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Get Huge Savings on Anker Sports Earphones, Garmin Vivosmart, and Rocketwave Smart Notebook

Garmin Vivosmart 3

Serious about your fitness journey? This Garmin Vivosmart 3 is serious in helping you too. It’s the thinnest activity tracker that’s capable of measuring your heart rate and monitoring your stress levels. It’s perfect for a thorough training as it lets you see periods of elevated stress and restful recovery. It will even count the reps, count sets, and rest times for you. Get it for less than $100 today.

Anker SoundBuds 4.1

Meanwhile, the Anker SoundBuds 4.1 will keep you entertained and more pumped up during your workouts. These Sports earphones provide superior sound quality with aptX HD music and CVC noise cancellation technology. They’re water-resistant and comfortable to wear. Get it at 63% off today.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Ever heard of a smart notebook? One that you can microwave to erase the writings on the page and re-use it? This is the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook and it’s a first of its kind. Once you have written your notes on it, you can forward it to the cloud–G Docs, iCloud, Evernote, or your email. Yup, it’s the modern notebook that will last you all year round. It’s 21% cheaper today.


Disappointed With The iPhone X? Why Not Buy A $1,000 Tin Can

Remember Tiffany? No, not that stuck-up girl from high school who had rich parents that bought her a new Porsche after turning 16. I’m talking about the jewelry company that your grandma used to talk about 30 years ago. Well, apparently someone told them that Supreme is able to slap their name on a plain t-shirt and watch it sell for hundreds of dollars, because now they’re selling a tin can for $1,000.

Oh, but don’t worry this isn’t an ordinary tin can. This one is made of silver and Vermeil, which is apparently gold coated in silver. So, it’s made with gold, but still looks a regular aluminum tin can, genius.

Look people, we have to agree right now not to tell other companies about Supreme. Before you know it, we’ll have the GAP selling overalls at $199, Homegoods will sell an X-shaped mirror for $649 and Sketchers will start selling their sneakers exclusively in Manhattan, starting at $1,999 a pair.

Gizmodo ]

Mooz Transformable Metallic 3D Printer

Do more with less space with the Mooz Transformable Metallic 3D Printer. Build with industrial grade parts, it’s an exremely accurate consumer 3D printer. In fact, it’s precise down to 0.02mm. Mooz allows you to easily switch between CNC carving, laser engraving, and 3D printing with its interchangeable modules. Plus, the drag and drop software makes it easy to use no matter your experience level.

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Candle That Melts Like Eleven’s Nosebleed From Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an awesome show, and if you haven’t seen it, you should fix that. If you don’t have Netflix, then I just don’t understand why you’re even on the internet. If you have seen the show, you know that whenever Eleven uses her psychic power she bleeds from the nose.

What can be more fitting to set the mood to watch Stranger Things season 2 than a candle holder that leaks red wax from the nose? Well, okay you probably binged season 2 the night it came out, but what could be fitting as you anxiously wait 365 days for season 3?

The holder, made by Firebox, comes with two red candle sticks and a handy ‘nose picker’ tool to clear any boogers that Eleven might end up with.

The holder is available for pre-order for $39 though Firebox, but should arrive before X-Mas. I can’t think of anything more festive.

[ Firebox ]

Learn To Duel Like A Jedi At This Lightsaber Academy

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to fight with a lightsaber you can now take a class that’ll teach you to fight like a real Jedi…if you’re in Singapore.

Each 60 minute class promises to show you the basics to becoming an apprentice Jedi. Now, 60 minutes may seem like a short amount amount of time to learn lightsaber techniques, but just look at Luke, he had almost no training but he saved the day, didn’t he? And Rey has literally no training at all. Basically I’m saying you could become a better Jedi than Rey by flying to Singapore and signing up for a single 60-minute session.

At the end of the class, you get to fight an opponent one-on-one and the winner gets to take the loser’s hand. Oh, and the lightsabers make awesome whooshing noises and light-up, so cool.

Each class costs $25. I suppose it’s more of a fun thing to do with a couple of friends if you’re in the area, but I’m pretty sure I can’t refund a plane ticket to Singapore, so I’ll see you losers when I’m a Jedi Master.

Saber Authority ]

Buzzfeed Made a Card Game That’s Basically An Awkward Version of Cards Against Humanity

Buzzfeed, those people that steal content online and repost it as their own, have come up with their own card game that steals a little from Cards Against Humanity and a little from Truth or Dare. It’s kind of original, but really stupid. Let me explain.

The game is called Social Sabotage, and it’s pretty much exactly like CAH in the sense that there are situational cards, and people play their own funny cards to complete the sentence. The only difference is that you’re supposed to do what ever embarrassing thing people come up with. For example, you play a “Send your mom…” card and the other players decide to play “A video of you twerking.” And you’re supposed to actually do that.

It’s a fine idea, but yea, no one’s gonna do what the card tells them. Oh, let me post some ridiculously awkward thing to this girl I like, or you know, we could just watch Stranger Things season 2 and throw this game away in the garbage, that’s an idea too.

Other than putting yourself in a horrifically awkward post, there’s not much humor in the actual cards themselves, so just play Cards Against Humanity.

$25 will get you Social Sabotage at Walmart, or a Cards Against Humanity base set on Amazon. The choice is yours.

Social Sabotage ]

Razer Announces D.Va Themed Headset and Mouse

Razer, the now major phone smartphone brand, has announced a headset and computer mouse in the style of D.Va from Overwatch at Blizzcon 2017. Now, don’t sit here and tell me you don’t play Overwatch, everyone plays this game, it’s the digital equivalent of heroin.

The headset, modeled after the one the mech pilot Hana Song wears, has a range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 40 mm drivers, Neodymium magnets and weighs a total of 322g. Remember, D.Va was a professional gamer in South Korea before signing up to fight for her country. Yea, this game really is for nerds.

The mouse is rated as being “tournament-grade”, and I’m sure it’s great, but let’s be real here, the headset is the real star of the show.

The headset will retail for $79, and will be available soon. Oh, and the mouse is available now for $59.

I want that headset, It’ll complete my D.Va cosplay. Now, I won’t cosplay outside, but I will wear it around the house and stare at myself in the mirror.

Razer ]

Standeazy is a Phone Stand That Fits In Your Wallet, And I Totally Had This Idea Last Year

Wouldn’t it be great to have a phone stand that can fold up to the size of a credit card and could fit easily into your wallet? Well, I had that Idea last year, and it was going to be sweet. Well, now there’s also StandEazy, (dumb name, I would’ve come up with something better) it’s made of metal and has a hinge that can supposedly last up to 80,000 bends, though mine would’ve easily lasted 85,000.

It’s a great idea as you never know when you might want a phone stand. Maybe you’re stuck somewhere, or you’re trying to watch a YouTube tutorial about fixing a car and boom, instant phone stand. Plus, it’s not built into your phone case, so it doesn’t add any bulk to your device. The StandEazy can even hold tablets, just like mine.

It was successfully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of £66,000. Haha, what? I’m not bitter that he had his funded and I never finished mine. What makes you think that?

$18 each. Hit the jump to see my prototype that didn’t end up making £66,000 online.

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CNET iPhone X Drop Test Reveals You Really Don’t Want To Drop Your Phone

If hearing that the iPhone X’s $279 out of warranty screen replacement, or worse, it $550 back glass replacement (yes, $550!) doesn’t make you shudder at the thought of leaving your phone bare, then you should take a look at CNET who tested dropping the iPhone from different angles.

Basically, don’t leave the Apple store without a case or a warranty. Or do I have to start listing other things you could’ve bought for that money? Well, I’m all out of ideas, so just don’t drop it.

Hit the jump for the CNET’s drop test on the iPhone X, and remember, It’s not your phone being dropped. Continue Reading