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Sony Z9D 4K HDR TV with Android

With the latest technology at your fingertips, it’s time to get your entertainment up to speed with the Sony 4K HDR TV with Android. This incredible and TV is nearly futuristic with all of its features. With a 4K high dynamic range, the Sony Z9D TV will give you the clearest picture you have ever seen with stunning brightness, color, and detail.

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Deal Of The Day: 81% Off On 2-for-1 Offer, Extra-Long iOS/Android Charging Cable


Look, even if your Lightning cable hasn’t died yet, you might want to consider upgrading today anyway. Let us tell you why. The Special 2-for-1 Offer: Extra-Long iOS/Android Charging Cable is 2 cables for $14.99. Better yet, each cable has two tips, which can charge either a Lightning or a MicroUSB device! And they’re 6 feet long, so you can move around a little when your stuff is juicing up.

Finally a gadget to help Android and Apple lovers live in harmony has arrived! This handy 6-foot MFi-certified charging cable will keep your trusted devices powered from a distance, so you won’t be stuck slouching over a pesky outlet. This must-have cable is compatible with both Lightning devices and micro USB devices, so a difference in platforms won’t be the difference maker in your relationship.

– 6-foot length allows for convenient charging & use
– Lighting & micro USB compatibility for use w/ almost any chargeable device
– Connected tip for easy use & accessibility no matter the device
– Set of 2 iOS/Android charging cables for the price of one!

Now, the company says these two cables would normally cost $80. $40 per cable seems like a lot, but then again Apple charges $25 for one flimsy 3-foot cable so who knows. Regardless, $14.99 for two of these is a steal, that’s for sure. And yes, it’s still shipped for free.


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An Emoji Keyboard For The Emoji… Enthusiasts Out There


We’re not gonna comment on the sad state our culture is in when some of its constituents recognize a market for an Emoji keyboard. No, we’re not gonna do that because we also realize that it would make us grumpy old farts unable to adjust to a changing social landscape. We won’t comment… Instead, we’ll happily accept that kids these days emoji this and emoji that, and it would only make sense to make a couple of keyboards so they can emoji their hearts out. EmojiWorks makes two versions of this keyboard, the $80 Plus (on special at $49 but currently sold out) that features a cool 47 emojis, and the $100 (also $49 on special) Pro version that features a super cool 120+! There’s also the alphabet on there, thrown in for good measure, because they figure there may be times when an incomprehensible string of emojis won’t accurately reflect the complex thoughts that might occasionally pop into your mind. But on the Pro version at least, these pesky letters thankfully only take up 25% of the space so don’t freak out.


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Tajima Seiryo Jacket Cooling System


A few weeks ago we wrote a clip-on fan that would keep your armpits dry. Well now, looking back, we think that product is pretty cute. See, the Tajima Seiryo Jacket Cooling System does a similar thing, only it cranks things up a few notches. Using a large 5,500 mAh battery, a strong clip-on three-speed fan, and a flexible yet sturdy silicone funnel, the device will blow a cool curtain of air all over your body, drying sweat before it has time to stick to your clothes. We know it looks ridiculous, and we’re not suggesting you wear this in an office; motorcycle riders who wisely insist on wearing their protective leather jackets in the hot summer sun, however, might find this refreshing. The battery will last anywhere between 6h and 8.5h, depending on the speed setting.

It’s $323.


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Movie Representations of Game Characters

video game controller close up

When a popular title is to be made into a major motion picture it usually gets people talking. Not just for games of course, but books as well. When there are great characters that everybody loves to see in stories, finding they will be represented on the big screen is an exciting time for fans. We look at some of the times the film crews nailed it, and captured the storylines perfectly.

It is certainly not a new thing for video games to be thought suitable for turning into films, and there have been several successes in the last two or three decades.

One of the first films to go with this trend was the Super Mario Bros. movie, which came out all the way back in 1993. Despite critics not being huge supporters of the release, many fans of the game found it to be an enjoyable release, and the film itself was nominated for two Saturn awards for Best Costume and Best Make-Up. That indicates how faithfully they sought to recreate the characters for a theatrical release.

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Misfit Leather Backpack by Hard Graft

Look fresh and fly down to the smallest details with the Misfit Leather Backpack by Hard Graft. Made with all natural, vegetable tanned cowhide leather, this unique backpack has undergone a particular controlled washing process to create a distressed color for a vintage look and feel. Made in Italy, the Misfit Backpack features a full zip opening to reveal three interior pockets along with the spacious compartment inside.

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Deal Of The Day: 70% Off On Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Complete Set


Looking for a serious bag to carry all your stuff around? The Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Complete Set looks like just the thing for you.

You may have your everyday essentials down pat, but getting them from point a to point b is a different struggle. The Bomber Duffle is made for people like you. From its premium, weather-resistant materials to its carefully designed pockets to house the big and the small, this bag will take your organization to new heights. Plus the included travel kit will keep your even smaller essentials right where you left them. Kickstarter’s most funded bag ever!

– Bomber duffle & travel kit included
– Adjustable premium quality, padded quick release shoulder strap
– Wraparound rivet reinforced carry handles w/ padded velcro grip
– Inner pocket for small essentials
– Outer pocket for small essentials
– Ultra lightweight design
– Military-grade clips
– Waterproof zippers
– Emergency paracord zipper pulls
– Weather resistant material

This looks like a quality bag made with strong materials and superior construction. Normally $200, it’s $59.99 after today’s rebate, shipped for no extra money at all.


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Germophobes: Elevated Titanium Silverware Will Keep Your Radar Quiet


If you’ve gotten to the point where you worry about what surfaces your utensils touch, as you’re eating, you may have a germophobia problem. But it looks like instead of making fun of you, at least one company will accommodate you. Called Untouctable (and pronounced “Untouch Table”), the silverware set pictured above shifts the weight distribution to the back of the utensil, elevating the eating surface off the table when you set it down. It’s made from Titanium, looks kind of neat and modern, but yeah, more importantly it makes it possible to never have to set your dirty utensils down on anything other than the food you’re eating. One set (1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 knife) will set you back a pretty hefty $79 pledge, but don’t forget you’re getting yourself the one set of silverware that could keep you from looking too crazy at your next dinner party.


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Renegade 3D Pen Uses Shredded Bottles As “Fuel”


Some of you may remember the 3Doodler pen that allowed you to draw a real objet in thin air, in three dimensions, freehand. It extruded a melted plastic filament that instantly hardened, making it possible to draw complex structures. The Renegade Pen is just like that, but with one important twist: it prints 3D models by recycling your plastic bottles, files, and bags.

Renegade is designed to accept strips cut from PET plastic bottles, plastic bags, or even plastic files and in sizes ranging from 5-7 mm and thickness of between 0.14-0.35mm. It can also use standard filaments, such as PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS, wood et cetera, as long as they are of 1.75mm diameter.

Bottles are easily turned into thin filaments using the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder, filaments which are then fed to the Renegade Pen. You’re then free to set the feed speed and the extrusion temperature (between 50-320 degrees Celsius (122-608 Fahrenheit)), which will help you fine-tune the viscosity and fluid properties of the extruding plastic. It’s a cool idea, one that’s both eco-friendly and thrifty at the same time (those PLA refills aren’t cheap!). If you want your own, you’ll have to part with £60, or roughly $80USD, and wait until February 2017 for shipment.


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