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LG Signature Phone Will Set You Back $1,800

When it comes to luxury phones, they’re mostly a joke. Every so often you see a phone made with gold or encrusted with diamonds, but when the tech becomes outdated so fast, who cares about spending extra on looks?

Well in a bold move, LG has announced the LG Signature Edition. Set to be sold in South Korea, the phone’s highlighting feature is its Zirconium Ceramic body, which is said to be incredibly resistant to scratches. Under the hood, it’s basically a slightly upgraded LG V30, not like anyone has heard of that phone. For all you know, I made up that phone.

The phone also comes bundled with a pair of B&O headphones, which probably inflates the price. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether it will be released in other countries. That’s alright, the only way I’d buy this phone anyway, was if it included an iPhone X and $800 cash.

[ UberGizmo ]

You Can Now Buy A Pikachu Wireless Charger

Just in case you weren’t satisfied with a regular wireless charger, you can now buy one that looks like your favorite Pokémon, as long as your favorite Pokémon is Pikachu.

Made by TeknFun, the Pikachu charger does exactly what you would expect, charges your phone and looks adorable while doing it. In addition to the wireless charging pad, the charger also includes 3 additional USB ports to charge other devices, making it actually pretty good in terms of functionality.

I guess if you’re a Pokémon fan, it’s not a bad choice to throw in a kitchen or living room for people to top off their charge.  It’s available from GameStop for $50, but unfortunately, it’s out of stock for now.

[ TheVerge ]

Video Of How We Might Stop A Giant Meteor

Ever wonder where we stand on protecting ourselves from meteors? Well, the people over at Vox put together a video explains just how destructive a meteor impact could be, and just how well we can protect ourselves.

As the video explains, all you really need to do is coerce the meteor a few inches off its path to stop it from impacting us, so our best options include shooting it with laser, hitting it with a battering ram, or dressing a similar meteor in ladies clothes and have it whistle over to it.

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Get These Smart Home Switch Combos for Up to 61% Off

Echo Dot + TP-Link Switch Combo

Extend your Alexa capabilities to another room and automate non-smart things with this Echo Dot (2nd Gen) + TP-Link Switch Combo. The powerful combo is having a price slash today and you can get them for only $35. Control thermostats, lights, switches, garage doors, and more.

Etekcity Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini Outlets

Another hot duo item, these Etekcity Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini Outlets lets you control any home devices with complete ease. Use your voice and switch on things through Alexa. It’s also the practical switch to use since they track your energy usage, helping you strategize on how to significantly cut your electricity bill per month. Get 61% off and get the pair for only $27 today.


AmazonBasics USB Wall Chargers

Lastly, there are these AmazonBasics USB Wall Chargers, which are extremely helpful when you want to save your laptop ports for your external keyboard and mouse. They’re rated 2.4 Amps, allowing for not just a convenient, but fast charging as well. The pair’s up for grabs for only $9.

Portal Is Coming Back As A Bridge-Building Simulator

Portal, one of the best game series of all-time, which hasn’t seen a release since Portal 2 in 2011, is now coming back, kinda. It’s back in the form of a bridge builder game that has players using portals to complete puzzles.

“Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience, all under the demanding gaze of GLaDOS,”-Headup Games

By the looks of it, you’ll also be able to use the Lightbridges and Propulsion and Repulsion Gels, as opposed to just using portals to solve puzzles. I’ll play it, but then again, I’d buy a new portal game even if it were just a scene of GLaDOS reading a copy of People Magazine and making fun of current celebrities. That actually sounds pretty cool.

Bridge Constructor Portal will be available on PC, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, so basically everything, and the game releases on December 20.

[ TheVerge ]

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Fidget Spinner Keycaps Are A Probably A Sign Of The Apocalypse

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier than a fidget spinner phone, someone goes and makes keycaps that are functional fidget spinners. Why am I cursed to write about such nonsense? We truly live in the golden age of innovation.

Forget about that precious fidget spinning time you’re wasting when your playing a PC game, or writing a research paper, because that’s all about to end. Now you can spin every second you’re on the computer, and really, could you ask for anything more?

The keycaps are available through MassDrop and compatible with all Cherry MX keyboards and clones, and prices are $20, and $2 extra for the splatter paint ones. The estimated shipping date is February 12, 2018.

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This Company Will Send You A lump Of Coal For Christmas

Let’s be honest, you weren’t great this year. You passed by that guy collecting donations at the supermarket, or you snuck a peek at your classmate’s math test, maybe you helped your friend hide a body. You don’t deserve that new Echo or iPad, you deserve a lump of coal. Well, now there’s a company that can help you with that.

It’s called LetsCoal, and for low price of $20 they’ll send you a (relatively)beautiful lump of coal. Every lump is 100% natural, so no more harmful preservatives or artificial colors. Just good ol’ green burning coal.

Okay, the website was initially formed as a joke, but now they really are offering a one-time sale for people, and part of the proceeds will go to Natural Resources Defense Council. Not bad for a a gag gift. Just keep in mind, you might get that lump of coal thrown at your head.

LetsCoal ] VIA [ TheVerge ]

These Tiny Robots Are The Modern Bugs Encased In Resin


We are living in the year 2017, it’s time to throw away that old bug encased in resin and upgrade to something a little more modern. Besides, no one likes that spider encased in resin and some of us are still afraid of spiders. Not me, of course. I’m tough.

Instead, these tiny robots are made up of wire, LEDs, capacitors, resistors and all sorts of little bits. Each one is assembled into a unique little robot that can hang from your neck, and they even include a certificate of adoption, which is cute, but that doesn’t mean you can list them as dependents on your tax returns.

Available from TinyRobots for about $27.

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Spacesuits Could One Day Have A ‘Take Me Home’ Button

Think about how frightening it would be to float around in space without being able to get back to the base ship. Okay it’d be fun for a minute or two, but then it’d be terrifying.

Instead, imagine being adrift in space unable to re-reach the ship, and then pressing a button that automatically guides your suit back. That idea is what Draper Labs is trying to make a reality. Their engineers are trying to develop technology that can locate your suit’s position relative to the ship, and have the suit create an optimal return trajectory to get you back safe.

This could be especially useful if an astronaut is feeling dizzy or disoriented and can’t guide themselves back. The self-return system could even be activated by crew aboard the ship or by mission control on the ground.

Sounds like some amazing tech, and even NASA is interested, though it could be a while before it becomes real. Now, if only I had a ‘Take Me Home’ button I could press right after I clock out at work.

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