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Deal of The Day: 92% Off On Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle

You know that artificial intelligence and machine learning are the fields of the future, right? Sure, they might also be the fields that spell mankind’s demise, but let’s try to stay positive and assume we’re figure out how not to create machines who want to eliminate us. The point is, if you want to learn some soon to be very marketable skills, there’s this Machine Learning with Python Course and E-Book Bundle right here that might interest you. There’s a total of 4 e-books and 5 courses to help you come to grips with all the basics, as well as delving into some more advanced stuff. Considering the entire bundle is only $49, it’s a very cost efficient way to explore a field that’s in high demand for competency, and already offering some high-paying jobs.

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Finally: A Toaster For Bacon

Anyone that’s been reading OhGizmo! for any significant amount of time will know we have a healthy obsession with bacon. It’s not like we’re unique in this regard, but still worth mentioning our undying love of the smoked cured meat, because you’ll then understand our excitement at learning about the Bacon Express Bacon Grill. It’s like a toaster for bacon. It accommodates up to six slices of meaty heaven, and cooks them to perfection while simultaneously draining excess fat away, since it does it’s thing vertically. A slide-out drip tray and insulated door liners makes cleanup a breeze. It’s $40.

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Fret Zeppelin System Teaches You How To Play A Real Guitar

Learning how to play any instrument is hard, but luckily we are now starting to see products like the Fret Zeppelin, which should go a long way to make things a bit easier, at least for guitars. It’s a set of thin LED strips that fit right next to each fret on a guitar’s neck, and light up the spots where your fingers need to be, guiding you through the song. The app detects when you’ve played the note, and moves on to the next position as you play. Each strip is about half the height of a fret, so it won’t interfere with your playing ability. And once you’ve mastered a song, you can enable a multicoloured light show, giving you a bunch of “extra flair” as you play. It’s a fantastic idea and if done properly, will totally be worth the $199 pledge necessary to secure your October 2017 shipping date.

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What Makes In-Ear Headphones Awesome Besides Being Totally Wireless

Don’t you hate it when your headphone wires tangle? It takes a while to untangle them and get going. There’s a great solution for this: those true wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

The Apple Airpods probably’s the first pair that popped into your mind. After all, they’re the most popular. But, you have to know all the other in-earbuds that’s also available on the market. They have cooler features like…

Built-in fitness trackers

Yup, you’ve heard it right. Some earphones like the Samsung Gear IconX monitors your fitness stats and your heart rate as well. The Jabra Elite Sport can do the same as well. You can get them if you’re fond of exercising with your earphones on. Their batteries are more than enough to play your entire workout playlist.

Noise-cancelling technology

If your current noise-cancelling headphones is what’s stopping you from switching, you can just get the Doppler Labs Earbuds. They offer some serious noise-cancelling power. If you’re in a cafe and you need to get stuff done, this one’s the way to go as they also interact with Siri and other voice assistant platforms.

Street-safe features

If you’re a commuter, you need earbuds like the Dash by Bragi. That’s because they have audio transaparency feature, which lets you hear what’s going on in the background while you listen to music. You are made aware of the car’s honks. The Dash is also waterproof up to 1 meter so a little rain won’t cause damage.

Are you now ready to give wireless in-ear headphones a try? We’ve got a lot more on our list!

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Netflix Adds Offline Viewing For Subscribers!

Netflix has finally joined the likes of Spotify and Amazon Prime with the update that will finally allow subscribers the ability to download TV episodes and movies that are available on Netflix to their tablet, phone or computer to watch later—with or without an internet connection. The company still offers DVD delivery and Streaming, Downloading is new!

In a world where we are increasingly connected, in most cases it’s not hard to find internet. The other scenario is where you find yourself with a connection that can not handle the bandwidth of Netflix streaming. Subscribers get very irritated with screens like this:


There are also the unfriendly internet dead zones like airplanes, subways or grandma’s house this feature will be heaven. For parents this feature will allow them to download multiple shows for the kids to watch on vacation. This will mean a lot more quiet hours in the car on those long trips.

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Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables

It’s not that plugging your iPhone into the Lightning charger is hard, it’s that it’s even easier if it’s magnetic. Plus, you know: magnets! The Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables let you give your iPhone that extra functionality.

You know the snap-and-charge design on MacBooks that you love (well, loved anyway) so much? Imagine having that convenience with your phone charger, too. Well, you can! Plugies are impressive little adapters that live in your phone’s charging port so you can snap the magnetic cable in whenever you want, no fuss. Don’t tug your phone off the table by accident again, help yourself out with an easily detachable Plugie.

– Charge your phone in a simple snap
– Adapt a standard cable into a magnetic cord w/ the included adapter
– Enjoy your cable for longer thanks to its braided nylon & anodized aluminum casing
– Eliminate standard cords from your life – Plugies live in your phone
– Organize your cable w/ the silicone strap

Normally $40, it’s $27.99 after today’s rebate. And it comes in MicroUSB flavours as well.

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Tesla Model S 100D Focuses On Range, Not Power

The new Tesla Model S 100D has the same capacity battery as the better known P 100D (100kWh), but instead of being able to propel you through a 0-60 sprint in a ludicrous 2.4s, it does it in a still ridiculously fast 4.2s, faster than a base model Porsche 911. What you trade off for the loss of power is extra range: the S 100D can go a full 335 miles on a single charge. That’s more than any EV on the road, and should go a long way to satisfy even the most intrepid commuter. The best part is that you’ll save a whopping $39,500 over the P 100D, which might make you rethink why you needed to get to 60 in under three seconds anyway.

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Keeping The Girlfriend Happy With The Beard Bib

A good beard needs regular grooming, otherwise you’re just a bum. But grooming means turning your bathroom sink into a mess that your girlfriend will eventually have to deal with, because even though you try to clean up after yourself it’s well known you’ll miss like 15% of the little hairs. Yes, this is a sexist statement, but please don’t take it the wrong way, we’re just trying to be funny. Anyway, the Beard Bib should keep things nice and tidy. It ties to your neck and to your bathroom mirror through two suction cups; anything you shave or trim will be caught and kept off your nice surfaces. It’s $30.

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The Importance of Uninterrupted Power for Data Centers

Thanks to the cloud, we have seen a sharp increase in data centers and radical shifts in how they operate. There are more software-as-a-service products in circulation than ever and they are driving the necessity of data centers, where precious user information is stored and accessed by users and personnel around the globe. Access to reliable and uninterrupted power is absolutely essential for these data centers to carry out day-to-day operations. However, despite the need, many data centers have back-up power systems that are less than desirable.

For data centers, a power outage not only hinders everyday operation, it is extremely detrimental for their bottom lines. According to a survey from the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, 20 percent of respondents “experienced data center outages that caused more than $50,000 in losses, all the way up to $5,000,000.” For a data center, it doesn’t really matter what the cause was, a power outage is the number one source of preventable income loss.

This post is going to discuss the importance of uninterrupted power for data centers and offering several solutions to help approve your approach to backup power.

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