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Communications Security for Your Business – Deciphering the Tech Talk

In recent months, there has been an increased scrutiny on how secure modern communications are. There was the United States government wanting a way to access your personal information on your cell phone without your knowledge. Additionally, in mid-October, a widespread hack that affected modern WiFi encryption was revealed. While these are attacks on personal information, they also have distinct implications for businesses. So while everyone’s focus is on security, now is a good time to address what a few of those terms mean, and how they affect your business.

VOIP – Hosted vs. Premise-based Solutions
Every business relies on some form of voice communication. When choosing their phone systems, many companies turn to voice over internet protocol (VOIP) as a way of bundling their voice communication with their online presence. One of the chief security decisions when dealing with business VOIP solutions is choosing between hosted and premise-based VOIP solutions. But what does this mean and how does it affect the security of your company?

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I Can’t Make This Up: Domino’s Launches Pizza Registry For Expecting Parents

What is the best gift you can get for a couple of expecting parents? If you said anything other than pizza, you’re wrong.

Since 2017 seems to be year to just go wild, Domino’s just announced the launch of their very own baby registry service. Yep, now you can get pizza delivered to your house as a gift for popping out a kid, these are exciting and scary times.

It works like any normal baby registry, the parents sign-up, select their gifts and share their registry with friends and family. Except, the selected ‘gift’ is delivered in the form a gift card, rather than an actual delivered pizza pie, bummer. The service also allows parents to select from a variety of pizza-related clothes like baby onesies, slippers, and matching baby and parent shirts.

Laugh all you want, but it seems like a good idea. Think of all the modern women who refuse to eat junk food during their pregnancy, now they can catch up on all those lost calories in a week.

Domino’s Baby Registry ] VIA [ People ]

Emirates New Super-Luxurious Cabins Feature Virtual Windows and “Zero-Gravity” Seats

Emirates has just finished it’s first flight with the luxurious new 777 which features first class cabins inspired by Mercedes Benz (yes, first class cabins).

Those rich enough to buy a plane ticket that’s worth more than my car were treated to the world’s first fully enclosed suite. It measures a ridiculous 40 square feet, and includes such luxuries as active noise cancelling headphones from Bowers and Wilkins, “zero-gravity” seats inspired by NASA, and virtual windows for cabins that aren’t adjacent to the side of the plane.

It features so much that I need second paragraph to list more things. Like a 32-inch touchscreen TV, an entertainment system featuring 2,500 channels, custom-controlled mood lighting, and adjustable climate controls letting you set the temperature between 64 to 79 degrees. The suites themselves are floor-to-ceiling units with curtains and a service window.

Yeah, that’s great and all, but it come with cheap headphones, an uncomfortable seat and a tray table that smells like burps? I didn’t think so.

I have no idea how much it’ll cost you to upgrade, but let’s assume it’s the equivalent of your life’s savings, or in my case, 5 life’s savings.

TheVerge ]

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You Can Now Buy A Highly Detailed Replica Of The Seinfeld Apartment

Remember Seinfeld? Episodes like The Puffy Shirt, Soup Nazi, The Contest made it one of the best and most memorable sitcoms of all-time. Well, now you can complete your Seinfeld collection with a highly detailed model of Jerry’s apartment.

Modeled exactly as it appears in the show, it includes things like Jerry’s bike, bookcases and framed pictures, even going as detailed to include the cereal boxes seen on the show. Sadly, there’s no Superman statues or comics anywhere, which were a staple of each episode.

It’s a terrific looking set for anyone who’s convinced that no other show will have the same level of intelligent humor as Seinfeld. Personally, I think Rick and Morty and The Big Bang Theory are actually the most intelligent comedies. Though to be fair, I have a very high IQ, which you need to fully comprehend such modern masterpieces.

The set will normally set you back $500, but it’s on sale for Festivus (The holiday for the rest of us!) and right now it’s only $400.

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More Things That Exist: Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool

Just when you thought your tool kit couldn’t get any nerdier than including a Sonic Screwdriver, you can now buy a Millennium Falcon multi-tool. Of course you can.

The multi-tool features such tools as four hex keys, two screwdrivers, and an adjustable wrench, which seems to be the ship’s iconic front-end hull. No word on whether it can make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, but probably not seeing as it is a multi-tool and not an intergalactic spaceship.

If you’re looking for a multi-tool, or let’s be honest, a gift for a nerdy friend that just bought their first house, than you can certainly do worse. Like, if you bought them whiskey stones, that would definitely be a worse gift.

It’s made by ThinkGeek, and it’s available now on Amazon for $30. Check it out, it has great ratings unlike the real Millennium Falcon which is ‘garbage’, at least according to Rey.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hilarious Trailer Parody

As we eagerly await the release of The Last Jedi, the good folks over at How It Should Have Ended have put together a parody video of the latest trailer.

The video features Rey’s training by an old and worn out Luke Skywalker, as well as the real reason behind Porg’s introduction into the film.

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Destiny 2 Ghost Connects You To The Game With Alexa

While Amazon’s Alexa is pretty great already, they seem to think they’ve been missing out on the video game market. But not for long, as they’ve just introduced Alexa’s newest Skill, Ghost.

Ghost is a downloadable piece of software for your Echo device which allows you to issue commands within Destiny 2. It features voice actor Nolan North, and brings 1,000 custom recorded lines offering millions of possible responses. With the Ghost Skill, you can find friends, check a character’s backstory, manage your inventory, and so much more.

In addition to the Ghost software, Amazon is introducing a limited edition Ghost Wi-Fi-enabled speaker. It connects to your Echo device, allowing you to issue the commands right through it, and it can even mimic the in-game Ghost’s behavior.

The limited edition Ghost speaker will be available on December 19th and will cost $90, while the downloadable skill is available now for free.

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Get Up to 86% Off on Oontz Portable Speaker, Apie Wireless Headset, and Oster Wine Bottle Opener

Oontz Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you want to travel with your music or play some at home, you can use this Oontz Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Equipped with 14 Watts of power, it packs a punch even for its small size. It’s also waterproof so it can definitely survive your shower concert and your wet outdoor adventures.

Apie Wireless Headset

Hook up these Apie Wireless Headset on your ears for a convenient workday and safe driving. Its light and ergonomic design make taking or making phone calls easy and listening to music a delight, even for an entire day. It has a built-in microphone with CVC6.0 noise cancellation tech, making it a great headphone if you need to focus on your work while working in a bustling coffee shop.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

You don’t have to get through the hassle of popping the cork before you can enjoy your wine. This Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener makes wine time even more enjoyable. Remove the cork in seconds. On a single charge, it can open up to 30 wine bottles. It also comes with a foil cutter so you can easily remove seals too.

Leverpresso – All in One Portable Espresso Maker

Make cafe-quality coffee wherever you go with the Leverpresso – All in One Portable Espresso Maker. This small and compact design gives you a perfect brew in a classical way. In fact, you will be able to use your own recipes. Additionally, the design is highly compact and easy to use. The system is fully hand-operated and makes your espresso in under three minutes.

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