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Tailgate Like a Champion!

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


When isn’t it time to tailgate? At Faveable, we’re pretty sure every game demands a party in the parking lot. And now, we’ve got the tech that makes the big game build-up as exciting as the match itself. Now, it’s more fun to hang outside the arena than ever before. And, the Faveable team has selected the gadgets you’ll need no matter what your idea of tailgating is. Featured image above is of the “Coolest” cooler which brings a lot of tech to your regular cooler and was one of the most popular Kickstarter projects. Also, if you can’t stand to miss any of the action, we’ve got you covered. Yep, you can catch all the action of the game from the comfort of your parking lot lounge; you’ll need to see it to believe it.

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Mini Garage Houses Your Keychain, Holds Your Car Keys

Mini Garage Car Keys

Park your car in this! Well, the miniature car on your keychain, that is, because there’s no way your jeep will fit into this mini garage rack by Cairo. It was made for one purpose and one purpose only: to house the fancy vintage car keychain that it’s sold with, with your car keys hanging on the key ring on the other end.

Choose from a Porsche, Karmann Ghia, Jaguar E-Type, VW bus, or a VW Beetle– in short, cars you’d love to own within your lifetime.

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Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On The Mobile Cloth


Yes, of course you can clean your phone with a tissue, or even the corner of your shirt. But more often than not you’ll find yourself just pushing grease and germs around the screen, but not off. The Mobile Cloth is made from a special material that has been shown to lift up to 98% of germs present on a screen, with no need for chemicals. Each cloth is 9″ by 9″, and come in packs of 5, in varying colours. Normally $20, it’s $11.99 today.

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Would You Wear The Moto Hint Bluetooth Speaker?


The stigma with Bluetooth earbuds continues mostly unabated; being seen with one in your ear is still a surefire way to declare yourself as a somewhat of a pompous nerd. But the Motorola Hint has a design aesthetic that makes it tempting to believe you could be forgiven for wearing it in public. It’s tiny, and doesn’t have a boom mic that wraps around your cheek, nor a plastic hook to hold on to your ear. It’s just a tiny bud that inserts in your ear and looks like a stylish hearing aid. Due to its small size, the battery doesn’t last very long, but the cool carrying case it comes in features a battery of its own that tops the Hint back up, up to twice, before needing a charge of its own. Pass-through audio also means you don’t have to sacrifice hearing in one ear when you’re not using it. It’s also not device specific, and will work with anything that has Bluetooth. It’s $149, but isn’t available yet. You can visit the website to sign up to be notified of its availability.

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Radinn Makes An Electric Powered Wakeboard


If you’ve got about $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you might be able to get your hands (well, your feet) on this electric powered wakeboard by Swedish company Radinn. Made from carbon fiber, it weighs all of 29 kg (64 lb), yet carries an electric motor powerful enough to propel you at speeds up to 25 knots (29 mph or 46 km/h), for up to an hour at a time. If you go full-out, that’s more likely to be closer to 30 minutes, but still, it’s a decent range considering the product. The throttle is modulated through a wireless and waterproof handheld remote that you’ll have to tie to your body, of course, if you don’t want to lose it. The first production run has been pre-ordered already and should start shipping this winter.

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Y-40 Is The World’s Deepest Pool


Located within the 4-star Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, is the world’s deepest pool. It’s called Y-40, The Deep Joy. The name refers to the Y-axis (the vertical one), and -40 meters of depth (that’s 131 feet). It’s about 5 meters deeper than the previous world’s deepest pool, the Nemo 33, in Belgium. Containing 4,300 cubic meters (151,853 cu. ft.) of spa water maintained at a constant temperature of 32-34c (around 90F), you don’t need a wet suit to dive down. And on your way to the bottom you’ll encounter four caves for technical underwater training, as well as a viewing tunnel for curious onlookers. We’re not sure about regular admission prices, but a poster on their website advertises 100 dives for 2,000€, which works out to about $25 a dive.


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Seatylock Is An Elegant Bike Lock


Securing your bike in an urban environment normally involves carrying a separate lock, whether a chain or U-shaped. And while you may be able to tie down your frame and wheels, your seat will still remain vulnerable to theft (yes, it happens). With the Seatylock, your seat is the lock. Simply remove it and extend a 1 meter solid lock that will tie your bike down securely. “Seatylock has a universal adaptor that enables easy compatibility with any standard bicycle. After a simple installation it can be adjusted to your preferred saddle position.” Retail will be $129, but you can get it now for an $85 pledge, in either the narrow “trekking” configuration, or the wider “comfort” shape.


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Best Robotic Toys in 2014 for the Man Who Loves to be Entertained

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


Keep that young at heart feeling. Why not? The Faveable team has picked out some of the best tech toys that you won’t be ashamed to play with. Call them tech toys if you prefer, but we prefer to call them robots. And, we’ve got everything from app-controlled robots to toys that may even seem more intelligent than you. If robots are the future, aren’t we lucky that we can get in on the action now? And, not all robots are toys. Some will grab your drinks while others play the part of shed-free pets. But, if you prefer more traditional robots, look no further than our R2-D2 robot which made the list. Featured image above is of Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo White Connected toy with wide-angle FPV Camera. Check out the rest of selections in the link below.

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Nintendo to Debut 3DS XL That Looks Like a NES Controller

Nintendo 3DS XL NES

A Nintendo 3DS XL that sports the classic look of the NES controller? Yes, please! This isn’t the first time Nintendo has released special edition designs for their 3DS portable gaming consoles, but it’s the first to feature a design of another console instead of a classic character, like Mario or Zelda. The box it comes in brings another bout of nostalgia since it was designed to look like the NES console.

The limited edition 3DS XL will be released with two other designs: the Super Smash Bros 3D XLs (which will come in red and blue) and the Persona Q.

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