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Netflix Surprise Releases Cloverfield Paradox During Super Bowl

Two years ago, the trailer released for 10 Cloverfield Lane, the long-awaited sequel to Cloverfield, came with a surprise trailer and a shockingly fast release date being released only 2 months after its trailer dropped.

Well tonight, the franchise upped the ante even further because during the Super Bowl, it was revealed that the next installment in the Cloverfield franchise was being released immediately following the game on Netflix. To be fair, this is Netflix we’re talking about, so they can release anything at anytime, but still it’s shocking how movies are released these days.

Cloverfield Paradox is available now through streaming on Netflix.

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3 Most Important Names in Digital Watches

Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer… they’re all big names in the watch industry when it comes to luxury mechanical timepieces, but here at Oh Gizmo? We say, big deal: we want cool, futuristic-looking digital watches with tons of advanced features! For a time, there was a slight shift away from digital watches, but they recently made a roaring comeback with the invention of smartwatches. However, smartwatches wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the success of several companies in the 80s and 90s. So, here are some important names related to digital watches.


Japanese company Casio is a name most will connect with digital watches, primarily because of the famous F-91W model that took prominence in the 90s. People all over the world absolutely loved the watch, not only due to its simple-but-effective design but also because of the many features. The resin strap was sturdy and comfortable, it was water resistant, there was an alarm and stopwatch, and it also had a cool LED backlight. Casio had a lot of success with their G-Shock range, which was a lot tougher and built for those needing a digital watch primarily for the outdoors.

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4 Coolest Smartphone Hacks

Image via Flickr by GillyBerlin

Smartphones are unquestionably entertaining on their own, with each new generation capable of cooler functions than the one before it. Daring techies, however, can ensure that their phones are capable of even more, although doing so may mess with your warranty. Not all hacks make changes to your phone though, and even when they do, the results are worth the bold behavior.
Five-Star Photography Hacks

Smartphone cameras are practically professional-grade these days. It’s possible to capture stunning photos with your phone. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a phone with a spectacular camera, such as the Galaxy S8 from a carrier like T-Mobile. The carrier is crucial so that you can use apps and programs to touch up your photos. You also need something similar to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network so that you can always send your pictures and Snapchats to friends. How serious is your commitment to becoming a shutterbug? Some of these hacks might be unexpected.

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Fujifilm X-A5 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Effortlessly capture beautiful images with the Fujifilm X-A5 Mirrorless Digital Camera. Featuring a 24.2-megapixel APS-C Bayer sensor, the Fujifilm X-A5 camera comes with numerous features to enhance your photography. Additionally, the camera provides a 180-degree tilting touchscreen so you can always take a great selfie. It can also shoot up to 450 images on a single charge. The Fujifilm X-A5 camera offers phase-detection autofocus and comes with numerous Film Simulation Modes to cover a wide range of subjects.

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Lexip Gaming Mouse Comes With Two Joysticks

It’s time to take your gaming mouse to the next level, and what better way to do so than to add joysticks onto your mouse. And not just one joystick, but two. That’ll show them at the AV Club.

This is the Lexip Gaming Mouse, a standard looking wireless gaming mouse with two joysticks. Well, kind of. Along with plenty of side mounted buttons, it has a traditional controller joystick on the side and a second analog joystick used by gyrating the top half of the mouse.

The idea behind the additional 2-axis joysticks is that it gives better control for game that would normally only play with flight sticks, like flight simulators. But the mouse seems customizable enough that you could use it to provide traditional control for racing games, first-person shooters and MMO’s.

Available on Kickstarter for a $99 Pledge.

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Hasbro Releasing Special ‘Cheaters’ Version of Monopoly That I Would So Cheat At

Monopoly gets special editions for everything. Star Wars Monopoly, Sunmaid Raisins Monopoly, Bass Fishing Monopoly, I think I’ve even seen a Tide Pod Challenge Monopoly, but now they’re really pushing the envelope with a version that embraces the act of cheating (sort of).

The special Cheaters Edition of Monopoly comes with special rules that which are a cheaters paradise. One addition is 15 Cheat Cards with instructions to carry out risky tasks; you gain a reward if you’re successful and you have to hand over money, or be handcuffed to the board game, if you get caught.

Sounds like fun, but let’s be real here, I’d still cheat. I’d still stuff mountains of cash in my pocket when no one is looking, and trust me, no one is looking. I’m an expert of Monopoly Larceny. Hell, I’d steal the 15 cheat cards too, just for the fun of it.

Still sound like a fun way to switch up the most iconic and frustrating board game known to mankind. Monopoly Cheaters Edition will be available for $20 and will release in the fall.

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Mario Kart Is The Next Nintendo Game Coming To A Smartphone Near You

It seems Mario Kart will be the latest Nintendo IP to get the smartphone treatment. It’s been a long time coming, but it finally seems like Nintendo will be embracing the smartphone app store, even if it is at a painfully slow rate.

Mario Kart Tour will follow in the wake of the super successful Super Mario Run and, let’s be honest, will sell a bajillion copies. I mean. Who wouldn’t want to take Mario Kart with them on their phone?

The only idea we get of a release date is that it’s set to launch sometime within Nintendo’s next fiscal year, which is anytime between  April 2018 and March 2019. So place your bets on when Nintendo wants to startup the money printing machine again.

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‘Die With Me’ Connects Users In Chatrooms With Phones About To Die

This is a new app made for iOS and Android that connect users and allows them to chat. Sounds kind of boring, right? Well, with this app you can only chat with others when your battery is below 5%.

The app is called Die With Me, and once booted up it will ask you to enter in a username and will then connect you with other poor saps without battery banks. The app even displays each persons specific battery percentage, so you can give a proper sendoff when ‘UgandanKnuckles42’ is at 1%.

The app is available now through the iOS and Google app store.

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Super Bowl Fanny Packs Makes It Easier Snack/Humiliate Yourself

This is the No Fumble Fanny Pack, a waist wrapping solution for those who want to keep their chips, dip and beer as close to their stomach as possible.

Produced by chip dip maker, Heluva, the fanny pack is meant to keep you stocked up without having to waste precious time reaching all the way to the coffee table to grab handfuls of popcorn. It even comes with suspenders to ensure extra stability and make you look like a total dweeb.

Now, it takes a special kind of person to wear a fanny-pack snack-cozy harness, but unfortunately, the No Fumble Fanny Pack isn’t available in stores. In fact the only way to get one is to enter a sweepstakes through Heluva and be lucky (or unlucky) enough to win one.

But don’t be too upset, if want to keep you gameday snacks closer, you could always duct tape burritos to your chest like everyone else.

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