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Shonin Streamcam Compact Wearable Camera

Tell your side of the story with the Shonin Streamcam Compact Wearable Camera. This clever system captures events from your point of view as they unfold. Connecting to the cloud, the Shonin Streamcam automatically saves all of your footage with a single tap. Or, you can choose to broadcast in real-time through live social media streaming. The Shonin Streamcam uses a cellular SIM or Wi-Fi tethering to capture and save.

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Capcom Set to Re-release Street Fighter II Cartridge For The SNES, Though it Might Catch On Fire

Capcom has teamed up with Iam8bit to release a limited run of Street Fighter II cartridges for the 30th anniversary for the game, which are fully functional. The run will produce 5,500 cartridges, with 1,000 being in ‘Glow-in-the-dark Blanka’ green and the other 4,500 in ‘Opaque Ryu Headband’ red.

Though something in the product page’s description suggests the game could catch on fire, “WARNING: Use of this reproduction game cartridge (the “Product”) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire.”

Okay, so the game is unlikely to have any issues whatsoever, and is almost certainly not going to set of a Hadouken in your living room. Though, it’s still best to exercise caution and you probably want to shelf this one anyway, as it’s going to be massively collectible to any Street Fighter fan.

The cartridges will sell for $100 each and will ship sometime in November, but just buy an SNES Classic, which will be $20 cheaper and even has Street Fighter II built in. Just kidding, you’ll never be able to find an SNES Classic that’ll cost you less than $200 and little bit of your dignity off some guy on Craigslist who hoards them like a troll.

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Upgrade Your Video Entertainment System — at a Discount

Samsung Electronics 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Amazon is putting a $1000 price tag on the Samsung Electronics 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV, but only for today. This translates to a $950 savings. The UN65MU7600 model is a 65-inch curved TV that sports a wider range of color and contrast than a full HD. Its One Remote feature controls all connected devices at once. And it comes with a free wall mounting service.

Roku Express+

Another Amazon Deal of the Day is the $25 Roku Express+, an HD streaming media player that gives you access to over 350,000 movies and TV shows across 3,500+ channels. The only problem? How to stop binge watching.

TiVo Bolt Digital Video Recorder

Got a TV show that you want to watch over and over again? This TiVo Bolt Digital Video Recorder lets you record up to 4 shows at once. It works with your existing subscription or records over-the-air channels. It integrates well with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO GO, and more — no need to switch inputs.


Someone Made a Polaroid Camera That Can Print GIF’s (sort of)

People these days seem obsessed with bringing back old tech whether it be vinyl records, retro video games, or old film cameras. And as far as old cameras go, no company seems gets the rose-colored nostalgia treatment quite like Polaroid. I suppose there’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking a picture and having it print out into your hands seconds later.

Well Reddit user, abhi3188, decided to combine the look and feel of the old Polaroid camera, with the modern equivalent of communication, making a camera that prints out GIF’s. The project, named the Instagif NextStep, works by taking a short clip with the camera, which it then ‘prints’ out a cartridge with a small screen on it to display the GIF. Okay, so it doesn’t magically print moving images onto film paper, but it’s still a super cool idea. Once released the GIF even takes a second to fade in, like a real photo from an instant camera.

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Smart Weatherproof Security Camera

Take your home security one step further with this Smart Weatherproof Security Camera. This camera sets up anywhere in the house, both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the weatherproof feature, you can be worry-free even under bad weather conditions. Additionally, the camera also comes with a powerful sensor that detects human movements. So, you will not get false alarms whatsoever.

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iPhone Event Set for September 12, Here’s What It Might Look Like

On September 12 Apple will unveil their latest iPhone in the Steve Jobs theater at Apple’s newly constructed headquarters. The iPhone will mark Apple’s 10th update to the line since the original released in 2007, because of this, many fans and outlets are reporting the newest iPhone to be a more significant change than in recent years. Here are some the biggest changes that are reportedly coming to the iPhone.


Apple is rumored to finally be embracing a design change for the iPhone after a decade of having very familiar top and bottom chins as well as a circular home button. The new iPhone will likely ditch both in favor of a much smaller top and bottom bezel with a small cutout on top for the front-facing camera and may incorporate the new home button under the display like the Galaxy S8.

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Smart Home Items That You Can Snag at a Discount Today

Sensi Smart Thermostat

One of the best-selling smart thermostats in the market, the Sensi Smart Thermostat is at a 23% discount today. Sensi works with HVAC systems and can be controlled using an app on both iOs and Android devices. You can trigger geofencing for location-based temperature control or set up a schedule every day of the week. It also integrates with Alexa, Google Home, and Wink smart home devices.


For your peace of mind whenever you leave your house, setup this ANNKE IP Camera in strategic corners of your home.  With 1080p video, 350-degree pan and 100-degree tilt, you’ll get crisp footage at a wider coverage. Mount it on your ceiling or wall or you can just place it on top of your cabinet.

Wansview Home Camera

There’s another IP camera on sale and it’s currently a best seller. It’s the Wansview Home Camera that you can use as a pet, baby or nanny monitor. It has a 720p camera, four IR LED for night view, and a 120-degree camera for a wide viewing angle. Get this if you want flexibility in checking your footage; it works with iOs, Android, Windows PC, and even web browsers.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller

Take your gaming up a level with the Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller. Innovative and ergonomic, this controller works with your favorite console as well as your PC. The Razer Wolverine takes on a traditional Xbox One controller shape. However, it’s all about the details. This device actually has six additional remappable bumpers and triggers. With this, you can extend your control over even more to get more capability than ever.

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Your Pizza Could One Day Be Delivered by a Self-Driving Car

If you’ve ever been concerned that getting pizza delivered straight to your door was still too much human interaction, you may be in luck. Dominos has teamed up with Ford to test self-driving cars that can deliver pizza. The program uses a Ford Fusion Hybrid and is currently being tested in Michigan, though a driver and other operators are still present to ensure all goes smoothly.

For now, testing allows random pizza orders in Ann Arbor to select whether they want their pizza delivered though the program. Once your pizza arrives, you’re alerted through the dominos app, and the rear window will open allowing you to grab your pizza from a “Heatwave Compartment” that keeps it warm. Speakers and a screen are also being implemented to make the process simpler.

Oh, how far we’ve come, from banging rocks together to make fire, to having pizza that essentially delivers itself. Though in this futuristic world, having your pizza delivered by a self-driving car removes the best part of the experience, answering the door in your pajamas and looking the pizza guy right in the eyes and having him know that this is most human contact and sunlight you’re going to get on a Saturday.

Dominos and Ford are hoping to start rolling out the system sometime in 2021.

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