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Wearable Ultra Slim Laptop Sleeve/Backpack


We’re being unimaginative and are having trouble coming up with scenarios where you might need a product like this, but we suppose they exist. It’s a laptop sleeve you wear on your back. This Laptop Sleeve Backpack is made from neoprene and a breathable air mesh back panel, and fits computers in sizes 10″ to 15″. It’ll sit flush against your back, and is slim enough to fit under a jacket. There’s a tiny bit more storage to accommodate other things, like the laptop’s charger we suppose. The exterior is water resistant, which means don’t stick it under water but it’ll withstand some rain without soaking up your delicate electronics.

It’s $25.

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Old School Blue Willow Plates Come Complete With Game Boy Graphics


Grandma has these plates! Heck… everyone’s grandma has these plates. Only not quite these exact ones. See, this collection is designed to look just like the traditional Blue Willow plates you’ve seen, untouched, in your grandmother’s display cabinet for years, only it’s got a retro gaming twist. Called 8-bit Willow, they are adorned with scenes from Game Boy classics like Legend of Zelda or Pokemon, only in such a discrete way as to not disturb the classic Willow appearance. Created by UK artist Olly Moss, the plates are unfortunately not for sale nor does there appear to be any plans to make them so.


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Deal Of The Day: $11 Off On Large ilumi LED Smartbulb


LED lightbulbs are getting pretty fancy, so it’s nice to see some deals on them since they’re still on the expensive side. The large ilumi LED Smartbulb featured in today’s deal is backed by Mark Cuban and features completely adjustable colors, intensity and patterns, all controlled from your smartphone. You can

– Sync the light to pulse with the beat of your music
– Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise
– Create, save, and replay your favorite lighting scenes
– Let your light make it look like someone’s always home
– Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room (coming soon!)

You just have to screw the bulb right into a regular socket, download the app, pair, and you’re good to go. Normally $100, it’s $89 with today’s deal.


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Google Is A Little Prudish, Not That We Didn’t Already Know It


Tee hee… Just try searching for this. It’s funny.

Not that it’s anything new, that Google won’t autocomplete your searches for a long laundry list of words it deems offensive or obscene. The iPhone seems to have the same ducking feature, and it’s sort of patronizing… and so is censorship in general. But we’re not trying to make some kind of point here, we’re just laughing at the comic. We’re really just overgrown kids here, at OhGizmo! HQ.

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Poseidon Is A Rugged And Waterproof Portable Charger And Light


If you’re the kind of guy that sets out in rough environments on a regular basis, you’ve probably spent some time purchasing gear that can withstand the sort of environmental stresses that go with your activities. Some of that gear may need charging from time to time, and now with the Poseidon Portable Charger and Light, you can bring extra electricity that won’t stop flowing even if you throw the device underwater, drop it from a tree, toss it in sand or dust, kick it or otherwise subject it to abuse. Measuring 5.74″ high, 3.19″ wide and just .51″ thick, the Poseidon charger packs 8,000 mAh of power in a casing that’s rated at IP68, the highest Ingress Protection (IP) standard possible. This means you can submerge it for up to 45 minutes in as much as 4 feet of water, and it’ll still do its job once you pull it out. Heck, it even seems to survive a shotgun blast from 35 feet away. It’s an $89 pledge with shipping in July.

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Spyderco Dog Tag Doubles As Utility Knife


The Spyderco Dog Tag looks just like a dog tag from afar, and is about the same size as one. But this particular pendant can be transformed into a knife, albeit one with a really small blade. When folded, the thing measures 2 inches in length, and the blade extends that to 3.23 inches overall when it’s unfolded. That means you get a very modest 1.23 inches of blade to play with, but if all you want to do is cut some rope, or open up some boxes, that’ll be plenty. The blade and handle are coated with a stealthy black titanium carbonitride, and the whole thing weighs about 1 ounce. It’s $92.

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This Toaster Is A Fully Functional Nintendo Console


Modding consoles to fit into formats never intended by their initial manufacturers is nothing new, but Jarno Kotavuopio’s Nintendo Toaster is a thing of beauty and worth a quick mention. Yes, it’s fully functional and obviously you turn the console on by pressing the lever. Even the controller is modded with some LEDs, and he made cartridge covers that look like actual toast!

If you’re looking to buy this mod, or convince Jarno to make you one, it appears he “doesn’t have time” for that. Sadly.


[ Jarno At DeviantART ] VIA [ ThatsNerdaLicious ]

Deal Of The Day: $15 Off On BOLT Portable Battery Backup & Wall Charger Combo


There’s a lot of external batteries on the market, and they all try to stand out from one another in some way or other. The BOLT Portable Battery Backup & Wall Charger Combo does it by not just being a battery, but also a charger itself. This means you plug it into the wall, then connect a USB cable to it and charge your mobile device like you normally would. Then, when you’re ready to go, leave with the BOLT as well and use that as a spare 3,000 mAh battery. So instead of using up two wall outlets (one for your battery and one for your phone) you can just use one. It’s normally $60, but with today’s deal you’ll pay $45.


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Cool Parents Make Lucky Kid An Awesome R2-D2 Dresser

2 - C87Gbec

This has been around for a couple of years, but we just stumbled upon it. It’s a simple dresser painted to look kind of like R2-D2. Ok, a lot like R2-D2. It was made by Imgur user zombiecontroller for his kid, one Conan, back in 2013.

My parents once made me a snow sled out of a garbage can lid, and tried to make me believe it was a flying saucer. For some reason they were sad when I wouldn’t buy it. I still love them: not everyone can be creative. Good on little Conan here that he got parents with some arts & crafts skills.

1 - ArHbXZS

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