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The RepRap Project: 3D-Printed 3D Printers

3D Printed 3D PrinterPhoto credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

The time has come. 3D printers can now be used to print 3D printers. At least, that’s the case with RepRap, which is short for “replicating rapid prototype.” The project was started by engineer Adrian Bowyer in 2005, and he was quickly joined by others who wanted to take the 3D printing movement to the next level.

One member of the RepRap team, Nicholas Seward, recently created a couple of 3D printers that are almost vitamin-free.

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Poppy Turns Your iPhone Into a 3D Camera

Poppy 3D

3D is all the rage these days, and if the people behind the Poppy are successful, then you might just be able to transform your iPhone into a 3D camera. If you take a closer look at it, the Poppy sort of looks like a Viewmaster, doesn’t it? That’s because its creators were actually inspired by these stereoscopes that were so popular in the eighties.

The Poppy has a slot in the middle where you’re supposed to insert your iPhone or iPod Touch. Only the iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch are compatible with the device. There are mirrors in the Poppy which allow your iPhone camera to capture two stereographic images.

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Mataerial 3D Printer Goes Against the Laws of Gravity


The Mataerial 3D printer is as unconventional as 3D printers can get. It deviates in design and functionality from most other 3D printers, which are usually box-like in shape and structure. The latter also requires a dedicated print surface in order to print things as you intended and designed them to be.

For this reason, the Mataerial has been dubbed as the ‘anti-gravity 3D printer’ since you can use it on virtually any surface–including those inclined at an angle–or no surface at all! Thanks to its innovative extrusion technology, users will be able to form curves and print hanging structures without the need for any support material.

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GO!Scan 3D is a Point and Shoot 3D Scanner


3D printing is all the rage these days. There’s no shortage of 3D printers on the market, but there are limited choices when it comes to 3D scanners. One is the Photon scanner, which generated a lot of buzz a few weeks ago and is currently up for funding on Indiegogo. Then there’s the GO!Scan 3D, which is basically a 3D scanning gun.

Manufacturer Creaform boasts that it can provide the ‘easiest portable 3D scanning experience’ with it being a point-and-shoot and all. The GO!Scan weighs 2.4 pounds, so it’s lighter than most scanners out there and makes it the most portable of its kind. Since it easily fits into a carry-on case, you can take it with you to scan stuff on the go.

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Obake is an Elastic Touchscreen That You Can Manipulate in 3D

Elastic Touchscreen

Everything’s going 3D these days, even touchscreens. Most existing touchscreens only offer a 2D experience, but MIT Media Lab’s Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley have set out to create a touchscreen that offers another dimension. It’s called the Obake and it has been dubbed as the touchscreen that will ‘revolutionize all other touchscreens.’

Obake is an elastic, stretchable touchscreen. The display itself will remain two-dimensional, although you will be able to manipulated whatever is on your screen in three dimensions.

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Photon 3D Scanner Unleashes the Power of 3D Printing

Photon 3D Scanner

So you’ve got a 3D printer. Now what?

A number of projects have revolved around producing 3D printers that are affordable and portable so that anyone who wants one can own one. This is in addition to the printers that are already available on the market. Let’s see. There’s the MakerBot, the Gigabot, the RigitBot, the Form 1, the Cube… I think it’s safe to say we now have a rich selection to choose from when it comes to 3D printers. The problem now is getting templates for the stuff you want to print.

Not everyone has the technical skill or know-how to create CAD drawings or 3D models, and there’s only so much that you can download off the Internet. It’s precisely for these reasons why the Photon 3D Scanner is a godsend.

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Miniature Human Gummies: Now You Can Eat Yourself and Talk About It With a Straight Face

Human Gummy

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to eat yourself? Not eat in the other sense of the word, but, you know, eat as in put something in your mouth, before you chew and swallow? It sounds like a pretty gross thing to do, but it’s not, really, if you’re eating miniature gummy replicas of yourself.

Japan’s food innovators at FabCafe and White Day are now letting patrons and gummy lovers enjoy eating themselves by using 3D scanning technology. After they scan your entire body using a full-body scanner, a mold is created, which is then used to make your tiny, gelatinous counterparts.

But alas… It’s only available in Japan.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

Now You Can Play Ms. Pac-Man in Awesome 3D

3D Ms PacMan

Immerse yourself in playing your video games like never before with Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi‘s awesome gaming exhibit that’s currently being displayed at New York’s Museum of Art & Design.

You probably never imagined that you’d get to play your favorite classics like Ms. Pac-Man and Mario Brothers in 3D while the entire screen takes over the entire room, right? It’s a gamer’s heaven, and it’s unfortunate that you can’t take it home with you. If you live in NY or happen to be visiting someone in the area, then drop by the Museum to check out Takahashi’s exhibit.

Check out a video of the awesome room-wide gameplay after the break.

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3DCone Lets You Use Your iPhone to Shoot Three-Dimensional Photos and Videos

3D Cone

The iPhone is a pretty amazing smartphone. And with the 3DCone, you can now add ‘shoot images and videos in 3D’ to the already long list of things that Apple’s baby can do.

The 3DCone is a stereoscopic add-on for the iPhone that’s meant to be used with Saturn3DDesign‘s free app so you can capture and render images and videos in three dimensions. It’s different from the other 3D apps already in the market which require you to take a picture, move your phone a bit, and then take a picture again. With the 3DCone, all you have to do is snap it one and start taking pictures or videos.

The 3DCone works by transforming your iPhone into a stereoscopic camera. What the add-on does is use a mirror to take two pictures that are at slightly different angles, which are then used to create the 3D image (or video.) Users can then fire up the app to process the shots and footage, export them, or upload them to YouTube.

Check out a video introducing the 3DCone along with shots of how it works after the jump!

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