Page ] VIA [ G4TV ]

Brilliant Marketing: The Photoblocker Beer Cooler Keeps The Missus In The Dark

By David Ponce

Argentinian ad agency Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi is on a roll. First we heard about their work with the BGH Quick Chef, a microwave oven that signals readiness with customizable music instead of a beep. But their latest campaign with Norte Beer, a South American brewer, is pure genius. They’ve created the Norte Photoblocker, a beer cooler that makes it impossible to take a good picture of you within its effective radius. It does this by detecting a flash and immediately flashing one of its own, ruining the pic. Why would this be good? Ok, picture this. You’re out at the club getting into all kinds of trouble. Great times… until pictures are taken and you’re inevitably tagged. By the time you get around to doing some damage control, well, by then it’s too late. Better to have the photoblocker around.

The device actually exists and works. It’s been planted in a few regional bars and photoblocked pictures were still uploaded with the subjects well protected. Savvy club owners would do well to look into ways of acquiring more like these. As the ads say, “What happens at the club, stays at the club…” However, there doesn’t appear to be concrete plans to bring the device to North America.

Incidentally, do yourself a favor and hit the jump to watch the two commercials in question. They’re really, really good.

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