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Swivl Camera Tracking Device Is Ready For Prime-Time

By David Ponce

Facetime is great and everything, but having to hold your phone in one hand severely hampers your ability to do pretty much anything else. Put it down somewhere and you can’t really go anyplace outside its field of view. To the rescue comes the Swivl, an accessory which securely holds your phone and tracks your every movement. It pans (left and right movements) and tilts (up and down movements) and will keep you in the frame as long as you are wearing its beacon. It’s not limited to the iPhone of course; as long as it fits in the holder you’re good to go. It’s available for pre-order right now and will ship out in early 2012 with an estimated price of $159.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Tis The Megaphone Your iPhone’s Been Waiting For

By David Ponce

This… now this is sure to get you some conversations. It’s a passive ceramic amplifier made specifically for the iPhone. As you can plainly see, it’s in the shape of a horn and contains a docking area at the top that will fit your Apple music device snugly. As musical horns do, the MegaPhone will amplify the sound coming from the iPhone’s speakers due to the specific shape of its walls. It also rests on a thin wooden structure which is meant to raise it above any surface and allow it to vibrate more freely. We’re not sure if the video below is really representative of the level of amplification, but really, it doesn’t matter: it looks awesome. The MegaPhone is compatible with iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and costs 400 Euros. That’s for the black or white version, while a gold plated model will set you back 600 Euros.

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Add A Flash To Your Older iPhone

By Chris Scott Barr

One of my favorite features on my iPhone 4 is one of the most basic. I’m talking of course about the flash. The addition of one little LED makes a world of difference on the pictures. Yes, having a better camera helps as well, but being able to capture low-light situations is wonderful. Well now owners of the previous iPhones can also have this handy feature.

The iFlash (how original) is a small device that plugs into the docking port of your iPhone. A simple on/off switch kicks on the LED and lights up your subject. The best part is that there is no need for batteries, as it draws power from the phone itself. The $40 price tag is a bit excessive for what it does, so you might just want to wait until you have the opportunity to upgrade your phone.

[ Gadgets and Gear ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

Bringrr Ensures That You Never Leave Your Phone At Home

By Chris Scott Barr

Cell phone have, for better or worse, become an important part of our daily lives. Which is why it really sucks when you get somewhere, only to realize your phone is sitting at home, miles away. I’ve found my own way around that, as I use mine to play all of the music in my car, so I notice right away if I’ve left it in the house. However, if you prefer to listen to the radio, that’s not a viable solution. Instead, you might consider this rather simple device.

Bringrr is a small Bluetooth accessory that detects when your phone is nearby. If you start your car and the phone isn’t present, it will emit a sound to let you know. It’s small, rather cheap ($35) and helps to ensure that you never leave home (or anywhere else, for that matter) without your phone.

[ Bringrr ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Have No Pockets? Strap Your iPhone To Your Chest


By Chris Scott Barr

You know what I don’t see enough of these days? Bandoliers. It’s already been proven that they are stylish, I mean just look at Chewbacca, Rambo and Worf (at least I’m pretty sure that thing was considered an ornamental bandolier). What’s that, you’d like to wear one, but just don’t have a good enough reason?  Well have I got a surprise for you. The Dew Quiver iPod Shoulder Strap is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Alright, in all seriousness, this thing is the fanny pack for the 21st century. No, that’s not some sort of compliment to the designers. Sure, it’s got a place to run the cord for your earbuds and build-in volume control. But this thing boils down to being the equivalent of a fanny pack. It’s not stylish, it’s just a big ugly pocket. Make that a big ugly expensive pocket, as it will set you back $85.

[ SmallDog ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]

South Korean Sausage iPhone Stylus Now Available In The US

Sausage Stylus

By Chris Scott Barr

Remember last month when we told you about South Korea’s brilliant use of the sausage stylus? Sure, it seems pretty bizarre, but it’s also apparently rather handy. The sausages used aren’t widely sold here in the US, but one enterprising company imported a whole bundle of them to sell as styluses.

That’s right, if you head over to CaseCrown, you can pick up your very own iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus. It’ll only set you back $.99, which is about as cheap as you’ll find a stylus. The site lists them as “not for consumption,” so I wouldn’t expect to snack on one of these when you’re hungry. I would, however, expect a number of people to as “is that an iPhone stylus in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

[ CaseCrown ] VIA [ TUAW ]

Add A Real Controller To Your Jailbroken iPhone


By Chris Scott Barr

One thing that Apple has touted from the beginning with the iPhone is that it is great for gaming. I agree with that on some level, but the lack of a d-pad and physical buttons will always hold it back. One company has been hard at work on a solution that will give your favorite phone the features it needs to really let you enjoy games on it.

The iControlPad has been in the works for a little while now, but the developers have announced that they are finally going into mass production. The unit will give you four buttons, two analog sticks and a d-pad for all of your gaming needs. One model will even give you an internal battery for juicing up your iPhone. The only bad thing (for some people) is that it looks like you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone for it to work.  There’s no current word on pricing.

[ iControlPad ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Turn Your iPhone Into An IR Remote With This New Case


By Chris Scott Barr

Some days it really does seem like the iPhone has an app for everything. Heck, if the phone lacks a piece of hardware that you’d need to accomplish something, there’s an accessory for it. At CES we saw the L5 IR Remote Dongle, which (as the name implies) turns your phone into an IR remote. While I thought the idea was good, a dongle like that is just asking to get lost or broken. A better solution is this iPhone case from Power A which adds the same functionality, only in a case.

The Power A iPhone Universal Remote Case is a rather ordinary-looking case, except for the larger bottom portion. This is where the IR remote is stored, which is connected through the standard iPod connector. As for software, you’ll be able to download a free app that will allow you to control virtually any device that uses an IR receiver. The case will be on sale sale soon for $60.

[ Power A ] VIA [ Geeky-Gadgets ]

Hard Drive Dock Doubles As Drive Cloning Tool


By Chris Scott Barr

Making a clone of a hard drive isn’t something that most people do on a regular basis, but it can be a pain when you do find yourself in that position. It’s been a while since I’ve had to do it, but the process always involved special software and the undivided attention of one of my computers for a while. If you go through this very often, you might be interested in this Double Rack USB/ eSATA dock.

This contraption allows you to plug in two hard drives, and clone from one to the other. The best part is that this operation does not require the use of your PC in any way. When you aren’t cloning drives, you can use it as a regular hard drive dock. The website doesn’t specifically state if it supports IDE, SATA or both. It does mention that it can clone PS3 hard drives, so it at least works with SATA (that also means 2.5-inch drives are supported). $90 might be a bit much for a boring hard drive dock, but I’d say it’s well worth the money if you ever need to clone your hard drive.

[ GeekStuff4U ] VIA [ TechFresh ]