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Tiny Tesla Coil Can Play Music With Electric Sparks


Tesla coils are pretty awesome, but they tend to be big, unwieldy, and kind of difficult to seriously consider as a purchase. The Tiny Musical Tesla Coil however is only 6 inches tall when assembled, and can easily do its magic on a countertop. The best feature of this particular kit however is its ability to play music. With a USB cable and your laptop, you’ll be able to play MIDI tunes by controlling the pressure waves generated by the 4 inch sparks. Some assembly is necessary, so you’ll need at least some basic soldering knowledge, as well as access to a soldering iron, paint-on or spray-on varnish, and hand tools. It’s a single-resonant solid-state coil (SSTC Tesla Coil), which is great because it’s reliable and safe. You’ll be learning about alternating-current electricity in a very hands-on, and let’s face it, pretty cool manner. And you’ll only have to pay $229 for the privilege.


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Water Purifier Pump Lets You Drink Just About Anything


If you’re planning a long trip out in the wilderness, you’re going to have to think about how you’re going to stay hydrated. One solution is to bring tons of water with you, but that stuff is heavy. Another is to simply pack the MSR Sweetwater Purifier System.

MSR’s SweetWater Purifier System gives you added protection against bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. This backcountry kit includes a SweetWater Microfilter, an 80-micron stainless-steel prefilter, two color-coded silicone hoses, foam float, Universal Bottle Adapter plus cleanside cover, cleaning brush, ViralStop Purifier Solution and stuff sack. Simply pump the water through the SweetWater purifier, then add five drops of the purifier solution per liter and wait five minutes for the purification process to complete. MSR’s water Purifier Solution inactivates 99. 99 percent of waterborne viruses, bacteria, and common protozoan parasites, so you can avoid spending your camping or traveling expedition doubled over in your tent.

There are many systems like this on the market, but MSR’s advantage is that it allegedly produces better tasting water due to the lack of bad-tasting iodine. Considering it’s only $100, it’s a worthwhile purchase for anyone serious about spending some quality time outdoors.


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Caffeinated Shaving Products Kick Start Your Mornings


Can you even absorb caffeine through your skin? We’re not sure, but we’re going to assume you can because otherwise we’re not sure what the point of this product is. Caffeinated Shaving Cream and After Shave from Pacific Shaving Company are two products that claim to help give your morning a bit of a kickstart thanks to the addition of caffeine to their panoply of other moisturizers, antioxidants, and related ingredients. Apparently caffeine will serve as a vasoconstrictor, tightening your blood vessels and helping your skin look smoother a less red. And yeah, they claim caffeine is indeed absorbed through the skin, although we can’t imagine you’ll be able to replace your morning coffee with your shaving routine anytime soon.

Still, something interesting to try, if only because it’s $16 for the set.


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Leather Duffle by Johnny Fly – Sophisticated Design for Your Weekend Trips

By using strong and durable leather as well as a lining which is made of a tough water resistant waxed denim, the Leather Duffle by Johnny Fly is ideally designed to be your weekend companion. The buckles of this duffle are made of a corrosion resistant brass. All these components are beautifully hand-stitched to create a timeless design such as this. The company uses “Hunter” or “Oil Pull Up” goat’s leather hides to design their bags which bring that vintage yet modern look and feel. The duffle includes enough storage pockets for your necessities and a special eyewear pocket with a Johnny Fly wooden eyewear case. A perfect duffel for the stylish adventurers in you. Set forth on your short vacations in style.

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Deal Of The Day: 57% Off On IPinator VPN, Lifetime Subscription


Browsing the web naked can sometimes be a bad idea. Your privacy isn’t protected, and if you happen to go to less-than-legal websites and download things you shouldn’t, it exposes you to potential prosecution. VPNs are a great way to not only protect your privacy, but also circumvent geographic restrictions some websites have. The IPinator VPN: Lifetime Subscription is a great product at an even better price:

IPinator VPN keeps your web browsing private and your data secure by installing a fake IP in your web browser with a click of a button. Simple and effective, IPinator is the easiest way to avoid identity theft, government spying, and other cyber crimes no matter where in the world you log on.

– Encrypts your Internet connection to keep away hackers & cyber criminals
– Works w/ Android, Windows, Mac & soon iOS!
– Prevents others from seeing your true IP address
– Allows you to change your IP address frequently
– Bypasses firewalls, geo-restricted sites & blocked websites so you browse the Internet freely
– Includes a feature for sending anonymous emails with no personal info
– Resets your IP settings to normal once you close the app

Many of these VPNs are overpriced, but this one will cost you all of $14.99 for a lifetime subscription.


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Turn Any Branch Into A Sword


Kids will go into the woods and pretend to be swordsmen. This is the way kids work. We think. But if they’re going to be doing that, there’s a chance one of them will get their knuckles hit and come back home in tears. That won’t happen if you get them the Nature Sabre-sword Creator from MonkeyBuisness. It’s a simple silicone attachment that fits at the end of a branch and creates a finger guard that not only makes the “sword” look more legit, it also gives your child some semblance of protection. They’re $11, comes in three colors, and is available now.


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The Only Thing Better Than A Fat Bike, Is A Fat Electric Trike


Fat bikes are all the rage these days, though we can’t quite comprehend why. Our limited understanding of trends doesn’t change anything to this reality however, so we’re not surprised to see manufacturer Standard Bearer Machines announcing a beefed up electric version of their Rengu line of fat bikes. The Rengu Juggernaut is a tadpole trike (with the single wheel at the back) that benefits from electric power assist, which is a more than welcome addition to a vehicle already notable for its inefficient locomotive properties.

What’s new with this model is a 2,000-watt 3-phase high torque rear hub motor. It’s powered by a 48-volt 12.5-Ah lithium-polymer battery, and linked to a 3-phase controller. In throttle mode, it’ll take the trike to an electronically-limited top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) for a distance of approximately 20 miles per charge.

These trikes are meant to be used on sandy beaches, where the lack of electric assist would mean a much harder pedal. But the convenience of electricity comes at a price: the renege Juggernaut is $5,300!


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Portal Mirrors For Your Home


After you spend so many hours trying to complete the puzzle game Portal, you may become obsessed with its aesthetic. So it would make sense to honour your new obsession with a real life reminder of the time you spent teleporting yourself from place to place. The Portal Mirrors pictured above are outfitted with orange and blue LEDs to give them a look very similar to the portals used in game.

They’re hand-made and it will take up to two weeks after you place your order before they’re shipped. But they certainly are distinctive, and worth the $249 asking price to fanatics of the game.


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Deal Of The Day: 50% Off On FosPower International AC & USB Charger


We already told you about a travel adapter charging station the other day. That one was pretty cool, and looked kind of nice. But maybe you didn’t want to spend $35 on something like that. Well, the FosPower International AC & USB Charger is cheaper, and it pretty much does the same thing.

Technology keeps up with our international travel schedules, but plugs and converters are still living in the ‘90s. It’s time to ditch them all and switch to the FosPower all-in-one charger and converter for use in over 150 countries. Not only does it pack an AC plug to power your computer or appliances, but it includes a dual USB port for charging up your phone, e-reader, camera, and more.

– Keep your devices safely charged wherever you go w/ built-in 6A 250v safety fuse
– Charge up in 150 different countries w/ the four built-in plug standards (US/EU/AU/UK)
– Simultaneously use the AC power & USB charging
– Never worry about loose wires & parts again due to the single-piece construction
– Plug small appliances or a computer into the AC power port
– Power your other mobile devices via the dual USB ports (maximum output of 3.1A)
– View the build-in blue LED charging indicator, which helps identify when the adapter is ready to be used
– Conveniently change to any plug w/ the easy-to-use, slide-out plug release button

It’s normally $30, but with today’s special the price goes down to $14.99.


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