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Tokyoflash Releases Zero-G Watch

zero-g tokyoflash

By David Ponce

Our love affair with Tokyoflash watches continues unabated. Their latest model is called the Zero-G.

The super slim Zero-G has everything that makes great unique watch. Simple & stylish with a original way of telling the time.

Available in either Black or Silver, it’s mirrored LCD display ensures that telling the time is just a glance away. The circular display is deceptively easy to read: The LCD “arm” points to the hour just like a regular watch & the sweeping curve ends at the minute mark, also indicating the minutes in a regular manner. Since the display is “always on” there is no need to push a button to see the time.

It’s going to set you back 9800 yen (~$80), and is available now.

[ Product Page ]

TokyoFlash – Retsu By Saishin

TokyoFlash Restu (Images courtesy TokyoFlash)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve lusted over TokyoFlash watches before but were put off by how bulky they were then the new Retsu model should appeal to you.

It’s only 8mm thin and weighs in at about 40 grams making it about 1/3 of the weight of most other LED-based watches. To show the time the Retsu uses a vertical display that runs up the side of the watch face. Hitting a button causes the LED lights to race up to the digit and then trail off leaving a single LED next to the number. This is then repeated for each digit to indicate the current time.

The Retsu is exclusively available at TokyoFlash for about $130. (?14900)

[TokyoFlash – Retsu by Saishin]

TokyoFlash Releases Jive Turkey Watch, Causes Seizures In Small Children

jive turkey tokyo flash watch

By David Ponce

We’re big fans of TokyoFlash watches, as evidenced by our many posts on them. For good reason too, as we feel that they make some superb timepieces that are both unique and affordable, and when worn will make you very popular among both your geek and non-geek friends.

We also like how they’re always coming out with new pieces. In this instance, it’s the Jive Turkey, part of their PIMP line of watches.

The new Pimp “Jive Turkey” utilizes several refractive mirrors and a coated convex camera style lens to create the illusion of LED’s reaching off into the distance. The effect is pretty amazing and combined with the trademark Pimp animated display, it’s a real psychedelic effect.

It’s $137 after conversion.

[TokyoFlash Jive Turkey]

TokyoFlash High Freq.2

TokyoFlash High Freq.2 (Image courtesy Wrist Dreams)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m usually not that impressed by the watches for sale on TokyoFlash but I do think the High Freq.2 is one of their better designs. The ‘3D’ display uses an equalizer effect where the dots of light are pushed up to the top row then float back down until they ‘fall off’ the face. Two of the lights remain on for an additional 5 seconds afterwards to indicate the seconds then also ‘fall off.’

The watch also apparently uses very little power since it has an advanced LCD screen needing only 1 LED to illuminate the entire watch face.

The High Freq.2 is available now at TokyoFlash for $141.07.

[TokyoFlash High Freq.2] VIA [Wrist Dreams]

Tokyoflash’s Latest: The PIMP Pleasure Seeker

pimp pleasureseeker

By David Ponce

If you’ve read this site for any period of time, you’ve probably realised I’ve got a fondness for Tokyoflash watches. For proof, just follow this link. And now, our Japanese watchmakers have unveiled their latest: the PIMP Pleasure Seeker.

Unlike the other members of the PIMP line, the Pleasure Seeker was made for people whose wrists were smaller than an average tree trunk. There’s a stainless steel version with either blue, red or green LEDs. But get this, the ladies can now get in on the action, with a Pink gold and red LED version.

Like most Tokyoflash watches, time is delectably hard to figure out, which is, incidentally, the whole point.

They’re Yen12,900, which translates to about $110.

[PIMP Pleasure Seeker]

Tokyoflash Winners

By David Ponce

Just a quick note to thank everyone for participating in the Tokyoflash contest. Thanks for voting and sending in your entries.

It was fun, but it’s time to announce the winners.

First runner up is Finalist B, Alvaro Salkeld with his lovely Timex watch, which got concrete scratches and red pain all over it. He will be getting a 12-5-9.

And the winner(s), Finalist A, Don and Robin Mundrick for a 1943 Olympic (not THE Olympics) watch presented to the Winnipeg Rangers, a Canadian Junior Hockey team from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada in 1943 for Junior Hockey Supremacy in Canada. The Barcode watch is coming your way. Congrats!

And that’s it folks. Stay tuned for more cool giveaways, there’s always something in the works.

Tokyoflash Watch Contest Finalists

By David Ponce

We told y’all about the Tokyoflash watches up for grabs a while ago. Well, as you can imagine, the response was vigorous. After sifting through a few dozen entries, downing a few cups of coffee and bickering over the results, we have our finalists.

You should know that pictures of dilapidated watches took priority over the creative entries. Also, promises of everlasting friendship, warm companionship, long walks on beaches and such did not influence our decision, tempting as some might have seemed.

So, come on in and rock the vote.

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Reminder: Tokyoflash Contest

By David Ponce

Hey guys, just a little reminder to y’all that there’s a contest going on here, where you can win a really great watch from Tokyoflash. The contest closes on Dec. 31, so hurry up and send in your entries to watchcontest at gmail dot com.

For details, read this post.

Tokyoflash Watch Contest

By David Ponce

That’s right folks. We got not one, but two super freaking awesome watches from Tokyoflash to give away. For those of you not in the know, I reviewed one of them, and Holy Crap are they hot!

The first watch up for grabs is the one pictured, the BarCode watch valued at $150. The second one, which will be given to the first runner up, is the brand new 12-5-9 G, valued at $100.

When I say “give away”, of course I mean “award them to deserving competitors”. And here’s what you gotta do. There are two ways to win.

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