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Turn The Creep Dial Up To 10 With Realistic 3D Face Masks

By David Ponce

A Japanese company called REAL-f has gotten itself in the dubious business of manufacturing ultra-realistic 3D replicas of your face, which they call 3DPFs (“3 Dimension Photo Forms”). These can be made into mask form or full head form and cost a truckload of money. The first mask is $3,920 while each additional replica of it goes for $780. But the full head starts at $5,875 and each additional copy a mere $1,960. They make these masks by taking a series of photos from different angles and heat molding a piece of vinyl chloride resin. The photo-realism is so accurate that it’s said even blood vessels and iris details are replicated accurately.

Of course the obvious thought is that Halloween is coming and wouldn’t these make an awesome disguise? But at $4k+ a pop, we think we’ll settle for getting ourselves a Bieberlicious mask and terrorizing the neighborhood on the cheap instead.

[ REAL-f ] VIA [ Techcrunch Gadgets ]

LG’s Clip-On 3D Glasses

LG AG-F220 Cinema 3D Glasses (Image courtesy LG)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not keen on the whole ‘sharing 3D glasses with a complete stranger’ idea when checking out a 3D flick at the theater? Well there are plenty of companies selling cinema-friendly 3D eyewear that you can bring with you when you go to see a movie, but if you already wear glasses you might want to serious consider LG’s new clip-on 3D glasses. Like a pair of clip-on sunglasses, they’re not going to make you look any less dorky while wearing them, but they do mean you can avoid the whole double glasses situation which I’m going to assume makes seeing a 3D film even more uncomfortable. Better yet they’re available for around just $20, and are easily stashable once you leave the theater so no one realizes you’re still supporting 3D movies.

[ LG AG-F220 Cinema 3D Glasses ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Marshall ORCHID Glasses-Free 3D Field Monitor

Marshall ORCHID OR-70-3D Field Monitor (Image courtesy Marshall)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not here to debate whether you should or should not be shooting in 3D, but if you are, you really need a way to monitor what’s being recorded in all 3 dimensions. Of course wearing shutter or filter glasses while on set is even worse than in a theater, so Marshall’s new 7-inch glasses-free 3D field monitor is by far the way to go. It uses the same “parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology” as the Nintendo 3DS, but I’m assuming with better results since this is designed to be used by professionals.

Its 1600×600 resolution falls just shy of 720P, since the bottom half of the display is actually filled with realtime waveform monitors and color vectorscope displays for image quality control. And it comes with all of the connections and hookups required for use with a high-end camera system. It can even be used as a post-production display, though staring at a 7-inch monitor all day while editing or color correcting could get tedious. Available October 1st for $7,899.

[ Marshall ORCHID OR-70-3D Field Monitor ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

DXG-018O 3D Camera Is Just $70 – But You Get What You Pay For

DXG-018O 3D Camera (Images courtesy DXG)
By Andrew Liszewski

Finding a half-decent digital camera for under $100 these days is not impossible. But finding a 3D capable digital camera for just $70? Well there’s bound to be some trade-offs. And in the case of the DXG-018O, there are certainly a few. If I’m reading the tech specs correctly the camera uses a set of 0.3MP sensors, which isn’t even VGA quality. But because there’s 2 of them, and the fact that the camera does internal interpolation, you end up with a combined resolution of about 1.3MP in your 3D images.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to actually view the 3D images it captures on the camera because there’s only a tiny 1.44-inch TFT LCD display on the back which isn’t 3D capable. If you want to see your images in the 3rd dimension you’ll have to actually print them out and use the DXG’s included 3D viewer, which in reality is nothing more than a fold out cardboard tube with a couple of lenses in it. At the least it probably produces better 3D results than a red/cyan anaglyph system, but not by much.

[ DXG-018O 3D Camera ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

Canadians, Listen Up: We’re Giving Away A Toshiba 3D Laptop!

By David Ponce

Snow, cold, dreary and politically inanimate… These could be words mistakenly used to describe Canada. I’d use others like safe, healthy and every now and then… full of free laptops! That’s right dear OhGizmo! readers: Toshiba Canada has partnered with us to give our Canadian readers a Satellite A660 3D laptop valued at $1,899.

The cool thing is the laptop in question is the higher end A660-0T4 with the following specs:

An Intel® Core™ i7-740QM processor, 6GB DDR3-1066MHZ ram, 640GB 5400RPM hdd, Blu-ray Disc™ Rewriteable and DVD SuperMulti drive, Harman Kardon built-in speakers, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350M with 1GB GDDR3 memory, 15.6″ 16:9 HD TruBrite™ 120Hz 3D Ready TFT with LED backlight and NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Kit with glasses and built-in internal laptop IR emitter

So how do you win this beauty? Well, we’re going to make you work a little more than usual for this one, so read on.

1) The contest is open to all Canadians 18 years of age and above (except residents of Quebec (sorry folks)).
2) It will run from Today, January 31st, until February 7th, 2011.
3) There are 5 ways to enter, or 5 different types of ballots if you’d prefer to see it that way. Which means that you can enter up to 5 times!

1. Follow OhGizmo on Twitter.
2. “Like” us on Facebook.
3. Follow Toshiba Canada on Twitter.
4. “Like” Toshiba Canada on Facebook.
5. This last one is for anyone eligible already following us on Twitter or Facebook: simply retweet this promotion!

It’s going to be fun keeping track of all this, but we’ll do our best and will announce the winner in the week of February 7th.

Good luck!

3D Crayola Chalk – Is Everything In 3D Now?

By Chris Scott Barr

3D is the next big thing, whether we like it or not. I’m still not sold on the technology, but maybe Nintendo’s 3DS will be the thing that changes my mind. We’ve still got a bit of time to wait for that, so in the meantime, why not check out this 3D Giant Chalk from Crayola?

Sure, it’s not quite as interactive as a portable gaming system, but it is portable. Apparently you can take this stuff, draw on the sidewalk, then see the images pop out of the ground when you put on the special glasses. This one again proves just how spoiled the kids today are. Back in my day, you just drew on the sidewalk, and it didn’t do anything special. You had to use your imagination. $16 gets you 4 giant dual-colored sticks of the stuff and two pair of glasses.

[ Amazon ] VIA [ BookofJoe ]

[CES 2011] Sony’s Glasses-Free Portable 3D Blu-ray Player Concept

Sony's Glasses-Free Portable 3D Blu-ray Player Concept (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

They have no plans to put it into production at the moment, but at the ‘Future 3D Technology Demo’ section of their CES booth, Sony had this fully-working glasses-free 3D Blu-ray player on display. While 3D was still the prevalent theme of the show this year, there was actually quite a bit of glasses-free 3D technology on display. But I’m sorry to report that the 3D demos playing on this weren’t exactly mind-blowing, though I suspect it was the content to blame since it didn’t look like genuine 3D footage. Sony had other glasses-free 3D technology on display at their booth that looked quite impressive.

[CES 2011] Hands-On With The Sony Bloggie 3D

Sony Bloggie 3D (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sony held their official CES press conference today, and one of the things they announced was a new addition to their Bloggie camcorder line called the MHS-FS3, or more affectionately known as the Bloggie 3D. As you’ve probably guessed it’s basically a Bloggie blessed with the powers of capturing full 1080P video in 3D thanks to a set of two lenses, two image sensors and even two mics for recording glorious stereo sound. It’s also got a lenticular 2.4-inch LCD screen on the back for enjoying your 3D content without the need for those stylish shutter glasses, though it doesn’t have as high quality a 3D display as some of Sony’s higher-end 3D camcorders. So to be perfectly honest, the 3D effect wasn’t really that amazing I’m sad to report.

However, since it does capture genuine 3D footage when viewed on a full-sized 3D TV the effect should be as impressive as it is with Hollywood blockbusters. And when you get tired of capturing things in 3D after the first 15 minutes the Bloggie 3D can also capture footage in primitive 2D you lameo. It comes with 8GB of non-expandable internal storage, and is expected to be available in April for ~$250.

[ Sony Bloggie 3D ]

Sculpteo Prints 3D Figures From A Pair Of Pictures

By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever thought it would be cool to have a statue made of yourself? Yeah, I’m not really one for big bronze statues either. I think the most I’d want is a small figure of myself. Apparently it’s not that hard to get one made. The people over at Sculpteo can whip one up in two weeks, using only a couple of photos.

All you need to do is upload a pair of face shots, one from the front and a profile. They’ll then create a figure based on what you’ve sent. Once this is done, you’ll receive a picture of the created figure which you can then approve. 10 days later you’ll have a figure on your doorstep. Figures start at $75 for a 2.7-inch, or you can upgrade to a 3.9-inch for $130.

I’m actually testing the service, and I’ll give you guys an update when I receive my 3D avatar. Now I just have to go find a couple of good pictures!

via [ Sculpteo ]