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Babypod Plays Music For Your Unborn Child, Requires… Insertion


It’s believed that getting your offspring to listen to music and voice sounds from an early age helps in their development. How early? Well, if you believe the folks at Babypop, as early as 16 weeks after conception. And to make sure your child gets the best, unmuffled music, the BabyPod device is a speaker meant to be inserted right into the vagina. Yes, that’s right. This is a speaker made to be inserted vaginally, and it’s not wireless… So you’ll have a cord dangling, which we suppose is good for removing it once you’re done with your session; think of it as a musical tampon. It’s made from hypoallergenic silicone, and is capped at 54 decibels (about the level of a hushed conversation) so as to not damage your child’s hearing. There’s no battery or Bluetooth chip, so don’t go worrying about electromagnetic radiation or anything. It’s $134.

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Trac-Grabber – The Traction Solution for Vehicles

Avoid getting stuck in the snow this winter with Trac-Grabber, the traction solution for vehicles. Much more effective than a piece of wood, arduous shovelling, or painful pushing, this simple system works with a variety of cars, vans, and ATVS to add traction when stuck in the mud, ice, or snow. The thick strap secures the rubber base of the Trac-Grabber to your tires. Adding one system to two of the wheels, the Trac-Grabber spins with the wheel until it makes contact with the ground. Once it connects, it works by lifting and grabbing the tires out of the poor conditions and back onto stable ground. At 8 inches in length and 1 inch in depth, the ultra thick and durable rubber of the Trac-Grabber won’t interfere with the rotation of your tires.

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Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 8.01.24 AM

I want to take a second to wish all of you a Happy New Year, full of happiness and good vibes. 2015 was a little weird for OhGizmo!, a little bit all over the place and lacking in direction. I know for a fact 2016 will be different. I have a lot of things planned for the site. A redesign is on the way. And some new editorial directions. I’ve been online for almost 11 years now, and the blogging landscape has changed tremendously since the early days. It’s never easy knowing which direction to take to remain relevant, and in 2016 I plan to try new things. I’m hoping something will stick.

I’m going to be light on the updates for the next few days. It’s New Year’s celebrations now, and then I’m going to CES, but won’t be able to work much from there. I’ll do my best to pre-write a bunch of articles to tide you over until January 10th, but there may be less than usual.

And yes, the “usual” number of articles is yet another thing I plan to change for 2016. You guys deserve more than what I’m outputting, and I’ll do my best to fix that.

In any case, once again, Happy New Year to everyone. There wouldn’t be an OhGizmo! without all of you.

Star Wars Themed Urs Urns? Yeah, Sure, That Exists


Another day, another freaking Star Wars product. Soon, the entire planet will be one giant Star Wars piece of mercy merch. At which point is it too much? We’re not sure, but apparently there might be a market for people who want their ashes to be kept in a Darth Vader bust. Or a Death Star. They’re made using a 3D printing technique, which means colors can be custom. And according the company, they’re be delivered for free in a TIE fighter. Now this we have to see! It’s $225 for one, and of course they’re sold out.

Update: Oof… So many comments! Why you guys only come out when I screw up? Lol. Anyway, there, I fixed the typos. I’m ever so sorry,

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Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On GEKO Full-HD 1080P Dash Cam


The Russians have perfected the art of recording everything that happens in front of their vehicles. We can’t really blame them, given the rates of insurance fraud over there. But it happens here too, and it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself with a dascham. The GEKO Full-HD 1080P Dash Cam is as good as any, and it’s smartly priced too.

Need a second set of eyes to vouch for you in the event of a car collision? This compact Dash Cam will record full HD footage right from your dashboard, providing a convenient and objective way to clarify how any accident unfolded. Especially valuable for its G-Sensor emergency recording function, which activates upon detecting any abrupt turns, this device will provide you with peace-of-mind and added security during your highway jaunts.

– Enjoy the sleek, discreet & space-saving design
– Automatically record hands-free in a continuous loop
– Take advantage of Motion Detection Mode
– Utilize the G-Sensor’s emergency recording, which is enacted when it detects any impact, drastic braking, or sharp turns
– Use without any fuss due to its durability
– Record footage after dark using the night vision feature

Normally $100, it’s $59.99 after today’s rebate.


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The Boncho Is The Lovechild Of A Bike And A Poncho


Or at least, that’s the gist behind the moniker. The Boncho is a waterproof, well, poncho that keeps you dry while riding your bike. There are some like it on the market, although the Boncho does have “an additional semi-rigid section that extends over the handlebars, protecting the wearer’s legs from the rain and keeping them dry. Two fabric strips on the underside of the extended section allow the user to hold it in place while still gripping the handlebars.” It packs away nicely into its own carrying pouch, and unfurls in just a few seconds for added convenience. Sure, you’ll look a little silly wearing it, but if getting wet while on two wheels really isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t mind. At a €55 (US$60) pledge to get yours, it isn’t outrageously priced either.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Breo iSee360 Eye Massager

Slip into the ultimate relaxation with the Breo iSee360 Eye Massager. Delicately yet firmly resting on your face and held in place with a strap, this massager will relieve you of weeks’ worth of eye strain in just moment. Helping to rid you of migraines, headaches, and stress, the Breo iSee360 Eye Massager has three massage choices all with individual settings to you can cater the relief to target exactly what you need. Because this eye massager is battery powered, it can be effortlessly taken with you anywhere and everywhere. It’s great for long flights when you need some relief or if you’re traveling for work. With a built in music player, you can dive right into relaxation mode at the drop of a hat.

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Deal of The Day: 32% Off On Super Soft Texting Gloves


Snow finally hit the Eastern Seaboard. Pretty hard, too. But of course, it’s not a little snow that’s going to stop you from texting. Come on, you got… important business to conduct. With the Super Soft Texting Gloves, you can add just a bit of comfort to your crucial task.

Your messages don’t stop when it snows. That’s why you need these texting gloves to stay warm while you stay in touch. They’re comfortable and cozy and one size fits every hand. They’ll work with every kind of smartphone and tablet so you can use your devices on-the-go even when the weather gets chilly.

– Works w/ most smartphones & tablets
– One-size-fits all
– Extra comfortable fit & feel
– Simple color & design matches everything
– Keeps your hands & fingertips warm

Normally only $10, they’re $6.75 with today’s deal.


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So… The Chinese Are Apparently Buying Bottled Canadian Air


We imagine that people laughed when water started being sold in plastic bottles, and now look at the industry that became. So we’re not entirely surprised that more well-to-do Chinese folks are turning to a company called VitalityAir that sells pristine Canadian air in a can; when there’s a market, there’s a market. Considering the astronomical pollution levels over there, we can also see the appeal. So for prices ranging between $20CAD (around $14 USD) and $32CAD (around $23 USD) you can buy a bottle that contains 3 litres of compressed air from places like “Lake Louise” or “Banff”, and it’ll last for about 80 one-second puffs.

Vitality Air’s Mr Lam admits that he started out the company as a joke as well when he and co-founder Troy Paquette filled a plastic bag of air and sold it for less than 50 pence on the auction site Ebay.
A second bag sold for $160 (£105).
“That’s when we realised there is a market for this,” says Mr Lam.

Sure enough, their first batch of 500 sold in just 4 days, and there’s another shipment of 4,000 en route to China that’s all already mostly sold out. The company will ship their air anywhere in the world for a flat $9 ship rate.


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