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Gallium Is A Metal That Will Melt In Your Hand


Here’s a fun gift for some science minded friend of yours. Or just about anyone with a slight sense of wonderment at nature’s cool toys. It turns out you can buy a chunk of Gallium, which has a melting point of 85.85F. And, unlike Mercury, it’s non-toxic. This means you can warm it up in your hand to the point where it starts melting. Then we’re not sure what you can possibly do with it, but that’s pretty cool as it is. Many reviewers have mentioned that their children became interested in science and chemistry after they witnessed metal melting in their hands, so we’re pretty confident you’ll love it too. It’s $15 for a 20g sample of 99.99% pure Gallium.

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Give Your Sofa Some Power With The Couchlet


Sitting on your couch and charging your phone can be a tricky proposition if your cables aren’t long enough. But with the Couchlet, you could have 2 powered USB ports right in the folds of your sofa. The trick is in its slim design that slides between cushions, and the fold out foot that keeps it in place. It comes with a 6 foot cord to power it up. With a little bit of finagling, you’ll be able to watch TV and charge your devices comfortably. Well, some finagling, and a $16 pledge. Shipping is estimated around December of this year, hopefully in time for the Holidays. But since this is a crowdfunding campaign, don’t hold you breath on that last point.


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For Some Reason This Cubic LED Light Is Attractive


Maybe it’s the design. Maybe it’s because it’s just nice to look at. Whatever the reason, we’re enamoured with the above Cube Black. It’s a little LED light, shaped like a cube. Here are some features:

• Ultra-bright white light with 3 settings (High-Medium-Low)
• Color changing mode
• Color locking
• Emergency flash mode
• Detachable diffusor
• Lantern and spotlight use
• Hanging hook
• Single-button control
• Latest LED technology
• Body color: matte black
• IPX4 splash-proof
• 3 x AAA Duracell batteries included

• Brightness: 100 Lumen/High, 20 Lumen/Medium, 1 Lumen/Low

• Runtime: 3h/High, 11h/Medium, 100h/Low
• Color changing up to 11h
• Emergency flash up to 48h

• Size: 52.5 x 52.5 x 52.5mm, 2.05″ x 2.05″ x 2.05″

We could have tried to make some kind of commentary on it, but to be honest, the specs do it justice more than anything we could have said. It’s $29, which isn’t a whole lot for something like this. And it comes with free worldwide shipping.

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No One Vacuums Anymore

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


Don’t tell us that you still pull a vacuum cleaner out of the closet on Saturday morning.  We just don’t believe you.  But, if you are schlepping a vacuum around the house every week, we’d like to know why. Maybe you really love it.  (Do you also enjoy mowing the lawn?) These days, smart thing to do is have a robotic vacuum that handles the bulk of the work. Notice how we didn’t say Roomba?  That’s because there are plenty of alternatives available – and the faveable team has found some of the best. We are confident some of these are going to excite you – even if you love vacuuming on your own (which we’re not certain we understand yet).

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Deal Of The Day: 10% Off On WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock


Despite its fulfillment woes, the Apple Watch is slowly making its way into the hands, and wrists, of eager shoppers across America. But once you have this overpriced piece of kit, perhaps you’ll feel compelled to treat it with the respect you think it deserves. To this end, we’d like to propose the WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock.

We can’t predict the future, but you and your Apple Watch are bound to be inseparable. Keep it close while it charges thanks to this sleek, convenient charging dock and stand. WatchStand seamlessly holds the magnetic Apple charging cord in place, so you can simply lay your watch against the cradle and get charging.

– Holds your Apple Watch at an easily viewable angle as it charges
– Keeps the charging cable in place & ready to charge
– Hides excess cable length inside its post
– Stays in place on a desk or tabletop w/ non-slip base & no-scratch padding
– Holds iPhone on its molded base

Normally you’d have to pay $30 for it, but it’s on special at $26.99. It’s not a huge rebate, but if you were going to get something like this in the first place, it’s better than no rebate.

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The Reserve Strap Could Boost Your Apple Watch’s Battery Life


Did you know your Apple Watch has a hidden diagnostic port? Yeah, well, it does and it turns out there’s a team of engineers out there currently developing a strap that could use that port to supply the watch with extra battery life. Up to 125% more, actually. It’s called the Reserve Strap and is currently at the prototype stage. It’s not known whether Apple will be happy with a third party developer using the diagnostic port; while Apple is encouraging development of straps, going so far as to provide official guidelines, they’re expecting the straps to vary the aesthetics, rather than improve core functionality. Still, there’s very little Apple could do to prevent eventual Reserve Strap customers from accessing this port, and the company plans to provide a tool to help them flip the port’s cover. More than doubling your Apple Watch’s battery life does come at a cost, since a pre-order will set you back a cool $249, with shipping in the Fall. Yup, owning Apple’s latest gadget sure is expensive.


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DestapaBanana Is A Tool For Stuffing Your Bananas


Ever felt like your banana was just too… healthy? Yeah, we thought so. So now that you’ve been having bananas stuffed with banana all your life, we’d like to open your eyes and turn your attention to the DestapaBanana. It appears to be a tool for boring a hole in a banana. You’re then free to fill that hole with other things that may not be quite as banana-y, like caramel, Nutella, Pop Rocks, peanuts… the sky is the limit.

To be honest, we’re not really sure this is a real product. The pictures look like a computer rendering, and we can’t seem to find where you can buy it. But we could be wrong, since this does seem like something that would be very popular among a certain demographic.

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Elastic Shoelaces Are For The More… Efficient Among Us


Ok, fine, just call us lazy. But given the opportunity to not tie our shoelaces on a daily basis, why say no? That’s not to say we should turn to Velcro. What are we, 5? But these Elastic Shoelaces seem like a good in-between. They’re made from “a memory-fit performance elastomer’, which is BS-speak for ‘elastic material’… but they do at least look decent and give you the option to customize your fit. Whether you like your footwear tight or loose, you can pick the size for you and never have to worry about tying anything ever again; just loop through, and snap together. Each pack contains 14 of them, and costs $15.

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Deal Of The Day: DIY Craft Beer Kit


This DIY Craft Beer Kit isn’t on special, so it’s not quite a deal like you’re used to. But at $45, we think it’s a decently priced way of making your own beer at home. And why wouldn’t you want to? It’s a fun project, and you can get drunk on something you made!

Nothing’s sweeter than a refreshing craft brew on a hot summer day, especially when it’s brewed with your own two hands. With simple instructions, the freshest ingredients, and all the tools you need, you’re sure to go from beer drinker to beer brewer in no time, and have fun doing it.

– Use the highest quality, freshest ingredients hand-packed in the USA
– Learn the same processes that award-winning home brewers and professional craft brewers use
– Make outstanding craft beer right out of the box
– Brew the best possible beer on the first attempt in your kitchen

So get it while you can, because even though it’s not a deal, it’s only available for one more day.

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