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ADAPTRAC System Regulates Bike’s Tire Pressure On The Go

By David Ponce

Whether it’s motor sports or human powered wheeled sports, a lot is riding where the rubber meets the tarmac. Decisions need to be made about tire pressure, with tradeoffs usually unavoidable. Mountain bikes face many different types of surfaces, so are very sensitive to this. Soft tires are great for rocky stretches of trail, where grip and absorption is better. Hard tires are preferable on flat surfaces, to go fast. Usually, a middle ground is chosen and the rest left up to fate. But the ADAPTRAC system changes all that:

ADAPTRAC is a multi-component system comprised of special patent pending hubs, a dual control valve and a C02 power pack/regulator. Tire pressure can be raised or lowered while riding with a quick press of the finger on the handlebar control toggles. Actual tire pressure is displayed on analog gauges mounted on the handlebars. The system utilizes 12x142mm rear and 15mm front axle standards – wheels can be removed as you would normally. ADAPTRAC uses readily available, rechargeable C02 tanks ranging from 4 to 20 ounces so you can carry only what you need. You can now tune your tire pressure to the trail – in seconds!

There’s no price just yet, as the system is in its final prototype stages. However, a price will be announced shortly after the system is presented this week at the Sea Otter Classic Expo in Monterey, California.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Your Closet Can Get Rid Of Odours By Releasing Ions

By David Ponce

Sharp has a patented technology called Plasmacluster. And now Daiwa of Japan is selling a system that uses this tech to freshen up the clothes in your closet. Here’s how it works:

When airborne, these positive and negative ions, fasten to the surfaces of suspended microbes, forming highly oxidising hydroxide (OH) radicals and instantly removing the hydrogen (H) from the surface proteins. This results in the physical breakdown of the surface membrane of the microbe, rendering it inactive.

As we know, it’s the microbes that stink the most, although the company claims you can get rid of other smells, like tobacco. It’s not cheap though, as the system will set you back $480. Fortunately it doesn’t rack up your energy bill much, since it consumes just 3.8W of power.

[ Product Page (Translated) ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]

Future Printing Tech May Be Able To Remove The Very Ink It Deposits

By David Ponce

One day the world will truly end its dependance on paper, but it’s going to take a pretty long time to get there. Until then, efforts continue to be made to reduce the impact on the environment that our need for dead trees has. One recent development comes courtesy of a team of engineers at Cambridge who are in the process of creating a device that can zap ink right off a page, leaving the paper free to be used once more. “The device works by using lasers at the wavelength of green light in pulses of four nanoseconds each, vaporizing the ink while preserving the paper underneath.”

The system is still in development and is not perfect. For one, it leaves a faint trace of ink, though for less than important documents, this may not be a deal breaker. Also, it can only be done a few times on any one sheet since it also strips off some paper in the process. But it is a step ahead of another similar solution on the market because this one can be used on any laser printed paper; one solution by Toshiba relies on a special blue toner.

Sadly, there are no patents or immediate plans to make this available to the public.

[ New Scientist Article ] VIA [ Chipchick ]

SNAP Skateboard Folds Away For Easy Storage

By David Ponce

Fun story. When I was 10, I was fat and couldn’t have balanced on a skateboard if my life depended on it. Instead, I’d kneel on one and propel myself forward with my hands, pushing on the side. All was good until one day I had the brilliant idea to try and push… from the front! That quickly resulted in my pinky finger being dramatically separated from its nail. Not fun. So I don’t like skateboards, but plenty of people do. And if you’re gonna buy one, you might want to consider the SNAP, which folds away for easy transport in a backpack:

The deck is constructed from 6061-T6, high grade aluminum, and fitted with 56mm premium, 85a urethane wheels using ABEC 7 bearings for fast and efficient cruising. It folds into a compact 14.3” x 7.87” x 5” dimension that can easily fit inside smaller lockers and backpacks.

From the video it looks like you can do anything with this board that you could with a wooden one. The hinges are patented and are meant to secure the board so it doesn’t just fold up as you do an ollie. Or whatever it is the kids do on skateboards. Remember, I don’t like’em.

It’s $119.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

The Devon Tread Watch Costs More Than A Reasonably Priced Car

By David Ponce

Geeky timepieces with obtuse time telling schemes, the likes Tokyoflash specialize in, are not the only kind we talk about at OhGizmo. We also enjoy a fine piece of engineering, one where aesthetics collides with astronomical prices to create a piece worth talking about, if not necessarily lusting after. The Devon Tread is just such a watch.

The exposed movement is a mesmerizing display of the patented interwoven system of conveyor belts. This series of belts includes critical elements that allow the optical recognition system to know every belt position at all times.

The Tread 1 Watch features four internal 2-micron thin belts that spin within the case to display the time. It’s powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is charged by wireless induction. This electric system runs the belts that are kept in tune with an optical technology. Add that all up, and you have one of the most technically advanced, visually stunning watches ever made.

Yeah, it’s pretty impressive. You can tell there’s a lot going on inside that watch, as you can see in the below video.

But is it worth $17,500? Really?

Fortunately, shipping is free.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Core77 ]

These Gears Will Make Your Head Spin

By David Ponce

A few years ago we posted about a special drill bit that made square holes. People’s minds were understandably blown. We feel much the same way about the below gears. They’re called Paradoxical Gears and a patent exists for them since 1988. What’s impressive about these is that unlike traditional gears that will alternate rotational direction from one to the next… these all turn in the same direction! And better yet, with the recent rise in popularity of 3D printing machines for the home (like the MakerBot Replicator), you no longer are confined to gawking at their nerdy beauty from afar. You can make your own. Matter of fact, below is a link to a set of files at Thingiverse, the marketplace for the Replicator, so you can print your very own set of paradoxical gears.

[ Paradoxical Gears On Thingiverse ] VIA [ Core77 ]

This Incredible Looking Bike Frame Weighs Less Than A MacBook Air

By David Ponce

Weighing in at an astonishing 2.74lbs, the Delta 7 Arantix Mountain Bike just looks awesome. “Featuring the patented IsoTruss carbon fiber and Kevlar spider web-like open lattice tube design,” you’ll be hard pressed to find a sturdier and lighter bike frame… anywhere. It is a hard tail (no rear suspension) and it’s handcrafted in the USA. Only 200 will be made and can be ordered frame-only, or decked out with SRAM or Shimano bike components. Of course with a design straight out of a sic-fi movie, no price is actually mentioned anywhere. We suspect low 5 digits, but who knows… For the cool factor alone, we say it’s worth it.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

When It Rains It Pours: Apple To Sue Kodak

By David Ponce

Once again proving that lawyers will likely never run out of work, news surfaces that Apple may be suing already bankrupt Kodak. It was not one month ago that Kodak was announcing it was placing itself under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, though it was continuing operations somewhat normally through a $950million round of financing through Citigroup. As part of its restructuring efforts, Kodak announced it was leaving the digital camera market and would focus on monetizing its trove of patents. It’s over some of these that Apple is now itching to sue. The Cupertino company claims that it it is the rightful owner of some digital camera-related patents that Kodak had claimed for itself, and which it had used as collateral for that very $950million financing. Apple is now asking the bankruptcy judge for permission to go forward with the suit, though it is not obligated to do so.

It really looks like Apple may be kicking a dead horse, though with $5.1billion in listed assets (and an unfortunate $6.8billion in debt), Kodak’s carcass is far from cold.

[ Bloomberg Article ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

The iTar Is Unfortunately Named

By David Ponce

The iTar is not a real product yet, it’s a conceptual accessory for the iPad that will make it easier to turn it into a guitar. Which is where we imagine the iTar name came from: “i” and “guiTAR”. Still, at first glance, iTar looks like something nefarious, something oily and perhaps cigarette related. Or perhaps that’s all in this author’s mind and in reality it couldn’t be anything further from that. We actually do like what it will do if its Kickstarter campaign takes off. It combines a button-based guitar fretboard (Starr Labs patented fingerboard) with your iPad to create a multi-talented instrument. Dock the iPad in and you’ll be able to play, quasi-virtually, a number of instruments, not just the guitar. It can be a keyboard, a drum set, a synthesizer; everything hinges on the related application and its bevvy of instruments that are at your fingertips.

Of course, the iTar will only exist if the Kickstarter campaign gains steam. As of writing, they’ve raised $4k of their $50k goal, but there are a little over 50 days left. If this is your sort of thing, the smallest contribution that will net you an iTar is $200, although you can pitch in at any level.

[ Kickstarter Campaign For iTar ] VIA [ DVice ]